Microsoft now has a Certificates viewing app for Windows Phone

Called Certificates, it lets you see which, er, certificates, have been installed on your Windows Phone but not remove any.

The full feature list as per the store description:

  • Pin certificates app to your home screen
  • View summary of all personal certificates
  • View all the attributes of a specific certificate
  • View the certificates for VPN, WiFi and email authentication
  • Sort certificates based on pre-defined filters
  • Verify quickly which certificates have expired and need to be re-issued
  • Verify certificates have the right validation in the certificate path installed via an Intermediate/Root Certification Authority
  • Verify that S/MIME signing and encryption are properly installed on your device
  • Verify that keys have been properly enrolled into the TPM, where required, to be hardware protected

If it sounds like something you want to take a look at, grab it from the Windows Phone Store at the link below. It's actually been around since earlier this year but for whatever reason went under the radar.

QR: Certificates

via r/windowsphone

Richard Devine
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