Microsoft confirms July 3 as UK launch date for the 4G LTE Lumia 635

Microsoft today confirmed that the Lumia 635 will be available in the UK on July 3. The super-affordable Windows Phone with the latest version of the OS will set consumers back £119.99 and will be available through EE, Vodafone, Three, Phones 4u, O2, Carphone Warehouse, Tesco and Amazon. To lend a hand with personalizing the device, a number of changeable shells will be launched in bright orange, green and yellow, along with matte black and white.

This announcement matches what UK retailer Unlocked Mobiles has displayed on its website with stock expected on the same day. It's a neat Windows Phone and one we expect many will snap up due to the 4G LTE support. Here's a handy store link to Phones 4u, in case you're looking to pre-order the Windows Phone.

Let us know if you'll be picking up a Lumia 635 in the comments.

Nokia Lumia 635 available in the UK from July 3

The most affordable 4G Lumia smartphone packs a wealth of innovation and super-fast connected experiences

On sale in the UK from the 3rd July, this newest addition to the Lumia Windows Phone family comes with the latest 8.1 software and delivers an unrivalled affordable smartphone experience with lightning-fast 4G connectivity, quad-core processing and a 4.5" LCD screen from only £119.99.

The Lumia 635 adds to the leading personalisation brought by Windows Phone 8.1, making it quicker and easier for people to connect with the things they love online with a combination of award-winning design and experiences found on high-end Lumia smartphones:

  • 4G LTE connectivity and a quad-core Snapdragon processor that deliver fast, uncompromised social experiences with Word Flow, Internet Explorer and social apps like WhatsApp, WeChat and Instagram.
  • The Lumia 635 showcases a new dual-layered polycarbonate design that glows, with changeable shells available in bold new colours bright orange, bright green and bright yellow, in addition to matte black and white.
  • Entertainment from Xbox games, free MixRadio streaming and Storyteller reach new heights on the 4.5" screen, which offers better viewing angles and visibility in bright conditions.
  • Innovative features include; one swipe notifications from Action Centre, the new Microsoft Enterprise feature pack, Microsoft Office, OneDrive, Camera, and HERE Maps and Drive+, which work seamlessly to make the Lumia 635 a great tool for work and play.
  • New SensorCore functionality brings low power motion sensing to help people track their activity all day without using up the large 1830mAh battery – perfect for exercise and exploration using apps like Bing Health and Fitness.
  • A wealth of storage options are available, with memory expandable by up to 128GB using a microSD card, to easily and quickly save and switch locations of pictures, videos, music, maps and apps.

"Building around the excitement of the 630 launch, we are delighted to announce the Lumia 635", said Conor Pierce, VP of Microsoft Devices for the UK & Ireland, "This powerful 4G device boasts quad-core processing and the uncompromised Windows 8.1 experience which is all packed into a beautiful design at an affordable price point."

Also widely available today is the colourful Bluetooth Mini Speaker, which connects wirelessly using the new easy to use Device Hub app, plays for up to 15 hours and transforms almost any surface into big-sounding bass. It's the perfect accessory to help people get the most from MixRadio streaming, videos and games, and also functions as a convenient speaker phone for conference calls on the move.

The Lumia 635 is expected to be available in the UK with Vodafone, EE, 3, Phones4U, O2, Carphone Warehouse, Tesco and Amazon from July 3rd. The Lumia 635 will be available in orange, green and matte black.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Okay
  • Yep.
  • This surely must be the worst designed smart phone on the market. Massive bezel, thick, low resolution screen, ... Nokia completely lost the plot! How can you expect to gain market share with such device?
    It will be easily trashed by Moto line.
    WP 8.1 deserves much better hardware. Hoping that MS will sort out this mess.
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  • Will come later.
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  • Me too
  • Is the 635 a 512mb ram device?
  • Unfortunately, yes.
  • If u want phone for normal use, business purpose, then u should go for it l. The performance of the phone will be great and even the 5 mp cam is cool. Microsoft have also advertised 630/635 as a business smart phone targeted for,office going ppl.
  • Ya go figure. Gives you LTE, and quad core processor but no front facing camera, flash and only 512ram. Low end phones should have all these features because WP needs every bit of help. Plus more people will MS services like Skype. Give the low end users a complete experience and watch the market share rise.
  • So. Cortana should be around the corner?
  • Nahson, where's that Lumia 638 at? I don't play with that 512mb garbage.
  • I guess only for China.Microsoft should come to know that ppl here in India are mad behind Ram, if they launch Lumia 638 with 1 gb ram quickly then see how ppp will die to buy that as it happened with 525.
  • It's just pity how things are very slow.
  • And plus, what is the difference between a Lumia 920 and a Lumia 930 since both have wp8.1
  • Dolby digitalization 5.1, little bigger screen then 920, 20 mp cam pure view carl zeiss, better display too
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  • And both run nice smooth no matter what the specs are.
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  • US release date the week after?? Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Kind of sick...sad, for how slow Microsoft/Nokia is releasing their Lumia devices and how fast is with their X/X2 counterpart. Why is so difficult to them to release at the same pace, their Lumias. Unsure if Microsoft is really having faith in those phones.  I hope that their new ones (eventual 1030, 935, 1530...) let me speachless with announcement and immediate release to market (unbelievable).