Microsoft isn’t just attacking Apple – puts down the Galaxy Tab in latest commercial

We have seen a lot of anti-Apple iPad commercials coming out of Microsoft lately; they have been touting the Surface’s ability to manage devices via a built in full USB port and the ability to project to larger displays using the device’s HD video out port. Microsoft also attacks the Samsung Galaxy Tab’s inability to use multiple accounts.

The first video is extremely similar to the earlier iPad ad – it attacks the same point that most tablets do not have many port options. The shots of the Microsoft Surface are similar from the anti-Apple commercial although the second one uses an RT while the iPad one had a Surface 2. The company also subbed in the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 where the iPad once was.

The essential argument is that a user can multitask with their Surface device by charging, projecting to a large display, and using a USB port, all at once. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 has only one Micro USB port that must be shared between various tasks, and thus superior multitasking cannot be achieved. They also remind users that to use a full USB device with the Tab 3, they would have to purchase a separate adapter that is not included in the box. The video ends with the now famous, “No full-size USB? No thanks.” motto that Microsoft is pushing.

The second advertisement is a bit different and focuses on the fact that the Surface can hold accounts for multiple users and keep everyone’s information separate, while the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 currently cannot. New parental controls can even monitor a child’s interactions and keep them away from what they shouldn’t be browsing.

The advertisement is technically true, but comes at a poor time; the update for Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 3, that will enable multiple user support, is right around the corner and will soon make the commercial extinct.

Are you a fan of Microsoft’s latest commercials?

Source: Microsoft YouTube

  • Surface 2 is the best tablet bar none...I use it everyday..
  • iPad Air: I have apps, Eco System, 3rd Party Support, Fan Base, Retina Display... what do you have??? Surface: i have USB Port Galaxy Tab: I have apps, 3rd Party support, customization, high configuration, developer community support... what do you have??? Surface: i have USB Port MS Fanboys: Yeah!!! take that iSheeps and Fandriods!! we have USB .. and that is all that matters...
  • Surface has:
    A full non-mobile browser
    Desktop environment
    Micro hdmi
    Multi tasking
    System controls
    Crisp display
    Printer support
    And a full USB port. :) Just bought an rt, still discovering a lot. But having the full ie browser really is the tipping point, as it removes the necessity for most apps on iPad or droidtabs.
  • Way to go, you just gave this person a piece of their mind :D
  • I try. :)
  • awesome username by the way
  • Thanks.  
  • Good one
  • Oh yeah.... 3rd party support. How many millions of usb/bluetooth/wifi interface devices are their out there with windows support?
  • you are telling me Internet Explorer is an awesome browser?? are you serious?? People use IE to download other browsers even on Windows 8..
    Desktop environment - That is not object of a tablet to provide a Desktop environment..
    Micro HDMI + USB = the lightning port of iPad does more things than that
    Style - Cmon bro...
    Multi Tasking - Agreed.. However Galaxy tab also provides the same I am not saying Surface is a bad tablet.. The hardware is very sexy.... and OS fluidity feels crisp
    ..i am saying that the point that USB beats everything is a bad point... and the same thing happened with WP8 when all ads' focusussed only on camera and nothing else...
  • Go home, your drunk on the kool aide. Again, I ask, open your mind. Btw, yes, ie11 is in fact a nice browser.
  • Do you even know what Multi-tasking is? Are you saying that, minimizing an app and going to another app is multi-tasking?  That's Switching dude. Switching!
  • no he meant the galaxy note 10.1 2014 which is not talked in the video, not sure why, because is a bigger seller than the tab 3, can have multi window support which like surface can have 2 apps running side by side.
  • Pretty sure Surface can have 4.
  • I can run without problems my programs done at college or run PowerShell; that's something that cannot be done with Apple or Android. Everything is possible which is much more than you can get with other tablets.
  • Regardless of whether you think USB is the killer feature, there are a ton of reasons to like Surface over iOS or Android tablets.  This person does a good job of covering just a few
  • DUDE Thank you so much for posting that video! wow lol that is the perfect video to show ANYONE who is on the fence about their next tablet. Im literally saving that video to my bookmarks and pulling it up anytime someone wants to know why go with a Surface tablet or any Windows 8.1 tablet for that matter.
  • I had just watched his video on the Surface RT yesterday, great demo on the power of the RT. This guy should show MS how to do ads for their products!    
  • What you are telling me is that you haven't used Internet Explorer in a long time. It is faster than the other browsers and definitely has the best touch support. The only reason to continue using Chrome is for the extensions.
  • That is true for computers but not tablets lol IE as an app is great! You have full web browser experience. Go to YouTube in the IE app and you get full YouTube. Do the same in an android tablet or iPad and you get mobile version as those devices do not support flash hahaha. You have access to everything. The lighting port may do stuff but fuck it who has one? If I ask for a micro USB everybody does... Also you can do way way more. You can use your RT as a gaming console by syncing an xbox 360 controller and hooking it up with a TV. you can miracast stuff through your xbox. You can connect a monitos, a keyboard and a mouse to it. even further you can watch netflix on the tablet while you write docs with the peripherals you just attached with your second screen. You can do many stuff just search it. I'm not typing it all lol
  • IE 11 is an awesome browser. I haven't used another browser since I upgraded to Win 8.1.
  • Someone clearly hasn't tried IE11. Its:
    Faster than Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.
    Standards Compliant
    Supports full adobe flash
    One of the safest browsers available
    "goes to 11"
  • +1
    Opera and Firefox has no hardware acceleration
  • This is pretty foolish.  ^
  • I agree that we they're making a bigger deal of the USB than it is, but if you're trying to make a list, you fail (and you conveniently did not mention the kickstand or hdmi or the angled camera or the keyboard cover). You obviously have not used a surface for an extended period, so you don't realize the greatest difference: the OS. MS designed it completely from the ground up specifically for a tablet user in mind, while the iPad, even with ios 7, is still just a blown up iPhone. The UI, the UX, the gestures, etc. are all miles ahead of ios. There is the issue of apps, but they are also soon combining the windows 8 and windows phone app stores, similar to ios. And yes, IE 11 is actually the best touch browser out right now. We're talking tablets, not desktop OSes.
  • another iSheep. I used to be Opera fan, but switched to IE since it's way better!
  • IE accounts for nearly 60% of the market share.
    and yes IE >=9 are great browsers
    and IE11 is amazing on surface.
    people download lots of garbage via IE, doesn't mean they use it all.
  • Crisp display? Hahaha. Wtf does that mean? Desktop environment? To do what there? Style? System controls? Magnets? Hahahaha.
  • <p>An you forget the snap feature!</p>
  • Don't forget built in Flash.
  • When was the last time you used Word/Powerpoint/Excel to do something productive rather than watching cat videos on ur iSheep Device ? And please dont even give the iWorks crap or whatever it is... When was the last time you ran two apps concurrenly and work on both ? Ummm....???? And yeah...I connect a full size wired keyboard and type like a champ while working or chatting...on screen keyboard cant compete with that !!
  • ok.. i am gonna be polite........ people buy tabs for on the go entertainment... not to work...I am talking as a consumer and not as an enteprise guy..It is a device for casual work.. not for running SAP or doing coding... iPad has 100's of Third Party vendors who provide keyboards.. have you used them? MS is not selling keyboard for free.. and i have used  their keyboard(touchcover i think).. and it is super lame.. i had to type one key twice or thrice to make it work...
  • Read again pls, you missed the point.
    Btw. Not a ms fanboi, an honest unbiased assessment from me, was thinking about buying an iPad. Skipped on to the surface instead.
    Open your mind.
  • The touch cover has a learning curve. Took me about a couple days, but I can type almost as fast as a regular kb. I go 60wpm on kb, and about 40ish on touchpad.
  • Actually kid, lots of us adults use tablets like the Surface for work _and_ play. Thats the point. And an iPad nor Samsung has multiple IDs. I use Office to do real work. And trust me, that is MUCH BETTER WITH A MOUSE. There is no real pointer support on iPad. The iPad is a great consumer device. It is. But there are more feature rich tablets like the Surface. As others have said, open your eyes.
  • so much for "on the go entertainment" when you can't even just plug in a usb or a microSD to watch tons of movies.  The point is that people need to stop viewing tablets and laptops as two separate devices. If both can be achieved in a lightweight mobile form then why get both? 
  • It supports any keyboard lol don't want 150 keyboard - cover from MS? the lame keyboard of your desktop works! Any USB keyboard works :) Also trust me, a lot of people wish they could do work in their tablets in fact many of them claim they do. In my case I did not buy an RT because I want to do harder work. I bought a PRO because writing SQL in my tablet feels great. In the last months I've seen more and more Windows tablets at school. I see a lot of people trying to take notes in class with an iPad or an android tablet and I do believe having a tablet that runs office is way more efficient than writing on notes.
  • I bought a Surface for my Mother, a real estate agent in Cincinnati, Ohio. She wanted something portable to be able to use at an open house, edit documents on the go, and show information about a building to her clients. The iPad did sync documents to her PC at work and at home, the iPad did not offer an advanced, feature rich internet browser to view desktop webpages for their enterprise website, and not to mention, the iPad did not offer native USB support for instant access to work related files on a USB stick. The enterprise and productivity market is real, you just aren't a part of it.
  • Hmmm.... Correction. People buy tablets NOT ONLY for entertainment, but also for work. My father bought an iPad for school, and the only reason he still has it (despite owning a surface pro 2) is because the generac generator app he has to use when doing generator consultations is only on iOS. If he could get that in the Windows Store he'd sell his iPad. Tablets provide portability and ease of use laptops cannot. A laptop will always be bigger, bulkier, and more cumbersome than a tablet. This appeals to CONSUMERS who are looking for something easier. The single mom needing something she could use one handed while holding her newborn child. The adult who is going back to college and wants something lighter weight and easy to carry back and forth from class. The parent who wants something they can let their kid play with to keep them busy. not to mention, the type cover is one of the best keyboards out there and yes, the original touch cover sucked, but the touch cover 2 is supposed to be majorly improved. Not to mention how they work (being used as a cover) and the fact they have a touchpad.
  • Untrue, I bought my envy x2 to do work and have entertainment. I don't want multiple devices when 1 will do the trick just fine. It's better than laptops to look at data and docs (office) during a meeting. So, I'd disagree with your assessment about reasons to buy tablets.
  • Apple has yet to officially support Dvorak keyboard layout on iOS (without resorting to jailbreak)
  • Crisp display? Hahaha. Wtf does that mean? Desktop environment? To do what there? Style? System controls? Magnets? Hahahaha.
    Ever heard of Pages?
  • LOL @ Pages on an iPad, compared to Word on a Surface. Stupid, stupid argument to even mention.
  • Desktop enviroment runs anything done from MS-DOS to Windows 7, CLIs, etc.
  • yeeeeap..... kool aide factory is back in strong production again i see.  
  • When was the last time you used third party device plug ins, like those by iRig, to turn your Surface into a mobile music creation device and/or amp? That's right you can't. 
  • Suckaaaaaaa
  • and what can you do with the "Fan Base" let me guess get together to wait in line for 14 days for the next old dated thing...if Microsoft didn't bail out Apple in the crisis there would have been no ipad...
  • Fan Base is not an advantage. Retina display does have a higher resolutions, but isn't really much better than teh 1080p screen on the surface 2. Apple only used the higher resolution to maintain app compatibility, not because it offers a better user experience. Eco System includes apps and 3rd party support. So , that is redundant. Customization and high configuration is the same thing. Apps and developer support is also basically the same thing. The only major advantage that Galaxy and Ipad have is the apps. Everything else is pretty minor. The USB is useful. The multiple accounts means that more than one person can use the device without screwing things up for other users. The surface has a full browser which the ipad doesn't. Many apps exist only because the ipad doesn't support a full browser and many web pages don't work well on a mobile browser. If you haven't notice, the there are many goods apps for windows 8 in the store.
  • "eco system" includes those things, but is not limited to those things.
  • The apps argument against the surface is redundant because, unless it's RT, you can download or install anything from anywhere anytime.
  • This is the most silly comment I've think I've read. Do you even know what retina is? Do you know what an eco system is? You can comment about how small any one of those bullet point items is, but they all exist, have better competitors, or have nearly equal parity especially when you consider quality. I'm sure you've used the ol' adage "its not the that matters, but how you use it...". It applies. Software aside (software can be augmented), what you have left is something that can't be so easily altered without replacing a device: hardware.
  • Surface : I can download photos from camera ipad air : I have apps Surface : I can copy files to disk ipad air : I have apps and kids can play with it Surface : I have office and can be productive ipad air : I have apps to play with isheep fanboys: Yeah!! take that MS fanboys. We have apps to play with. That is all matters....
  • You, like most, clearly don't know what "ecosystem" means. But you'll toss is around in a hopes that it somehow supports your weak arguments.
    Before you go tht route at the very least look up the word and what it REALLY means.   Hint: it in't "apps".
  • Surface has Office   Surface allows you to run app side by side Surface has an amazing display   Surface is not a toy !
  • Yeaaah! Take that!
  • You're actually quoting "eco-system", "3rd party support" and "fan base" as 'features'?  Like Microsoft doesn't have an eco-system (, SkyDrive, Office, XBOX Live, Windows 8, etc. etc.) or 3rd party support (whatever that means) or a fan base.  You helped defeat your own argument on that last point by calling us MS Fanboys - how could we be fanboys if there was no fan base? There are plenty of good things about both the iPad and the Galaxy Tab which would have made a decent argument.  You've failed to mention just about all of them - thank goodness Apple and Google aren't relying on you to do their marketing for them. That said, the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 have many features that distinguish them from the iPad and Galaxy Tab and, depending on the user's requirements, make them better.  The fact that Microsoft didn't feel able to list them all in a couple of 30-second TV ads doesn't really mean anything. Oh, and of the two ads, which only deal with two out of many distinguishing features of the Surface, you only managed to address one.  Your argument really does suck.
  • My Surface was one of the best investments ever !! I have d first RT still love it !! Awesomest...
  • Me too. I just switched from a Version 1 Touch Cover, to a Version 2 Type Cover. WoW! What a difference. The new Type Cover is like using a proper notebook keyboard, with barely any additional thickness. RT rocks my socks. My iPad? It stays in a drawer now.
  • There's a reason why half the viewers down-voted the video. Death to RT. 
  • Yeah, they trust online reviewers. That's the reason. The fools.
  • Or they're just haters.
  • If half of a random sample of people don't like something, it's probably not as awesome as it's made out to be. I'm all MS, but you'll have to put a gun to my face for me to accept a tablet running Windows RT. I tried the original Surface as well as the Surface 2. There's a reason MS lost so much on the original version.
  • Yeah, a random sample that chose to go to YouTube to view an advert and then made a conscious effort to vote on it. Haters are much more likely to show their opinion, whereas mid-ground to positive less likely to click the thumbs up.
  • The saying "Haters gonna hate" exists for a reason.
  • Yeah and this commercials show just how much MS is drowning in Hatorade. I'm all for competition but haven't they learned anything from all the negative ads they have been running this year??  I did enjoy the dancing commercials though! 
  • All they are doing is showing differentiation. They aren't "bashing" or "attacking." They're pointing out why they think their product is better. If you consider that "hating", then you are mighty insecure.
  • Lol @ fanboys who make personal attacks.  Call it what you want to call it, iit's still negative campaigning aka hating. If the product is so great,  it will speak for itself and the people will vote with their wallets.  I hope MS does well,  it'll only inspire Apple and Sammy to get better. MS slept on mobile and now they (and Intel) are playing catch up. All in all,  competition is always good. 
  • So, you're ok with MS simply saying the Surface has a full sized USB port, without pointing out that others do not? I can see your point. It would be really great if that actually worked, but due to other companies flat out lying about what their products can do, and the fact that most people don't bother to check the facts, or comparison shop, means that MS has to do something, or they will be left holding the bag again. I have checked every bit of information I can find on the Surface, iPad, and Galaxy Tab. I've interviewed current owners. I've even had the opportunity of trying to set each one of these devices up for other people, and it is my opinion that the MS Surface has so much more value for the dollar that I can only assume if other people did the same research as I have, MS wouldn't need to advertise at all. The reality is people don’t spend the kind of time I do before buying a tablet, they just go with what they see on TV, or what their friends say. But, they don’t realize that commercials bend the truth, and their friends didn’t do the research either. Don’t get me wrong, all of these products are great devices, but why pay twice as much for some tablets, when the Surface can offer so much more, for less? It doesn’t make sense to me.
  • I'm not saying MS shouldn't tout the features and qualities of their products, that would be suicide. I think at a certain point, people get tired of all the pessimism. It's like Samsung's "next big thing" campaign. They spent the first 6 months of it downing Apple products, therefore alienating potential customers, instead of highlighting what was so great about the Galaxy line of products. Then they actually changed to pointing out what was so great about their phones and tablets. I think it's all about personal preference. I sit at a computer at work and look/shout/CTRL+ALT+DEL/defrag/sigh at Windows all day. I don't want to deal with that when I come home or in my leisure time. An iPad, Kindle Fire, or Android tablet don't remind me of work. On PocketNow, they have a great article of why "productivity tablets" haven't taken off yet. I think for now, MS tablets are for people who want to be productive, while the rest of us wanna Netflix-Angry Bird-Instagram it up in our spare time. Surface seems excellents for students, IT workers, and scientists... but then there is the rest of us. Again, I hope MS succeeds because it will only make the market get better. In the meantime, people will vote with their wallets. (posted using Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1- 2014 Edition)  
  • Oh please.  Pointing out your product's advantage of another product is now "hating"?  It sounds like you just fear competition, so you hope that people don't see that your favorite device isn't perfect.  Different people have different needs, and it actually helps consumers to be able to know the differentiating factors when making decisions.
  • You're are 100% correct,  "different people have different needs"  and it's quite clear as of this moment,  most people don't need a surface. Especially if they have a laptop that can do the same things and more. The bottom line is the Surface is a PC in tablet form and serves the same need as a PC laptop. While most tablets are companion devices for people who already have laptops. So in essence,  surface competes with ultra books not with iPads, Kindle Fires,  or Galaxy Tabs or any other consumption device.  As I have stated before,  competition is a good thing. MS owns 90% of the desktop/laptop world,  I would think they would be okay with that... As long as Google,  BlackBerry,  and Apple give people other things to look at and interface with,  it's all good. 
  • Nope. I have a Surface, and I use it like a tablet. A tablet that doesn't restrict what I can do. If I need to plug in a USB stick to transfer data, I can, even if it's charging. If I need to run a presentation on it, I can do so and still remain mobile. Current standard tablets are at one end of the scale, PCs at the other. Surface (and in many cases, other Windows tablets) offer a very happy medium that retains the portability and feel of a tablet while giving you slightly extra in terms of functionality.
  • Many people would rather have one device instead of two. Why have a laptop AND a tablet when you can just take a tablet that also can do real work? I'm all for people liking their Apple and Google devices. More power to them. That's their preference. But I think MS has a really good thing going here. The main problem is that most people know very little about its benefits versus the competition.
  • Explosive0 is a pretty Drama Queen.
  • Crisp display? Hahaha. Wtf does that mean? Desktop environment? To do what there? Style? System controls? Magnets? Hahahaha.
    I sure am. Let's throw out objective discussions here and be all fanboyish. I own a MacBook Air, iPad mini with retina, iPhone 5s, Windows 8 laptop, Dell Venue 8 Pro and Nokia Lumia 1020 and use these devices almost daily.
  • I'm curious, what is so bad about the Surface/Surface 2 RT? Really, not trying to be an ass or anything, just really want to know. Anyone can answer, if explosive0 doesn't want to.
  • Crisp display? Hahaha. Wtf does that mean? Desktop environment? To do what there? Style? System controls? Magnets? Hahahaha.
    I don't have a problem with the Surface hardware. I have a problem with Windows RT. What's the point of Windows RT if you can't install legacy apps and the Windows App store is growing at a awfully slow pace?
  • I can understand about the app store not being as big as Apple's, but I've notice that the more i use RT, the less i have a need for most apps. The RT browser allows me to view just about any website on the web. I thought i would really need to have all these apps. Again for my use, plus i have Office, which i have to use on a daily basis. Gaming wise i have no clue, so maybe you and others know more about that. I'm really starting to see more and more each day the reviews on RT, is really bogus, since I finally get to use a Surface everyday instead of just a week for a review.
  • Windows App store has grown at a BLISTERING pace- have you been in a coma since November 2012? Went from 3000 to more than 100,000 apps in a year!
  • To do a lot! If you are given Office which on it's own cost like 100$ you obviously want to be able to manage those files (edit their tags, print, copy). Also Desktop is the way to manage all your files. Also If you have a spare monitor to hook it to the tablet, Desktop will be the working app to access Office. Word, Excel and Power Point are not apps but programs that run within the Desktop app. Crisp Display is to the Full HD Widescreen it has. You know what? just look and learn what you can do with a stupid Surface 2 tablet yourself!
  • like expl..
  • Yeah, to defend their own purchase. Windows RT can allready do more than Android and iOS. So, long live Windows RT. Best OS for a tablet!
  • I have a Surface 2 and use it more than my MacBook Pro. I've built two websites from start to finish on it. Don't tell me RT is useless.
  • Just got an RT for $200, best. Tablet. EVER! I wasn't expecting as much as I got tbh. I would gladly have paid more knowing now what I have. Now I just need to find a cheap cover. :)
  • White touch cover is $40 on eBay
  • The fact you said "death to RT" ... DEATH? It shows you're overly emotional and unstable you are :) RT is the "pure" version of Metro. No x86/64 installs, makes it more secure.
    I hope they get on with MS Office Metro style, and ditch Desktop all together. 8.1 made the Surface 1 amazing, and I've added a Type Cover 2 and its simply beautiful now (I got purple ;) ) Honestly, if you don't get RT, I do. Its A M A Z I N G, as its battery lasts forever, yet I have a full proper keyboard and Arc mouse. All day PC that is light as a feather.
  • Again, people just don't understand how RT is positioned against the competition. This is Microsoft's fault. But RT is definitely a suitable replacement for an android or ios based device. If you need to do -even- more, which is what PC people seeking true multifunction tablet form factor laptop/netbook replacements seek, then Pro was the proper alternative.
  • Microsoft is doing the very right thing. Other tablets from such cheap OEM's should BITE THE DUST.
  • Didn't know you could monitor usage on other accounts. That's pretty sweet.
  • Yep. You get weekly detailed usage reports emailed to you automatically. Comes in handy if you need to monitor kid usage.
  • But MS shouldn't let people know because that's "bashing." lol
  • Windows 7 had this too,but I think you had to do a free download as an addon with Windows essentials. Now it is integrated into the OS.
  • This could be used against any tablet, including Nokia's 2520.
    But hey, it is a good argument in favour of the Surface so, by all means, fire away ;D
  • The USB yes. Not the accounts though, that's a great feature. Effectively you could load all the accounts your family has onto all the tablets in your household, then anyone can pick up any device and use it like their own, with all their apps and data on it.
  • Confused. But the first thing I did with the USB port was plug in a mouse, lol. Very useful.
  • That's what I was thinking - bring on the Nokia 2520 bashing - LOL :)
  • Tell me folks, is it 'normal' in the US to make ad against a competitor? For me it looks a bit poor, here in germany we don't have such ads. I understand the message, but for me it seems poor.
  • It's not just normal, it's expected. Everyone makes fun of everyone. I think Burger King does it best. They target McDonald's Big Mac by making the same burger and calling it Big King.
  • Burger King is the first company I can remember dong that.  I didn't like them for a while afterwards.  They really took it to McDonalds wtih good reason.  They were right.  McDonalds eventually changed their ways, too.
  • It was done before, but companies tended to use phrases like leading competitor instead of the actual company name. Car companies frequently compare against other car brands.
  • i believe its actually illegal under some circumstances in Germany but if you don't do it here in the US it is borderline imcompetance
  • Yes it is normal.
  • It's always a bad idea to compare your product to a competitor's product. You just gave them free publicly and another option for the customer to consider ...
  • Android was built with negative ads. It was Verizon paying for the ads and they worked. Do you remember the island of Misfit toys ad.
  • Case in point, I'm a Mac and I'm a PC ad
  • I'm also european and I believe that's illegal in UE. But it's normal in US. The most memorable ones for me are the Pepsi vs Coca-Cola commercials. I believe those ads helped Pepsi to obtain that huge marketshare they have in US compared to Europe. I love those ads because most of theme were funny while this kind of ads look a bit poor to me also. The first one they made with Siri was resonable but the latest are getting worst and worst!
  • Audi has many ads here in the states that compares their cars against BMW and  Mercedes.
  • Thanks to all of you.
    The 'battle' between Coke and Pepsi was popular even here in the 'old world'. Some comparisons are funny like Pepsi and Coke but this is stupid.. When i watch the above linked Video from a guy who tells you 11 minutes long what  you can do, it's much better ad. :)
  • Microsoft should talk smack on the 2520 since it doesn't have a full size USB port as well.
  • Ha!
  • The 2520 is a Nokia device, with Windows RT; this ad is comparing a Microsoft Surface to a Samsung Galaxy (Android OS) device.
  • The keyboard dock provides two full USB ports.
  • Yeah for $150 -_-
  • So. You pay $110 for Surface Touch and $120 I believe for the type and that doesn't come with an extended battery. Not sure your point. You still have a micro USB 3.0 you can just get an USB OTG cable if its that big of a deal. Not sure the big deal
  • I believe their marketing approach needs to steer away from this whole "bashing" aspect they've started to develop against competing devices. Really makes them look desperate in my eyes. :/
  • +928
  • Is it really bashing, or emphasizing a point of differentiation? "Look at what you can do with ours that you can't do with the competition." Should they just silently expect everyone to already know the differentiators?
  • I think Microsoft should just die. Everyone hates Microsoft anyways. Lets let apple and android takeover. As a matter of fact, combine them and lets just have a monopoly. Everyone will be happy /s I still don't get why there's so much hate towards Microsoft smh
  • Dont speak for me. I dont hate microsoft, i think they are fixing alot of the problems that they have had in the past, spacificly the commericals. there not all gems, but there doing them now. And for your information I hate apple, DEAL WITH IT.
  • Sarcasm is weak with this one.
  • He/she was just being sarcastic. That's what the "/s" indicates.
  • The '90s called, they want their Micro$oft bashing trend back. (I know you were being sarcastic, I'm agreeing with you).
  • Ya know, a lot of the Apple/Android kids (meaning, the 20-30 somethings) don't even know why MS was hated back in the 90s. They just know that it is cool to hate on the company, and that they're being cool rebels with the other devices. Seriously, just ask why someone doesn't like WP8, or Win8. You'll get a half-assed regurgitation of what you read in blogs, but not from personal experience-which spending 10 minutes with it in the store doesn't count. It's just the way it is. An image problem. This is why I think the Scroogle ads are good as a PSA. They need to show how ridiculous Apple is in terms of cost too-$400 for a iPad Mini. Are they serious?!
  • My teens think MS is cool b/c of Xbox...go figure...
  • Late, read already yesterday.
  • And doesn't some Galaxy Tab support apps side-by-side in a manner eerily close to how multitasking works on Windows 8.1?
  • Stupid Microsoft don't understand that Samsung is the MS's partner - They forgot about ATIV tablets and Phones :(
  • Yes because Samsung has put so many resources into selling those products.
  • Why should Samsung put resources into MS when MS will just do what they have been doing by making competing products?  Sammy makes more money with Android and they have their own OS to worry about.  I think if they come out with a surface phone,  it would really kill any of their competitors hope. HTC should pick up the slack with Windows but their Android devices are top notch... I can't believe they would put as much time and effort in Windows products. Plus what can OEMs do besides put awesome cameras in their phones? Android gives them a chance to do that. And no OEM should put all their eggs in one basket (hint: nokia) ... Unless you're apple. 
  • Microsoft is making competing products because OEMS like samsung have done such a poor job making decent products for Microsoft's OS. Samsung is pretty much an android shop and only continues to make Windows devices as a hedge in case it takes off. They have put very little effort in the phones or tablets. HTC does have top notch devices, yet the slaes don't seem to reflect that. Sammy has been able to pretty much monopolize android.
  • Sulslim...Samsung has shown no loyalty to any 'one' company - they produce Windows and Android OS devices.   Microsoft is not only comparing their own device (Surface 2) to Samsung, but also highlighting the benefits of Windows RT to Android OS.   Are you suggesting that Microsoft not produce any ads to showcase how Windows RT or Windows 8.1 is better than Android OS, iOS, or Mavericks?
  • Sumsung...yawn, snore, sorry just dropped off to sleep for a second...
  • I just bought a 2520 and love it. Don't care about a full USB port. Can't wait for my keyboard dock. But I love the Surface design more. Still debating if I'll keep it. But sure I will.
  • I need that full USB. It makes it so easy to plug things in on the road. Having said that, that sweet 2520 could also make me overlook it.
  • The keyboard dock has 2 full USB ports
  • Here's what I don't get about the constant attacks from Microsoft to Samsung.  Why have them when all you are doing is bashing them, which brings me to the fact Microsoft is going to get into a lot of legal action if they continue their attacks on their partner OEM which happens to make the Ativ line of products, including an Ativ Tab!     Morality clauses applies to both parties, for which Samsung has not violated at all, and whoever thinks the Microsoft bashing of one of their OEMS is justified, you need Business Law 101 for Dummies book.
  • And where is the "bashing" here?"
  • Let me clear up my point so it avoids confusion (from a legal standpoint, while using simple language).  Sure, the ads by Microsoft against anything Samsung are funny, and would not be a legal nightmare (cease and desist orders, lawsuits, financial costs, etc.) if Samsung was not a Windows Phone nor Windows 8/RT OEM, and I bet many here would agree if it was Samsung bashing Microsoft with the Galaxy tab, Galaxy S phones, and the Chromebook laptops.  Steve Ballmer and Microsoft would be suing Samsung just to run them out of the mobile and computing business.   It's a nightmare in the works for Microsoft, as their own Morality clauses will bite them in the end.
  • No. Who taught you law? They should be taken out back and flogged.
  • You are obviously not a lawyer. If Samsung was bashing Microsoft products, Microsoft would probably stop licensing its products to Samsung. There would be no grounds to sue someone for "bashing" unless the statements are libelous or slanderous. A morality clause is not the same thing as an anti-competetition agreement. It is not immoral to compete with another company even if you are partners in another area. Anti-Competition agreement can be illegal since they involve collusion between companies and restrict competition.
  • How can they be sued? "bashing" isn't something that you can be sued for.
  • Actually, bashing is one of the actions included as violations of the morality clauses, which Microsoft has been notorious in enforcing against anyone who tried the same tactics they are engaging against Samsung.  Contract Laws do cover these clauses, and there has never been one company which has gotten away with violating such, and Microsoft is not immuned to be sued for violating their own morality clauses they make anyone who does business with them agree to in a binding contractual agreement.
  • Please cite the clause and how this causes a violation. It doesn't. It's tame and not even close to "bashing."
  • First, This is really the first ads comparing to a samsung product. The article states that. The constant attacks are against Apple and Google, not Samsung. Second, it is not immoral to compare you product against a competitor. The Galaxy tab is a competitor and uses a rival operating system. You should read that Business Law 101 book yourself because there is nothing illegal about this ad and I'm sure it doesn't violate any contracts between Samsung and Microsoft.
  • I'm pretty sure they ran the ads past their own vast legal departments before going ahead.
  • I love ms and all the devices, but these bashing ads are in poor taste. Makes people hate Microsoft more. They should just hire nokias marketing department. They really know how to push their products without putting anyone else down. Ms tends to look desperate with this strategy while Nokia looks like they're saying "we have an awesome device. You will want it. Period. "
  • Guess you didn't see the Lumia 2520 Nokia ad highlighted here last week, then. If you are late coming into a saturated, mature market, you had better clearly highlight why your device is better than the competition and why the consumer should consider switching from products they are used to/comfortable with/see their friends/colleagues/celebrities using, to yours, otherwise you will die with a whimper. Ask BlackBerry.
  • The ads dont feel like "attacks" at all. Just showing differentiation. Some people are just too insecure.
  • Seems like some people here don't know what bashing means.
  • Seems both of you need to talk to an attorney in regards to contract law, and why these anti-Samsung ads (which happens to be against one of their contracted OEMs) are leading to a major legal issue.
  • You probably need to talk to an attorney. I've at least studied contract law. You're just writing something for the sake of writing right now. You're not stating anything from a position of understanding.
  • +1. My sister, who is in marketing, says she is quite compelled by the surface comparisons to iPad. She has been swayed, and that's hard to do.
  • This is the main reason for me not buying the Dell venue pro. Mini USB, no charging while connected. Also no video out.
  • I am a Microsoft fan but seriously Microsoft, we get it. You have a full-size USB port on your Surface. Stop using it as a way to compare with EVERY other tablet,
  • But size does matter.
  • Your toaster doesn't have USB. So next time they will compare it to a toaster.
  • I didn't know.... Srsly. I yipped with glee! Makes life much easier in a secure environment!
  • Yeah, my toaster has damn micro USB... Im getting a surface toaster next time :-):-):-):-)
  • As much as we say we don't like them, negative ads seem to work; just ask any politician.
  • This.
  • I bought Surface RT and was so pleased with it that I also bought Surface 2. Now my kids use RT to watch cartoons and play games. I have to admit that USB is a great advantage, because I use mouse a lot (Excel) and also external hard drive (movies and pictures) and camera. Since I have Surface, there is no need for me to carry two devices around. And there is a bonus, because I can make fun of my boss that uses iPad (Less talking, more doing).
  • Microsoft is going in. About damn time they disrupted.
  • According to this, Best Buy's $199 32Gig Surface is their top seller:
  • The surface runs a PC UI wrapped in a mobile package. It's no less of a PC than a Dell Inspiron or Asus vivobook. I tried all 3 this weekend at best buy. In fact,  the Dell was priced better so it was more of a deal.  Tablets should offer the best of both worlds,  and the surface definitely does that.  But since more people tend to play with tablets and not create,  what's the point?  Again,  MS owns 90% of the computing world,  it should not have to resort to negative ads. That is all I'm saying. Again,  if the surface is so great,  it will speak for itself. MS is just looking like a sore loser here when they obviously are in a great position in the computing.  To each his or her own. 
  • ....just chip in to say " how much I enjoyed using Window and product from Nokia" and even got some convert and they are loving every minute using it.
  • Anyone else noticing the Surfaces keep selling out like crazy? Trying to get one for Christmas, but I'm pretty sure Microsoft under shipped them to stores.
  • I don't give a rat's ass about hardware and OS features, it's about MICROSOFT VERSUS GOOGLE. Google is just trying so hardly to win me back after switching from a GalaxyS 1 to the Lumia 822, but they SERIOUSLY goofed up on linking EVERYTHING to Google+. It isn't necessary to join a goddamn SOCIAL NETWORK just to leave an APP REVIEW or VIDEO COMMENT. Get your shit (un-)together, Google...
  • As much as I love how Microsoft is attacking its rivals , yet I feel like its not gonna end in a nice way. To be honest of apple or samsumng thought of making a video with the same concept they will find many flaws jn windows 8.1 that they can mention and will ruin microsoft's reputation. Just saying
    Besides we still need an official YouTube app from google so we should be nice :p
  • Time is up for Samsung and Apple now.Finally Windows Phone and Tablets are coming up to the mark day by day. You can smell Apple and Samsung a** burning all around.And for those I-Pad and Samsung fans who think they are better with Apps and without USB ports,well u guys are using Cheap MOBILES while Windows tablets are actually smart PC's.And only smart people understand this difference.MS you are rocking forward!Keep this up and you'll be no.1.
  • The child accounts thing is HUGE and I do mean HUGE. Kids are online these days and it's just so easy for them to wander upon a site they shouldn't and well, some things your kid can't unsee. Anyway, That's what I'm getting for my wife for her bday/xmas.  Granted I can't wait to play with it (TWSS) I know she's gonna love having access to office and the child accounts as well. Good ads. :)
  • Yes. In advertising, the main rules are to remind consumers of things that distinguish you from your competition and to keep your brand "top-of-mind". Even Coca-Cola and McDonald's have to do this even though they dominate their respective market segments. They key against Apple and Samsung is to remind users that Microsoft doesn't make toys. They make practical tools for work AND play that run a beautiful and consistent OS with practical hardware that doesn't require extra accessories out of the box. In fact, if only there was a full-sized HDMI port, they'd have a true "dongle-free" offering. Waiting for that on Surface 3 Pro or whatever follows. In summary, Apple has proven again and again that the average consumer likes "simple" over "complex" and even when the next Galaxy Tab arrives 90% of the buying public will still make the distinction and purchase based on the supposed lack of a real USB port. The biggest mistake you can make is NOT advertising when you have something that your competition does not. ;-)
  • Would you please grow up? This garbage around here that Microsoft is attacking Apple and now Samsung has gotten really old. They are not attack ads and are barely even very negative by modern standards. Please get out a dictionary and a thesaurus, or even just use the ones built into your word processor. Looking up the meanings of words would be.a nice start.
  • Come on, this is ridiculous. They won't sell a single product with this joke.