Microsoft looking into "a strategic investment" with Foursquare

Microsoft has never really had a strong hand in the social network cookie jar; Windows Live spaces and Socl can both be regarded as failures in comparison to the big dogs like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. According to Bloomberg New Tech Reporter, Dina Bass, the company may be looking to change that as she reported that "Mcrosoft talks with Foursquare about a strategic investment are said to be at an advanced stage".

Beyond that statement, there are few other details we know. It is possible that Microsoft may just be looking to take advantage of Foursquare data and integrate it into an existing service such as Bing or possibly with their Windows Phone platform - all is speculation as of now.

While there isn't any evidence to support such a dramatic move, Foursquare wouldn't be a bad company to purchase, if Microsoft is serious about putting its foot in the social media door.

What do you think about the possibly of Microsoft partnering with Foursquare for data access? What would you think if Microsoft were to buy part of Foursquare?

Source: Twitter; via: The Verge

Michael Archambault