Microsoft Bing Logo ChangeSource: Windows Central

What you need to know

  • Microsoft is testing a rebrand for Bing.
  • The shift replaces Bing's iconic "B" logo with "Microsoft Bing" branding.
  • This appears to be part of an A/B test right now.

Bing appears to be in for a rebrand that will make Microsoft's role in it much more front-and-center. Some Bing users are currently seeing the Bing logo replaced with one that says "Microsoft Bing" and includes Microsoft's main company logo. It seems this is an A/B test right now, meaning it hasn't rolled out to everyone.

Bing Old LogoSource: Windows Central Current Bing branding.

Microsoft Bing Logo Change CloseSource: Windows Central New "Microsoft Bing" branding.

Bing is already widely known as a Microsoft property, but Microsoft's name has never appeared as part of its main branding. This switch would make it much mor evident. The timing is also interesting because it comes months after Microsoft began testing a new, curvier Bing logo.

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That curvy logo never made its way out to everyone (as of this writing, anyway), so it was likely a test as well. Likewise, it's possible that the "Microsoft Bing" branding could never turn into anything more than a test. Still, it would be an interesting move that would see the iconic "B" logo retired if the current logo test sticks.

Have you seen the new "Microsoft Bing" branding pop up yet? Let us know what you think in the comments.