Microsoft Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL smartphones officially announced

During Microsoft's Windows 10 hardware press event today in New York City, the company has officially announced the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL smartphones, the latest members of the Lumia family of devices.

Microsoft's head of devices Panos Panay stated during the event said that the new Lumias have adaptive antenna technology along with a "tablet-class" liquid-cooling technology, based on technology derived from Surface tablet team. Both have QHD OLED screens and both allow users to pull the phones out of their pocket and have the Glance feature automatically turn on.

Both of the phones will have a rear 20MP camera sensor, with a triple-LED RGB natural flash, a 5th-gen OIS, and a dedicated camera button. Both will have 32GB internal storage along with a microSD card slot for adding more storage, Both will have a USB Type-C port for charging, and both will suport Qualcomm's Quick Charge, which will allow the phones to charge up to 50% of its battery life in 30 minutes. It will also support up to 5 Gbps in terms of data transfer rate.

The Lumia 950 will have the Snapdragon 808 hexa-core processor and a 5.2-inch screen with a no-contract price of $549 and the Lumia 950 XL will have a Snapdragon 810 octa-core processor and a 5.7-inch screen for the price of $649. Both are due in November.

The new Lumias will also support Windows Hello biometric authentication, in part due to an beta of its iris scanner beta. It will unlock just by picking up the phone and looking at it

Stay tuned for more news from today's Windows 10 hardware event from Microsoft.

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  • Front Flash?? Posted via the Windows Central App for iOS
  • 3D touch??
    Posted via the Windows Central app for the coolest OS
  • You need 3D Touch when the home screen is nothing but inert icons. Live tiles are 3D Touch without the need to touch
  • That doesn't make any sense... 3D touch is an aditional method of input, besides the usual tap and long press. This is totally unrelated to the amount of information displayed by tiles (or icons) on your start screen.
  • Is there really that much difference in a harder press versus a longer press. Seems really gimmicky to me, but I have not tried it.
  • I haven't had a chance to try it either. But at the very least (in the case of Apple's implementation) it allows you to press and hold getting a certain response (e.g. a preview of a link popping up) and then choose to either just release (e.g. resulting in the popped up screen disappearing) or briefly press a bit harder (e.g. to open the link) and then release afterwards. I'm not saying it's an essential feature btw, but it can definitely function as an additional form of input. And I don't think we should reject a new method of input just because some of the things it's currently used for Apple could perhaps be achieved in a different way.
  • It's an access method not an input. I've seen it. First it's only on Apple apps like mail and Instagram (non Apple ). Second it's cool but a gimmick. After seeing it I realized that active tiles were more or less the same thing.
  • Once again, your confusing 3D touch (the phone being able to detect different levels of pressure) with the use Apple has found for that feature. Similarly, just because the right mouse button is usually used to open context menus doesn't mean it can't serve another purpose e.g. in games, or alltogether if you have no need for context menus. I don't mind if you think Apple's implementation is a gimmick, but I don't think you should dismiss the whole idea of presure sensitive touch because of it. Also, I actually think apples implementation is (in some places) actually similar to a mouseover than the right click behavior we've come to expect from a long press.
  • It only makes sense in the iOS because it wasn't designed the same way.  So it's almost like a left click. 
  • Apple advertises 3d touch as a way to see app content without opening the app.
  • 3D touch is a gimmick! You know when it will STOP being just a gimmick?  When you actually see it implemented in apps.  Right now it's only available in what... a dozen or so apps?  There are 1.umpteen MILLION apps that don't use it and likely NEVER will. ...because why would Delta Airlines or take time and resources to update their apps to add this novelty. And granted, the experience is... interesting, I personally don't use an iPhone 6s/Plus, but I deploy them and if you don't have 3D touch on your current iPhone, it's not the "compelling" reason to upgrade. #justsayin
  • LOL I recently discovered talking with an iPhone 6 user that they never had long press in their apps and OS so they just introduced long press done differently, apple reinvents everything you know :D
  • I kind of suspected that was the issue. Weren't they the same platform that didn't have copy and paste for so many years and then suddently "came up with the idea" to add it to iOS?
  • MS's 3D Touch, as demonstrated before, meant to bring up 8 exploading related tiles (MixView).  For instance, when your finger is pointing on top of the People tile, it can bring up 8 frequent contacts.  They you press on one of them to call.  It saves you few taps.  Or you can pin all your frequent tiles on Start screen like I did.  But that would take some realestate space.  MS 3D Touch provides functions rather than gimmick.
  • did i forget this...
    When in india? :'D
  • In Diwali
  • When anywhere? I heard price, I didn't hear availability. I did hear that on most everything else on the stream. Did I miss it?
  • Pre-Order Oct. 7th, Availability Oct. 26th
  • that was for the surface and surface book. 950 and 950Xl in November
  • That was for the Microsoft Surface Book. The phones were just said to be "Available in November".
  • 950XL dual-sim! Greetings from Portugal
  • Where do you see/read "dual-sim"?
  • The Microsoft site already has 4 versions of the phone listed. 2 of the 950 and 2 of the 950XL. Both 950 and 950XL are listed with single and dual-sim options
  • Carriers? Unlocked and universal version???
  • Unlocked yes. Through Microsoft's site. If the right bands are listed, they will work with your carrier. Here's all of the bands: Cellular connectivity2 GSM network: 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 1900 MHz GSM max data speed DL: EGPRS 296.0 kbps  GSM max data speed UL: EGPRS 236.8 kbps  WCDMA network: Band 1 (2100 MHz), Band 2 (1900 MHz), Band 4 (1700/2100 MHz), Band 5 (850 MHz), Band 8 (900 MHz) WCDMA max data speed DL: 42.2 Mbps (Cat 24)  WCDMA max data speed UL: 5.76 Mbps (Cat 6)  LTE FDD network: Band 1 (2100 MHz), Band 2 (1900 MHz), Band 3 (1800 MHz), Band 4 (1700/2100 MHz), Band 5 (850MHz), Band 7 (2600 MHz), Band 8 (900MHz), Band 12 (700 MHz), Band 20 (800MHz), Band 28 (700 MHz) TD-LTE network: Band 38 (2570-2620 MHz), Band 40 (2300-2400 MHz) LTE max data speed DL: 300 Mbps (Cat 6)  LTE max data speed UL: 50 Mbps (Cat 6) 
  • - Edit - Never mind. Found it with google search. Can't find it from search box on Microsoft site though. Where on the Microsoft site do you see dual sim 950. I can only find the dual sim 525 and 521. Maybe not showing in U.S.?
  • here you go:
  • Ahh... it's just "en" and no region attached no wonder I couldn't find it lol.. talk about a brain fart moment. Thanks.
  • It will be there.
  • $549 for 950 & $649 for 950 XL.. Next flagship phone please...!
    Posted via the Windows Central App for iOS
  • Iris scanner?
  • Nope...
  • Liquid cooling? Dang... but a little ironic it has to be there because the SOC runs so hot. Camera sounds promising.. any word on aperture and sensor? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • from what i heard the aperture is 1.9, pretty good for low light, same as the 730 and 720 before at 1.9 aperture, ofcourse it'll have zeiss optics, 6 element lens or maybe they added something new
  • They blew by the lumia part so fast, seems like they didnt really care about it
  • Exactly! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • He said that since everyone already wrote about it, there is no point to slowly reiterate all of that. Rather they are focusing on the new things that we don't know yet.
  • No mention of "Project Juggernaut Alpha". When he said "how about another Surface device" I thought that's what was comming, instead, a new laptop.
  • He should've let us know something we don't. Because there are still so many things they didn't talk a single thing about. We dont know how the camera performs, not a single sample photo was shown, what changes they made to the Windows 10 mobile's latest build, or the consistency of the iris scanner. Panos is a great presenter but he went by the lumia part too fast. Elop talks about everything to the most tiniest details of the phone, panos should've done the same.
  • Elop also got fired for being terrible.
  • Agreed... They did not do well in getting people excited about the phones. I dont have anyhting against the Surface Pro/Book, but they are trying to get back int he Phone game and that presentation was bland. 
  • You weren't EXCITED about the dedicated camera button?!  Joking aside, there's no mention -- during the presentation or on MS's 950 / 950 XL info page -- about Qi charging, accessories (apart from the continuum dock), camera specs, dual sim, or stylus integration.  I'm assuming that Qi and Stylus support are not included.   
  • QI charging is listed on the Microsoft Store specifications pages for both phones: Charging3: Built-in wireless charging, Fast charging Wireless charging standard: Qi
  • There there was nothing new to mention. We already knew everything. 
  • Liquid Cooling?!? Coool!  
  • Duh
  • I think these are placeholder phones. They are perfectly great, hardware/spec wise, but nothing flashy or life-changing. As such, I also think MS served them up as a perfect smokescreen. Knowing they were good, serviceable, up to date phones, they leaked the crap out of them so everyone would be focused on them, as a means to keep the new surfacebook under wraps. Clearly they were 95% focused on the Surface 4 and SurfaceBook. You wait and see, now that the two above-mentioned products are out the door, they will focus on the phone and the next gen will be SEXY. AS. HELL!!
  • Ah, more 'Wait for....' and 'Soon'  I see.
  • You would have to think that they might move to a "Surface Phone" with their next iteration. Especially now that Windows 10 effectivly works on all device sizes.  Makes sense to call it that along with the Surface Book, Surface Tablet, etc.
  • Wow. Talk about a horribly wrong prediction by a fanboy.
  • You can obviously see Panos couldn't wait to present his love and joy, the surface. Hightlight of the show, the surface brand.
  • I thought the Continuum demo was sufficiently in depth. It is unfortunately not something I think will sell phones. Anyone with a monitor, keyboard and mouse likely has them attached to a PC, or has a laptop already. For developing countries where the phone may be the only computing device, you still have to add the monitor, keyboard, mouse and dock. Combined cost approaches some laptops.
  • well, think of it this way.... you are travelling and your laptop battery dies, your laptop is broken or stolen? stuck in a hotel? plug in your phone to the TV and get to work! Travel lighter than a laptop? your phone, dock, tiny BT keyboard and mouse! no worrkying about a laptop getting crushed in your bag. Have an exec that ONLY uses the office suit? Quite a few uses in enterprise.
  • What if phone out of battery, stolen, crushed? What then?
  • Looks like you'll have a lot of 'splainin' to do with you boss... Dog ate your homework I s'pose.
  • Perfect!  So in other words, thats a functionality to help 1% of the users, 1% of the time!
  • you can always use a hdtv
  • An important point Nadella made when he came on stage was that Microsoft realizes that the world of computing is no longer about the type of device, it is about the person behind the device. With that in mind, Microsoft's strategy is to be everywhere, on every type of device with their software and services that are synced over the cloud. So Continuum in itself, in my opinion, has limited appeal to a lot of the people who viewed this presentation. However, it is simply Microsoft doing all it can do to provide their software and a consistent experience everywhere.
  • Coz they prepping the Surface phone i guess hahaha
  • You know seriously that could actually be a good point. I mean who knows right?
  • It's been mentioned a few times on this site. They're supposedly getting a Surface phone out in about 6 months, lower specs and targeted at the business sector.
  • Another reason to wait ½ a year for the 820 Chipset. I remember folks at another forum arguing that 808 was more suited than 810 cos it overheated less. And showing in example that the heat would slowdown 810 below the hexa 808 
  • That's why u have liquid cooling which no other phone has
  • They have liquid cooling, so it won't throttle.
  • they have liquid cooling so it CAN throttle, but still stay cool
  • Sniper1087 means throttle down, buddy007 means throttle up. But simply 'throttle' usually means 'throttle down', or 'choke'...
  • In 1/2 year intel should have broxton ready to go.  If Qualcomm cant solve its heating problems and Intel can produce an x86 chip with no heating problems, then will this determine a cross over point for intel versus the ARM chip makers?  Intel's 14 nm process is superior to anyone else.  But that does not mean Intel's designs are superior to anyone else.  If Intel can produce a better design with Boxtron then you will see microsoft present the Surface Phone to go with the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4.  I am using the Surface 3 and nokia 928.  Both work well, but i do notice some perfromance issues with the S3, like scrolling through Bing maps.  The S3 cant handle the full map of the globe easily.
  • Intel isn't production ready for their skylake phone processors.  And the wattage is much higher.  But the next phone likely will use intel.  But by then you can sell the lumia 950 or xl.
  • Bing maps performance may be restricted by your internet connection. I wouldn't necessarily blame that on S3 hardware.
  • Thats because with CherryTrail in the S3 you are essentially stuck at BayTrail performance while ARM world has moved on beyond Cortex A15. In the best case for Intel, Broxton might close the performance gap to THIS years vanilla ARM SoCs (Cortex A57) The Atoms are so far behind, that Intel has to attack from above to have a chance. So it is safe to assume, that Intel is trying to get Core-M into phones. However this would not be Skylake and not 14nm.
  • Well it's v2.1 which is great with thermal as it is, but liquid cooling makes it that much better and allows them to clock much higher.  
  • Carrier? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Unlocked please.
  • They are.
  • Sorry to be "That guy", but, *crosses fingers* Work on Verizon!
  • You aren't alone brother.
  • No need to be sorry I'm awesome
  • Well if the phones listed on Microsoft's site says anything about this. They are not listed with any CDMA technology so you're out of luck for Verizon (or Sprint for that matter). Unless you want to hope you will always be in range of LTE
  • You beat me to it...
  • 950 XL currently showing WCDMA bands... GSM network: 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz
    GSM max data speed DL: EGPRS 296.0kbps
    GSM max data speed UL: EGPRS 236.8kbps
    WCDMA network: Band 1 (2100MHz), Band 2 (1900MHz), Band 4 (1700/2100 MHz), Band 5 (850MHz), Band 8 (900MHz)
    WCDMA max data speed DL: 42.2Mbps (Cat 24)
    WCDMA max data speed UL: 5.76Mbps (Cat 6)
    LTE FDD network: Band 1 (2100MHz), Band 17 (700MHz), Band 2 (1900MHz), Band 20 (800MHz), Band 3 (1800MHz), Band 4 (1700/2100 MHz), Band 5 (850MHz), Band 7 (2600MHz), Band 8 (900MHz), Band 28 (700MHz), Band 12 (700MHz)
    TD-LTE network: Band 38 (2570-2620MHz), Band 40 (2300-2400MHz), Band 41 partially (2555-2575 MHz)
    LTE max data speed DL: 300 Mbps (Cat 6)
    LTE max data speed UL: 50 Mbps (Cat 6)
  • WCDMA is very different than CDMA. Not the same thing. Won't work with Verizon or Sprint
  • Well just went to MS Site and compared the "Connectivity of the Lumit 950 and the Lumia Icon. Looks like no Verizon support. No Band 13 LTE and no CDMA Bands. Stupid Verizon. I mean. COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Yes, this is exactly why it won't work on Verizon. Nothing else matters unless the phone supports CDMA. It's a different technology than GSM (or WCDMA for that matter). If you're on Verizon (or Sprint) get off of their plan and move to a GSM MVNO. Much cheaper and you can buy the phone unlocked from Microsoft.
  • Are you sure?  Because I'm reading that Verizon uses LTE FDD and if you look at the bands that is supported. So maybe we can use it on Verizon afterall?
  • Yes, you have some overlap on LTE. 950/950XL have LTE Bands 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 20, and 28 Verizon uses LTE Bands 2, 4, and 13 Most notably 13 is missing. That leaves 2 and 4. If you can convince Verizon to let the unlocked phone onto their network and if you are okay with having poor service from only those 2 bands then theoretically, yes you could use it on Verizon. But those are some very big if's. Don't count on it working. Edit: Band 13 is 700Mhz so that's what is used to reach the farthest into buildings. You're only going to get signal outside or next to a window.
  • Yea, that's still the big question.
  • I don't like how they didn't show the phone much.... Nor did they mention carrier availability.
  • Does it matter? They are available unlocked.
  • It matters to me. I don't like paying for the whole phone. I also have an upgrade discount available with Sprint, so I was really hoping to see that yellow logo along with ATT. I don't plan on changing from Sprint so $200 vs $500 is big deal to a college student.
  • Paying for the whole phone [up front]? You still pay for the whole phone with installment plans.
  • I don't do installment plans either. I'm the guy that still gets the two year contract, just so I can get the subsidized phone price. I got my HTC One for $1 + $36 activation fee, but I own it now for a total of $37. That's why I love service contracts + carrier subsidized phones.
  • I hear you, but realize that just because it's not itemized on your bill, you're paying a little more in your plan for the subsidy.
  • Dude, you do realise that phones are never actually subsidized, even iPhones. Microsoft sells the phone to the carrier at full price. The carrier then spreads the cost out over 2 years and burys it into your monthly plan. That's cool if you can only afford $37 right now, but don't think that you don't end up paying the full price in the end. That may be OK in your country, but in the UK for example it is always cheaper to buy an iPhone direct unlocked from Apple and just get any sim plan you want which seperatly work out cheaper. You need the money upfront though of course...
  • It amazes me how people don't get what you explained. They act as if they got away with a cheap buy for years until Verizon and others remarketed the shell game.   The math, specifically for Verizon, means that old $40 access fee is now only $20, but that other $20 is more or less codified inside the device payment now.    
  • And this is the exact reason why the carriers have so much power in the US. Get over the price! Microsoft gives you offers similar to carriers if you want to pay a monthly bill (i.e. paypal). No difference except the carrier can't cripple the phone. Don't go along with the stupidity of the carriers.
  • Buy an unlocked phone and use prepaid Cricket, StraightTalk, etc. $40/ month in US for about 3GB data. Surely you have WiFi on campus and home. Unsubsidized contracts will cost double that, excluding cost of phone.
  • Exactly.  The major carriers (AT&T and Veri