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Microsoft's #TileArt app helps you make your background awesome

Microsoft has just launched a new app for Windows Phone called #TileArt, which offers a quick way to customize the tiles on the Start screen, along with creating a custom lock screen. The app was made by Microsoft team member Ricc Webb.

Here's what you can do with it:

  • Create your own custom tile layout
  • Upload transparent PNG images
  • Access free #TileArt Gallery
  • Customize your lock screen
  • Share home screen with your friends"

Here's what Webb had to say about this new app:

Doing this takes time, and a lot of effort, so the idea behind the app was to make customizing your Lumia as easy as possible. I'm not saying it's perfect, but I think the combination of creating your own tile template, PNG support, lock screen customization and the #TileArt gallery make this a great starting point for anyone who's interested in creating awesome home screens.

Microsoft is launching a new competition in conjunction with the new #TileArt app, teaming up with TalentHouse to pick four artists that will have their creations published in the #TileArt app gallery. The winners will also get $1,500 and a Surface Pro 3. The deadline for entries is Feb. 24.

A little closer to home, be sure to drop by the Windows Central forums and share your creations with us. You'll find the thread here

QR: TileArt

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  • Link is broken
  • Use some tape to fix the Link.
  • But the tape is broken!
  • Some glue maybe helps...
  • What if the glue dried up?
  • What if he don't have money to buy glue?
  • Why do I have a feeling that these type of apps will come with the os eventually
  • I have the feeling that the MS developers could/should invest more effort in fixing bugs and getting the OS up to par with features already found in other mobile OS'es, than create apps like this which are already a dime a dozen. If they ever want this OS to be a succesfull, they *should* get their priorities straight..
  • Now, imagine how cool your start screen can look. Imagine different games, movies, bands, etc. fan art. Then put this in front of a teenager. Continue this thought by puting the teenager amongst other teenagers. Add the fact that you can get a WP for less than 100$ ... Sounds like a way to get some new people on board? I'm not saying this is the purpose of this app, but hey ... :) BTW, I don't know who is the owner of the picture @ the top of this article, but he should delete this app from the phone and never look back :)
  • App DL link isn't working
  • So we got the garage team and other MS peeps making aps. I like it, but please support this in the future. Don't want another Tetra Lock Screen situation where it feels like we are just trying to get the store app number higher.
  • whats wrong with tetra? tetra is beautiful, and has had updates.
  • It's buggy on my 1520 and slow to respond. The updates haven't helped either. I agree, it is beautiful.
  • I read that the tetra screen lock has a problem with the 1520 that's why I did not use it
  • Tetra's change log (weather update) stated that speed improvements are on the works and have not been implemented.
  • Just bullshit....... Who will waste place in their homscreen with empty tiles.....
  • Here mate:
  • A lot of people actually. Have you ever seen a grandmother's WP? I am helping one right now set up her tiles using this app.
  • I guess your Grandma's phone does not have any apps instead. Otherwise, what's the point of having tiles which are not launching any apps.
  • Link not working
  • The message in the app when this happens tells you what to do. We're looking into the issue.
  • Win-dows 10!
    Win-dows 10!
    Win-dows 10!
    Win-dows 10!
    Win-dows 10!
    Win-dows 10!
    My phone is waitingggggg
  • K
  • As opposed to the developer preview updates which are stable, you do realise that Windows 10 will be a hardcore beta? Expect problems and then when everyone cries I'll be laughing.
  • That's fine. I have spare phones. Not a cry baby. Only when im waiting. I still have my HD7 and 8X. As well as some crap Androids that friends disposed of
  • I'd actually use a Razr before I use an android. Lol.
  • I'm expecting to upgrade by early 2016 when a fully working non-preview w10 for phones comes. If I like it , I will get a new Lumia with better specs.
  • Link borked.
  • Follow the instructions in the error message in the app. We're looking into why it isn't working. The link is just fine. If you go to the Windows Central website in the browser the link will take you to the store.
  • Thanks!
  • Since im a lazy guy i must say that ure my Jesus :P
  • Why bother with this when win10 will have image behind tiles not on them. On this note, does anyone know if there are folders on win10?
  • Because Windows 10 isn't going to be used by anyone but nerds until later this year?
  • Actually on further inspection it isn't a background on the tiles. It is just a still image (no parallax effect) so technically this can co-exist with win10.
  • also, theyd be stupid to remove the current backround option, many people think it looks much better.
  • Yeah, me included, I really hope it stays. However all the screenshots so far look like maybe we will loose the option. Also I'm worried folders will go. That's a deal breaker for me, id prob stay with 8.1. Fingers crossed.
  • I think it would be really cool if you could choose both a transparent tile background and the new kind of background that covers up the black
  • Unless there is an option in W10 to make certain tiles transparent image behind is useless. What good is it to see images around the borders only.
  • There is definitely that option, it's been revealed in screenshots on the Microsoft site.
  • I read an article that said the W10 tech preview should be released possible on or just after Feb 4th. Lumiaddict if you actually did some research before posting "nonsense" you wouldn't have resort to nonsense. I read articles and become educated and notice your postings.
  • Sorry, i have a life and dont listen to rumors. Have a good day though!
  • Why would I "research" a rumor? Thats like reading tabloids in the super market checkout boyt you stop trying to sound all high and mighty, go get a gf, stfu, and stop being a complete dick tard? Go research that...
  • Lmao you're a pitiful person and bully and prey on people. Lucky for me I'm a very confident person who has a back bone to stand up to ignorant bullies like you.
  • Rumors are rumors:
  • You have to look for the app from your phone, the link here seems to be broken. ;)
  • As has been posted several times already... ;)
  • I think he's trying to ease your suffering Richard, by telling done else instead of you having to repeat yourself 12,765 times lol
  • *gets the app* *deletes it two minutes after*
  • Same here. Useless with empty title
  • I now see the android going down the drain even in terms of customization (sophisticated & not too restricted like iPhone). Already in windows phone were good in security and safety features. And not to forget that Cortana rocks!
  • Still has an app issue. You and I may be happy with windows phone, but literally everybody else avoids it due to lack of apps. Reviewers too blame the app gap and don't recommend buying windows phone devices. Who can blame them? It's like a party when we get a big name title on this platform.
  • To fix the app issue we just have to be loud! We gotta keep letting developers out there know we're here! Take the gay community for example, they make up a very very small percentage of the US population, but because they are so vocal that's how all sorts of legislation is finally being passed to help them out. I'm gonna keep spamming the snapchat twitter account untill they say something at least
  • ^This. +620(Which is running butter smooth after 3 years, unlike any Android, high or low end :)
  • This app is very difficult to use. I don't see the point behind this. Keep pinning individual tiles time and again, frustrating. Uninstalling.
  • Yeah, no kidding.
  • If you know how to use the back button it's quite fast. No one makes you use the app.
  • No one makes me use the app, which is exactly why I don't use it, duh.
  • Download link didn't work
  • I have no idea what the point of this app is. Why would I want a bunch of useless tiles on my start screen? And pinning them individually and then move into place? Ugh.
  • Yes you do know what the point of this app is, just because its not something you would use doesn't make it pointless.. god I love this, mcrosoft makes an app like this everyone is all "lawl so stupid" but when an app similar to this was made years ago by a 3rd party everyone was all "best idea ever!"
  • Well, I haven't seen any app like this before. Believe me, I would've found that pointless as well, no matter who did it. It doesn't help that it's really cumbersome. It's a lot easier to use an app that creates empty tiles (I've seen those) and then putting a background picture on, it seems to me.
  • OK, i found one use for this thing, to put individual little pictures on the start screen. So I take back what I said! :p
  • lol, I like it, I personally wouldnt use it because i like my layout, but if i hads a little bit less filled layout, id totally fill a tile space with a picture, it looks really nice with the effect
  • Lol true
  • This app is not available for your device.
    Ativ S usere. This is restricted to Lumias only?
  • Apparently, because HTC M8 users can't download either. Doesn't sound like we're missing much.
  • Yeash, don't even indderstand what's the point of it. You can do everythi g you can do now.
  • whats unique is how it automates things, also it allows you to replace a tile with a picture, which makes for some cool effects if you have an empty enough start screen to do it
  • It is....see the publisher of the app :Microsoft Mobile aka ex-Nokia
  • I usually have respect for the members of our armed forces, but during your tours, did you spend time inhaling chemicals while being forced to clean latrines? That's the only excuse for your brain damaged comments made earlier...and this one.
  • Aaannd it's not available for the 8x, lumia only.
  • "this app is not available for your phone" Well then, I feel loved (Samsung ATIV S)
  • Yeah, I don't see any reason why this is a Lumia exclusive. I get camera apps and sensorcore apps because of the hardware needs, but seriously... This? Dumb, Microsoft.... Just dumb.
  • Not only that it doesn't work on gdr3(an l929 user)
  •   Gabriel Aul @GabeAul @doctuitt LOL, you might be overdoing it a bit. Just sayin'. We're working on it, but the rumors of the 4th are just rumors.
  • just in time when windows 10 is approachig...  
  • W10 is not approaching.... It doesn't officially come out till later this year.... A small amount of people will get to test, and give feedback on, W10 for several months until it is ready for release...
  • This app is not available for your phone - HTC 8x looks like it's only for lumias
  • Anybody noticed a change? Publisher of the app's name is changed to microsoft mobile from Microsoft corporation
  • ...or the HTC one m8 :(
  • It's utter nonsense this isn't available to all windows phone devices where's the HTC love Microsoft
  • Exactly. Microsoft Mobile isn't Nokia anymore. They should release apps for ALL windows phones.
  • Yea I mean HTC has the only flagship in America yet they would leave this app from it makes no sense
  • Your voice has been heard.
  • You know what else is nonsense? The fact that the "premier site for Windows and Windows phone news" can't understand that this app was NOT released for Windows phone. It was released for Lumia devices. No matter how many articles they screw up on with this tidbit, they never bother to make the distinction. Lumia <> Windows phone. Come on Windows Central, get your act together.
  • Not to pile on, but this is true. You guys have one job.
  • That doesn't bother me microsofts branding of this is what bothers me it should be called Lumia tile art of its for Lumia only
  • You should have gotten a Lumia then lol
  • Okay which flagship Lumia do u recommend oh wait there is none anymore lol
  • Feel free to try the 930:)
  • Yep, silly us being on Sprint and not being able to buy a Lumia.
  • Never heard of an unlocked phone??
  • Unfortunately, Sprint is a CDMA carrier and nothing works on Sprint other than Sprint phones. If you are aware of a nice (read: not a 635 or lower) unlocked phone that works on Sprint I would be thrilled to know of it.
  • I guess so. Doesn't really understand what it does what we can't already do.
  • Pro tip, if the app doesnt meet your needs why not provide feedback to the dev and see if it can be improved? All the "useless app" posts dont really help anything. And people wonder why no one releases apps on WP......
  • Because most of the people doing this are whiners and don't have a clue what the app is for anyways Cry me a river if you want but then build me bridge to get over it... Posted from my HTC M8
  • Pointless application
  • Unable to Download App via the WPcentral App.. :P
  • Link didn't work
  • I just saw the video in this. Very cool. I will be playing with this all day.
  • Follow @tileartguy on Twitter for use of this app and get more ideas...awesome
  • I have this idea of a "multi-stage" parallax effect background... where all the "stages" can be set with different scroll speeds and blurs, creating an illusion of proximity. picture this for me, the main back ground is a picture of space ,stage 1 mid background are pictures of planets(transparency needed) and stage 2 mid background is space dust (transparency again) . when you scroll down, the three backgrounds varies and thus creating the "multi-stage" parallax. This will enable more artistic effects or whatever. 
  • I've wanted that since forever
  • I , for a second, thought if it was MS' first "Launcher"!!
  • *Helps you make your start screen gaudy and ugly af
  • I have to agree with some of you guys, this app is useless. I will uninstall it as soon as I get the chance.
  • I like that Microsoft has a garage unit that gets to do whatever they want. Personally wont use this app but glad to see new stuff coming out for our minority platform.
  • Not available on the M8... That makes sense...
  • I didn't get the use of this app... My phone does this simply by going to Settings and Start+theme to choose the color and background poc... I didn't get what additonal stuff it does... 
  • Neat,
    this helps address the inherent problem of the 3 column Start screen design (imposed in win8.1 large screen phones) in that you can de-clutter and harmonize by introducing some extra empty space on canvas. It also allows you to have a full width photo again on your start screen with tiling.
      What would put this app over the top into Excellent category would be to allow wide tiles edge to edge on the latest phones. The 3 column design really cripples the usefullness of the start screen by limiting the size of pictures and making text minuscule while showing way to much clutter...eliminating any advantage of having a large screen.
  • I've been using Tilesparency for extra space since 8.1 to make things look less cluttered.
  • "It also allows you to have a full width photo again on your start screen with tiling." How? I couldn't make that happen.
  • Not bad  
  • Boring! Save the platform and get more users on board......
  • Download app button isn't working on Windows central app
  • As soon as I read ..."customizing your Lumia as easy as possible." I knew my M8 wasn't getting it. I'll try out out on my 1020 or my daughter's 635. I'm curious.
  • I'm looking forward to creating some sweet PNG images.
  • I dont get it.  Can you make your tiles transparent or is it just a block of tiles that do nothing? If the later then why would I want to do that?  Seems like if that's what a person wants to do then just allow me to size a single tile the way I want and apply my own image to it.
  • Not sure what the point is if we are loosing the skinned parallax tiles in windows 10
  • I didn't understand how this works with an existing background - the tiles you create do not scroll.  if you want to use it as a spacer, it all goes to pot the minute you scroll the start screen because the transparent tiles parallax scroll and these are stil static maybe I'm missing something about what this app is supposed to do.    
  • Try it
  • I love the parallax tiles! That's what makes Windows look unique! They better not get rid of that option, why make it look like everything else?!
  • Everytime an app is posted that I really would like to try out, I go to the store only to be disappointed when I learn that the Icon is not supported. I thought the Icon was a highly touted device for Verizon.
  • Not available in Australia
  • The App is useless from the looks what i can see even this Three Year old app can do this job, & was usefull with windows phone 8, but now when MS launched picture background in 8.1 & tile background in Windows 10 then no need to have this app  
  • To add more we have
  • Really useless app. I uninstalled immediately after trying it. Those spacer/filler tiles are totally making the start screen looks bored.
  • Superb
  • Tetra lock screen update required!! To make it more #faster and more on functionality
  • Wish I could get this for my Blu Win HD...
  • Someone, explain. There are working customized tiles on the demo pictures inside the app. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • WTF.. Uninstall..
  • It's a good idea, but it works really badly... 
    - It should look at the current setup of the start screen. It takes ages to set it up correctly
    -It should at least save the setup done previously. It closed down frequently while setting up the tiles. I'm giving up very soon...
  • What app is used to trim the main subject out of the rest of the photo?
  • nice
  • downloaded this and used it for only maybe 30 seconds and then deleted it. I know you guys must be saying that this is all about patience but its too much work (for me). 
  • Hello Since Windows phone 7 I felt that Microsoft should have rounded off the 4 corners of it's UI's tile'sand alole people alter the background. of the Microsoft Ui tiles. it appears Microsoft does not have any design ART majors working for them JUST GEEKS. that's sad they do need some help in the design department.
  • It would be sexy if I can store different tile layouts as "profiles" and choose them from time to time. Say I create a Layout, with all my sports apps in front, on top. And choose that layout when the games are ON!
  • I AGREE. How about location based layouts? I pull into my works' parkinglot and my start screen goes to all business apps and my business email and calendar are large tiles and at the top. I have multiple clients that I drive to so I's like my business Start Screen to be the start screen at those locations as well.  I drive home and my personal Tiles take over the screen when I unlock my phone.  I could also see Calendar based layouts with M-F being a business layout and Friday night through Sunday evening it would be a Personal layout.......  
  • Greate! More Windows Apps see Top Windows Apps
  • Here is mine :)
  • Does the lockscreen customization work? I tried setting it, but in vain! And a suggestion, it would be nice to have a setting, to disable the tap action on the tile. I don't like it opening the app, unknowingly, each and every time :/
  • Those who hate #TileArt are those who don't know how to use it. Here is my video on how to use it and make your startscreen more exciting