Microsoft's newest series takes us behind the scenes - learn where Windows sounds come from

Microsoft has launched a new web series, “On the Whiteboard”, to take you behind the scenes of where and how technology mixes with culture.

The first episode follows our host, Pamela Woon, speaking to Oscar winner, Randy Thom, about the importance of sound in technology. Randy Thom has contributed to famous films including The Incredibles, Return of the Jedi, and Forest Gump.

Randy Thom makes us truly imagine the significance of the sounds that come from our everyday smartphones, computers, and tablets. In addition, the video features a collection of thought bending quotes including - “it’s very complex to be simple”.

We are always excited when Microsoft reaches out to connect the stories and places of the company to everyday consumers. This new web series, should be a fun ride for us all.

Check the video out above and let us know what you think.

“A lot of these gadgets and pieces of technology we use become almost like friends to us, and we expect our friends to have voices.” – Randy Thom

What is your favorite “Windows sound”?

Source: Microsoft News Center

Michael Archambault