Microsoft investigating issues with Surface Pro 3 and latest Windows Insider build

Surface Pro Microsoft Store
Surface Pro Microsoft Store (Image credit: Windows Central)

The Surface Pro 3 appears to be having a tough time with the latest Windows Insider builds released to the fast ring. Windows Insider chief Dona Sarkar has now confirmed that Microsoft is aware of the issue and is investigating, and we should know more about what is going on later today.

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A number of users have now reported issues getting their systems to boot with Windows 10 Insider builds 16362 and 16288, both of which were released to Skip Ahead and Fast Ring users, respectively, last week. In separate threads on Reddit and the Microsoft Answers forum (opens in new tab), Surface Pro 3 owners say that their devices won't move past the boot screen. The automatic repair tool also appears to get stuck, and resetting has no effect.

Unfortunately, if you're currently hitting a wall with your Surface Pro 3, the only option to return to working order appears to be reinstalling back to a production build using a USB recovery key. You can find the ISO files you'll need, as well as instructions on how to get started at Microsoft (opens in new tab).

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  • Yea this is an ugly one. Hit my SP3 last night and it's stuck on recovery screen. Time to reinstall.
  • Indeed... I actually thought my trusty SP3 was dying on me... Where's that usb key when you need one...
  • had the issue myself on my SP3, used usb recovery stick to troubleshoot problems starting windows, it did a repair and managed to get back in to windows, the next time i rebooted i was hit with the error again, so recovered again and rolled back to previous version with no issues.
  • no need to roll back. check the link in Dona's twitter post regarding todays release and you will find the fix to this bug.
  • Who is Dona and what twitter post? I have/had the issue too. I was able to get back in with a USB boot (pain in the a$$ but got it working). Now my SP3 keeps trying to reinstall the bad update even though I opted out of Insider Pro and unlinked Insider to my account.
  • Forget question about who Dona is. I figured that out. But nothing in her twitter feed about a fix. Just statements that they know it's broken and will let us know when a fix. No fix link shown.
  • The fix link is posted on the follow-up build...  
  • Insiders are using a beta version of the system. So, the are nothing to reclaim.
  • Thank goodness for OneDrive as I had to rebuild over the weekend thanks to this bug. I'll stick with Production builds for a while.
  • That's why I don't use my 1300 euro device for Insider Preview builds. If I spent so much on a premium device I want it to work when ever I need it to work! Just use a old spare laptop from de Vista/Win7 days, does the trick and doesn't destroy your daily driver if anything breaks when the next Insider Preview build lands!
  • well, this a day late and a dollar short. Rebuilt last night. Ah well, I knew the the risks. And as mentioned earlier, thank goodness for One Drive. On a positive note, my SP3 is pretty fast now 😉 
  • I, of course, updated on the first day, and have been stuck since. Luckily I have another computer that I could use. It seems a little late to me that they are coming out and acknowledging this. I do understand that, obviously, it would be difficult to gather telemetry showing problems from non-booting devices. Perhaps next time they could keep an eye on device types that don't show up in telemetry, as a sign of something having gone wrong :). Obviously, as others have said, it is my own fault. And, I too am grateful for OneDrive :).
  • Create a recovery drive on another machine and boot from it. Attempt the startup repair from the flash drive. It will prompt to do a system restore, skip it. It will fail the repair. Reboot and you are good to go.
  • I had the same experience. USB-based repair said it probably failed, but I was able to restart OK.  
  • Create a recovery drive on another machine and boot from it. Attempt the startup repair from the flash drive. It will prompt to do a system restore, skip it. It will fail the repair. Reboot and you are good to go.
  • Startup Repair works.  I've done it twice.  No need to reinstall Windows.  Boot to a recovery USB drive, and choose Startup Repair from the Advanced Options.
  • Startup repair has not worked for me any of the times i tried... you can boot your recovery drive, drop to the command prompt from advanced troubleshooting, then issue the command "Bootrec /FixMbr"... exit the comand prompt, remove your USB and restart... It might trigger Automatic Repair but this actually works now... Worked for me 3 times
  • Tried that, worked for me aswell. Thank you! 😁
  • Mine is stuck on boot screen !!! Argghhhh ....