Microsoft launches third preview build of Visual Studio '15'

Microsoft has released the third build to software developers for the preview version of Visual Studio '15', which is the code name for the next major release of its development tools.

In a blog post Microsoft stated:

We're still laying some of the foundational groundwork, but we do have some new features, including some improvements in IntelliSense to help you filter the member list by type and a new Exception helper that gives you instant non-modal view in to inner exceptions. The IntelliSense tray is disabled by default but can be easily turned on in Tools > Options. > Text Editor > C#/VB > IntelliSense. Preview 3 also includes Xamarin 4.1, which includes bug fixes as well as support for tvOS and improved iOS Assets Catalog support.

Microsoft will likely release more preview versions of Visual Studio "15" before it is officially launched. This preview build should not be confused with the current version of the tools, Visual Studio 2015.

Download Visual Studio '15' preview from Microsoft

John Callaham