Microsoft Launcher adds new customization features for beta and release versions

Mircrosoft Launcher
Mircrosoft Launcher (Image credit: Daniel-Rubino/Windows Central)

A pair of big updates is rolling out to Microsoft Launcher, bringing new customization features to beta and release version users. The update rolling out to everyone today ticks the app up to version 4.4, bringing along the ability to create folders within the app drawer, multiple item selections on the home screen, and some other small improvements.

Here's a look at all of what's new in Microsoft Launcher version 4.4:

  • Enable creating folders in app drawer
  • Batch mode of apps on home screen and app drawer - long press menu
  • Enable/disable dock; Open app animation
  • Pill count improvements on Line, BBM, Instagram, Yammer, Textra, WhatsApp and more
  • Weather / Time widget refinement to mitigate weather refresh issue

On top of version 4.4 heading to everyone using the release version of Microsoft Launcher, Microsoft has begun rolling out version 4.5 to beta testers. Like the previous update, this one doesn't contain a single standout feature, but the collective additions serve to make the launcher more customizable. Plus, you can now set the wallpaper for both the home screen and lock screen from the launcher settings, which addresses one of the small frustrations with previous versions.

Here's a look at all of what's new in Microsoft Launcher beta version 4.5:

  • Let meeting attendees know you're running late from the calendar card.
  • Employees whose enterprises leverage Microsoft Intune's data protection policies can now use the Microsoft Launcher for viewing corporate data.
  • Adjust icon size in the app drawer, dock and home screen.
  • Set wallpapers for home and lock screen ( 7.0+)
  • Add blank pages in vertical mode;
  • Recurring reminders;
  • Oreo shortcuts creation

If you're already enrolled as a Microsoft Launcher beta tester, version 4.5 should be available to you now on the Google Play Store. If you aren't enrolled and would like to become a beta tester, you can sign up to become one now. These features should make their way to the release version of the app before too long.

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