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Microsoft News for Android and iOS updated with new layout options

Microsoft News
Microsoft News (Image credit: Windows Central)

The Microsoft News app for Android and iOS has picked up a small, but highly requested, update. In the latest version on each platform, you'll now be able to switch between different layout options as you see fit.

There are now three layouts available: standard, compact, or text-only. While you'll already be familiar with the standard layout if you've used Microsoft News, compact and text-only will be new. The compact view allows you to see more content without scrolling by shrinking article titles and eliminating most of the buffer between article listings. Text-only, as the name suggests, gets rid of images entirely, allowing even more content to fit on the screen at once.

It's not the most ground-breaking update, to be sure, but more customization is never a bad thing. If you want to give the new layout options a shot, you can grab the latest updates for Microsoft News on Android and iOS now.

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  • And yet they still haven't added expandable notifications to Android for the app! The idea of a news app notification where I can't see the entire article title is ridiculous and makes the Microsoft development team look like amateurs. The little details matter.
  • Lots of amateurs in the world these days, both small and big companies.
  • What about the Microsoft News on Windows 10? When are we going to get cool features like this? When are they going to remove the fake splash screen?
  • I keep wanting to use this, and I check it out now and then, but you simply can't make it as personal as Google News (or the old Google Feed) in terms of the content. You pick a few topics, and it puts up the most general news about it. I'd much rather be able to fine-tune it more in terms of Interests, but it doesn't let you do that. I'll try it again, but unless it stops throwing me to the general news page (no interest) and just delivers a feed of topics I can fine tune to a greater degree, I'll have to stick with Google News.