Microsoft launches Skype Lite app for Android in India

Microsoft has announced Skype Lite, a new, lightweight version of the popular messaging app for the Indian market. Available for Android, Skype Lite is meant to work more smoothly on 2G networks or areas with inconsistent coverage than its heavier bretheren.

From Microsoft (opens in new tab):

We also listened carefully to user feedback. Skype Lite uses less data and power by compressing large files such as photos and video content and therefore requires less battery power compared to the Skype mobile app. This helps to minimize issues with the app draining the battery, especially on older devices.

Aside from all of the features backing up that "Lite" designation, the new app also packs SMS filtering, data monitoring, and even Skype Bots. In the future, Skype also plans to bake India's national identification number project, Aadhaar, into Skype Lite so you quickly verify who is calling.

If you call India home, you can grab Skype Lite for Android now on the Google Play store and give it a shot.

Download Skype Lite from Google Play (opens in new tab)

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  • LOL. Why does it look better than the pile of crap Skype"Preview" they have given us? Hahaha
  • Nadella is from there ;)
  • Microsoft first preference android.. So WP users time for also a Windows phone user till since 4 years. But I am facing app gape each and every minute.
  • That's why I switched to Android
  • Why unlike me? It's a fact!
  • I thought iOS was the platform of choice if you intended to use Microsoft's services. When did that change?
  • Yes,maybe they unfollow android in future..but Microsoft focus only business.
  • Microsoft already killed Skype. It was leading app for communication before acquired by MS, now WhatsApp and similar apps took over.
  • because MSFT just decided not to do anything with GroupMe and Skype for the past 5 years. Now when competition has gotten way better and everyone moved on, then MSFT is planning some changes. too little too late.
  • Skype and groupme have been regularly getting updates. Plus, they had to gradually update the backend of skype which was using p2p before. Just because you don't see changes doesn't mean nothing is happening
  • Skype has to be the worst mainstream Android app out there. It updates like every other day, it lags, it introduces new features without solving the previous bugs, it lags again and by the time I finish this sentance it will probably be updated once more.
  • Skype experience is probably way better on Windows 10 and Apple iOS
  • It's far better on iOS than W10 but I still wish it would refresh and do notifications more frequently. I still have to open up the app all the time to make sure I'm not missing important work stuff
  • "power by compressing large files such as photos and video content and therefore requires less battery power" This likely only applies to the receiver. Compressing a file requires CPU cycles and is bound to pull more battery during that time unless a separate compressing chip is present.
  • I think they are more worried about network bandwidth than battery.
  • When in India? Ohhh..wait...
  • yeah go download it. It's made for people of India
  • *Wen in India?
  • Damn, you beat me to it!
  • Wen in -Windows 10 Mobile?
  • Does anyone even use Skype anymore? I merely use it to text from my PC but nobody I know actually uses it anymore.
  • Ha! Lite one for Android, makes perfect sense since droids are laggy.