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Microsoft launches Stream, its video-sharing service for businesses

Nearly a year after it entered preview, Microsoft's enterprise video-sharing service, Stream, is now launching into general availability. (opens in new tab) As what can be described as a sort of YouTube for businesses, Stream helps organizations "securely upload, share, manage and view videos."

As Stream is meant for sharing videos internally, security is a big part of the service. Encryption and authenticated access are both utilized, along with management through Azure Active Directory and Office 365 Groups.

Additionally, Microsoft is leveraging some other interesting intelligence features that let you do some pretty unique things:

  • Speech-to-text transcribed audio—Transcribed audio becomes searchable text. Simply type in descriptive keywords to jump to any point in a video they are spoken.
  • Face detection—With face detection, viewers can see where each person in the video is shown throughout the video. A clickable timeline indicates every place they appear.
  • Linked timecodes—Timecodes are displayed within the comments section and are linked to the text transcripts or table of contents, so you can jump to a specific point in the video.

Microsoft Stream is launching to Office 365 customers in 181 markets and 44 languages worldwide. The service can be found in the Office app launcher or at the Microsoft Stream (opens in new tab) website. It's also worth noting that Office 365 Video customers will be transitioned to Stream (opens in new tab) starting in the second half of 2017.

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  • Cool
  • I have been saying this for years: Microsoft should have bought Vimeo and Daily Motion, and merged them into one service that rivals YouTube. They bought Skype instead!
  • That would have been cool. I could finally ditch youtube. But The one company they should buy right now IMO is AMD. Imagine what the next Xbox, Surface and Studio could be with Microsoft's expertise in hardware design. They could make chips tailored specifically to their needs. And they would give Intel a run for their money with the cash Microsoft is able to pump into AMD's research. It's time for MS to take more control over Windows. It could run better on AMD chips. Because the chips would be specially made for windows.
  • Problem here is that, as recently claimed by Intel, there's still patents over some extended x86 instructions that would give Microsoft legal trouble if they bought AMD, because Intel would see such a purchase as a declaration of war and they'd anything to stop it.
  • MSFT needs to throw billions into time travel so they can travel back to 2005 and make a real effort at updating IE, launch WP7 ahead of Apple and make sure that Windows Vista is actually Windows 7. Also buy Google, buy Apple marketing firm and hook up Nokia earlier.
  • ...and I need to steal a ride in it to go back and buy tons of MS and Apple stock. =P
  • Lol true
  • PURELY for O365 Business, or can O365 Home/Personal folks take advantage of it one day soon?
  • say business one more time microsoft
  • "empower ®"
  • This is great until Mike Tanasychuck comes with his article (ON WC) showing alternatives to this that Mac users might be interested in............................ Because, like Mike says, "we're only 1% of the readers on Mobile Nations"... So, according to Mike,, a Microsoft/Windows specific site doesn't matter.
  • This a replacement for o365 Video?
  • Read the article
  • Amazing, was too busy watching the video lol
  • MS just cannot make up their minds
  • Their mind on what? MS is a software company and I believe every company's main goal is to improve service and make money.
  • How long before its renamed OneVid
  • It will happen when the whiny Euro people decide that the word stream is tradmarked by one of their companies and force Microsoft to change it.
  • That's what I'm thinking. Stream is very generic and someone will complain only once the product gains popularity.
  • Clean design, super easy to use and nicer option for sharing video in Office 365.
  • I would really prefer it to be able to host videos that are displayed on external websites. If I upload a video and want to embed it into my company's website, I should be able to. Even if it has to be on a verified domain (which you do anyway with O365), that's still better than it being only good for internal use. It definitely has a lot of pros to it, but that's one flaw it needs to fix.
  • You can on Sway
  • But that's not the same thing. This is a video hosting service.
  • I know Sway isn't a slick as Microsoft Stream, but you can stream Sway video's outside your organization to anyone with a link.
  • Already in India, obviously
  • Why not integrate this into LinkedIn and integrate LinkedIn into Office 365