Microsoft Launcher beta for Surface Duo now lets you group two instances of Edge

Surface Duo Screentime
Surface Duo Screentime (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Launcher beta for the Surface Duo has a new update.
  • The update brings the option to create a group with two instances of Microsoft Edge.
  • The same update also brings support for group creation with weblinks.

A new update is rolling out for Microsoft Launcher beta on the Surface Duo. The update brings several new features for grouping Microsoft Edge to your home screen. The update brings the app to version 6.2.201104.93013 and is available now to testers through the Google Play Store.

Microsoft Launcher beta now lets people create groups with two instances of Microsoft Edge on the Surface Duo. People can also create groups with weblinks on the Surface Duo. With browsers becoming increasingly useful, both of these new features are welcome additions.

Here is the full list of changes in the most recent update:

  • Support app group creation with two Edge apps on Surface Duo
  • Support app group creation with weblinks on Surface Duo
  • Design improvements on error widget view to launch associated app
  • Fixed known bugs

Microsoft Launcher Beta Update

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

We spotted the change update and changelog on one our Surface Duo devices. The same update doesn't seem to be available to non-Surface Duo devices, which makes sense as the changes are related to the Surface Duo.

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  • How do I contact Microsoft about giving us the option to "permanently" lock the camera viewer to the left screen? That would seriously eliminate a lot of frustration.
  • If you move and leave the camera icon on the left screen, the camera app opens on that screen. That's the only solution that I know of at this point. I'm not sure if that's what you're looking for though.
  • The camera already opens on the left screen.. The problem is that it needs to stay there. Lol
  • Best thing about the Duo is that it's almost guaranteed to get better over time.
    Unlike Windows Phone which didn't receive the support it deserved (neither from Microsoft nor developers).
  • Can you set this to open to specific websites, one on each screen? Admittedly, I'm not very familiar with Edge yet.
  • "Can you set this to open to specific websites, one on each screen?"
    Yes. Go to a website, use the pin to home feature in Edge, and then repeat for another site. Then take both of those and create a group, name it, pick display sides and that's it. Now, with one touch, it opens both sites.
  • I wish I could get one of these without all the Google crap. Same idea as they did for Edge on the PC.
  • What Google crap would that be? The Play Store which actually makes this a viable option. Many of the others you can actually uninstall, Meet, Home, Google Pay. Others can be left in the app tray, out of sight.
  • I have a Duo and the only Google crap I use is Maps, Messages, and Contacts apps, because there are limited or no alternatives. Really. You have to look closely to tell that the Duo runs Android.
  • I agree, it is not difficult to avoid Google stuff on the Duo.
  • I will stick with square Home Launcher it's still far better