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Microsoft to offer free Display Dock with Lumia 950 XL in U.S. and Canada [Update]

Update: Microsoft has now removed the reference to the Lumia 950 in the offer details, so it looks like this offer is just for the Lumia 950 XL. The offer has also popped up on the Canadian Microsoft Store (opens in new tab) as well.

Original Story: After coming out with similar offers in other countries around the world, Microsoft is now offering the Continuum Display Dock peripheral as a freebie for early buyers of both the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL in the US.

The offer very much reflects a similar one revealed for Germany and the UK in late October. From the Microsoft Store listing:

Eligible for free Microsoft Display Dock with purchase of Lumia 950 or 950 XL via the Lumia Offers app, while supplies last.

Curiously, while the offer details appear on the product page for the 950 XL and mention that the freebie will be available for the 950 as well, the same details don't appear on the 950's product page (see update).

Moving down to the fine print of the offer, it looks like it is available with valid purchase and registration between November 25 and January 31, 2016 while supplies last. Buyers will then have until February 29, 2016 to redeem their promotional code from the Lumia Offers app on the Microsoft Store.

Keep in mind that neither the Lumia 950 nor the 950 XL are yet available to order from the Microsoft Store in the U.S., but you can check out the details on the product page at the source link below.

Thanks for the tips, Junaid, Chris, and Tanner!

Source: Microsoft Store (opens in new tab)

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  • When in Singapore? :(
  • as the Singaporean do?
  • Lmfao
  • Right after Uganda.
  • When in Portugal?
  • Do what the Singaporean's did
  • When in Egypt too :D :D
  • To me this means that they expect to start selling the phones from Nov 25...
  • Unless "purchase and registration" means you have to have bought it on or after the 25th, meaning either: 1. The 25th is the release date (at least for the MS Store). 2. The true early adopters get the shaft by not waiting until the 25th (if the 20th is really the release date). Either way, it's too vague for me to trust.
  • If you click on the link on "terms and conditions" it opens a pdf that actually says November 20, 2015 until January 31, 2016.
  • Only MS!!! :) So much contradictory information over the launch of a couple of phones across so many different MS websites.... :)
  • Sweet! You'll be able to start using continuum 8-10 weeks after buying your device and redeeming the promotional code. I bet that's almost as exciting as waiting for a flagship phone for over a year. This one's for the fans, ladies and gentlemen. Flatliner.
  • The negativity is overwhelming. I am one of the many that have been waiting for a flagship since the 1020 was released. I use a 1520 now, but when I bought it, it was over a year old. I don't like to wait either, but to come here and bash MS for trying to get make their "interim" flagship better by making us wait does not flatline the device, in my opinion, I will give MS the benefit of the doubt that they are trying to release a product that is usable without so many bugs. The wait on the dock may be due to hardware shortages, or more software development time to remove bugs, etc. So, in the minds of many, this device may be dead, but us that are true fans of the platform see this as a refreshing approach to trying to get things done right.
  • Except the reference to a flatline isn't the device itself. It's Microsoft's planning, marketing, and P.R. The phones are supposedly due out in 7 days, and this promo supports that theory. Somehow, we still don't have a release date. We don't even have 100% verification of who will and won't carry what. They're saying if you spend the extra $100 on the XL, you get the $100 dock free, essentially killing the appeal of the 950, since it's not part of the promo--meaning those who buy through a carrier similarly get squat in the States, since the only non-MS Store option is the base 950 on AT&T. We don't hate the devices. We hate the unending mismanagement of them. I mean, they seriously just went and had the promo say the 950 was included, then changed it. I'd love to get the XL, but I can't do it unless I shell out $700 (after tax) to get it off-contract. Apple at least had the intelligent idea of a non-carrier leasing program. Sure, it's not Microsoft's fault I don't have the spare cash to buy off-contract (well, it is, since I spent that money on an Xbox One, a Master Chief controller, and Fallout 4...), but they're doing nothing to promote these devices and everything to deter fans.
  • Just wait...maybe ATT will have their own promotional. Since the 950xl are going to be sold by microsoft, the 950 by ATT they might just have different progams.
  • We can hope, but at the same time, the thing is supposed to be out in 6 days, and nothing about that availability has been officially confirmed.
  • What this guy said. I really want these devices, but it is a marketing and promotions nightmare. Somehow, ATT can bundle a third party device (fitbit), but we can't manage to get two of our own products to you in one purchase from our stores After all this time. Boobs.
  • It's also not entirely MS's fault they don't have the cash around to float no interest loans to everyone who wants a 950, or 950XL. Remember Apple's real cash cow is the iPhone, and that product has them swimming in money. WP has MS swimming in red ink. I'd have loved a MS option like Apple's too, but I get it.
  • 1. Microsoft has LOOOOOOOOOOOOADS of cash. 2. As I read, Apple's lease program isn't actually through apple itself. It's actually handled by a third-party.
  • Sigh, such a positive asshole
  • Couldn't have said it better myself brother! I'm still using the 1020 btw but the 950 won't be it's upgrade...
  • MS should have taken our money the day after the announcement of the new Lumias. I want the unlocked 950XL.
  • Over a year? I'm over 3 years now, since the 930/ICON didn't launch on AT&T.
  • 920 has been three years, not 930  
  • Only an asshole would complain about something free. If it's that big of a deal to you, buy the damn thing when you buy the phone.
  • Except its really not free.  You'd be paying for a phone system thats now a miserable 1.7% of the market. MS has so totally and utterly screwed us WP users for years now.  Continuum won't be enough to save it and the whole platform will be dead and buried by this time next year. I've supported and boosted WP for years now, but its time to face facts, MS has fucked this!  There is NO possible way to have the platform become relevant again, and the head brass at MS know this damn well and have done everything concieveable to accelerate its demise. Other than surface and xbox (2 cash cows) they want to turn to a 100% services company, and WP just don't have a place in that.
  • I'm not even sure where to begin, your comment is filled with so many fallacies it's pretty sad. First, if one doesn't have to pay extra money to get an item, said item is free. I don't care how you try to explain it away by saying you have to buy a phone to get the dock, the fact is, I paid $650 for the phone and $0 for the dock. Many others will pay $650 for the phone and $100 for the dock. I get mine free. Second, your 1.7% number is a sales percentage, not installed base in market share. The rest of your statement, other than that surface and Xbox make a lot of money, is just hyperbolic and nothing more than opinion.
  • Are you high? Do you even know what you're trying to say? I don't care how many people own the phone I use. That doesn't make it a nicer piece of hardware for me. I care what I have to pay and what I get out of it. Not getting the dock hurts the value for me. Your disappointment in the platform doesn't count for everyone, man. I mean, I'm disappointed as well, but I don't think that 1.7% matters when it was measured in a time where the hardware availability was a ghost town. Do I expect a big surge forward with W10M? Of course not, but I don't see any way the platform is shuttered in under a year, given they're clearly aiming for a mid-2016 Surface Phone release. They wouldn't try to get enterprise customers on W10M, then kill it a few months after.
  • I really hope the 20th is the release date. I'm not sure why they would want to release it the day before Thanksgiving.
  • It's worded so weird. They may mean you can't turn in the offer until 11/25 I guess we'll find out next friday if they plan on selling the 950xl in sotres. If I can get the free dock I'll be right there on Saturday buying mine. Although the 25th is a Wednesday and I have to go to a meeting that takes me past a mall with a Microsoft store in it. Could be fate lol jk.
  • Everything reerenced here and on the site references the on-line store. Hopefully it applies to in store purchases as well. I would assume it would, as it seems you redeem through an app on the device, but, hey, you never know.
  • Now do I have to roll back to win 8.1 to use the Lumia Offers app ?
  • Made me lol
  • Lol wut?
  • the lumia offers app isn't available for Windows 10 Mobile
  • Where can we find Lumia Offers app?
  • Good question
  • On the phone. When you buy it.
  • The best news of this week!
  • Wow, that makes me want the 950 even more.
  • Unfortunately, just minutes after publishing this, Microsoft pulled the reference to the Lumia 950. So it looks like this is just for the 950 XL. I've updated the post, but still sad news.
  • Thanks for the clarification. 
  • and Canada you can not preorder any phones yet. Just an email when available link
  • Same in the US so far.
  • I'm hoping it is because Microsoft will allow AT&T to offer the same deal for the 950 in-store.
  • This offer runs also in Europe (France, UK, Belgium, etc.)
  • Yay. some freebioes oin the US of A again. I know we don't deserve it, but I'm buying an unlocked phone when 
    ​I could get a GS6 financed on T Mobile and they're running promotions with all kinds of freebies for that phone. I think it is because carriers are apprently already testing a GS7
  • Does that mean the Pre-order for the phones begin from 25th of Nov?
  • Hmm idk I might wait and see again if it's worth staying with WP/WM10 or completely go Android once and for all.
  • That's kind of where I'm at (except with iPhone). My wife and I have had Samsung Focus (WP7), then the 920s since they came out. And I personally have been on since WM5. Though she loved the platform for many years she forked off to iPhone 6s and the app selection is making me a bit jealous. It's not even obscure apps that I want... big corporations, Target, Disney, Comcast, etc.. it also hurts that many of the experiences for Microsoft apps on iOS are better than they are on Windows Mobile.
  • Lol weird that's how I started to with the Focus to 920. I guess I'm just gonna wait and see. And yeah I get jealous too with the apps you mentioned.
  • I've decided that my wife and I are going to get the 950s, but this may be it for us. After sticking with WP since the launch of the 920 (we've been rocking the 1020 for the last couple years) I'm ready to be done with WP. This is Microsoft's last chance to get it right in my book or we will be moving to another platform with our next upgrade.
  • Ikr. I've been seriously thinking about getting the nexus
  • Like spyware and security killing MMS messages do you?
  • Having both the Lumia 1520 and the IPhone 6 Plus,I still prefer WP. I haven't install a bunch of apps on the iPhone either.
  • Without the bridges for android and other platforms, im convinced these phones are doa and I've been on a windows phone for almost 15 years now.
  • Considering you nor I kr anyone else have officially heard Anything you are speculating.
  • You know it's true....
  • Actually no one knows it's true. Feel free to continue to be a pessimist, but as far as anyone knows the iOS bridge is working just fine. I'd bet the issue is that Java is a pretty poor language so it's difficult to say it can be port over to C# and be expected to work on other phones.
  • Java is poor?  You're joking right??  Btw Android uses Java syntax, big difference.
  • Java is the reason android phones have to be so powerful to perform even the most simple tasks without waiting for your hair to go gray.  Its an archaic resource hog and as insecure as, well, something thats really insecure. Compare the performance of a $35 lumia 530 to a $500 galaxy and they pretty much perform the same in most tasks.
  • only astoria is shelved.. the other bridges are still in full development
  • I'd rather have the bridge to ios.
  • Man, if they said the bridge to iOS was axed, then you say you rather have the bridge to Android.
  • +1 iOS bridge is not even worth considering for Apple developers.  The only interesting bridge was Astoria
  • The bridge to iOS requires developers to invest the time and money of porting/recompiling their apps. They will not do this for Windows Phone. Astoria offered the hope of running actual android apps (no work needed). I think losing Astoria may be the nail in the coffin for Windows Phone.
  • Sucks, but good point.
  • I was sad but also glad that Astoria is going away, Android is like Windows XP, very powerful and flexible but also vulnerable to code contamination and slow down. I'd rather duke it out with iOS ports which i am not assuming will go the route of Astoria until it's officially announced. I'm a very positive person and the negativity of WC forums doesn't make me loose hope.
  • Not exactly. There were still plenty of apps that required more work on the developers part. Astoria wasn't just an on the fly translator, that was just a part of it.
  • Lol... You may be right, sir....
    More so, horrible marketing is bound to be the last of many nails in the coffin.... No damn body, knows, or will ever know, what a Lumia 950XL is.. Watch..
  • Well, I know what it is but with my history it doesn't count as much. I went with Betamax over VHS, with LaserDisc, with Windows Mobile and WP, and I'll be getting the 950xl. This is why I don't play the horses or go to the casino. One day I'm going to pick a winner and it ain't gonna be out of my nose. 
  • Lol... Funny.
  • Dude!, one of the funniest posts I've read in a long time.
  • Yes, yes, and yesssssssz
  • Here's hoping this exapnds to AT&T buyers as well. This launch (both for the Lumias and W10M) has been enough of a disaster. Don't partner with one carrier and use it as a chance to crap on the consumers, MS. You gave us the wireless charger with the 920, do us a solid here for all of the failures in 2015.
  • The Qi wireless charging is the thing that keep me away from switching to iPhone. Ok, and the camera on my 930.
  • You prefer the inferior camera? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • What are you even talking about?
  • Hes not talking.  Just busily chugging the apple koolaid.
  • do we know if the 950XL will be offered by at&t or is it still just the 950?
  • Wish att would offer the XL.
  • Me too
  • Just the 950 for ATT
  • Waiting for Verizon's move. Debating whether an icon will hold me over.
  • Just showed up in Canada too..
  • If you read the full terms and conditions PDF source link in the fine print, it states on the first line: "Limited time offer. Valid on November 20, 2015 until January 31, 2016 only, while supplies last, for residents of the United States."   So I think the 11/20 date still holds.
  • Yes for pre-orders, 11/25 is the first date the offer can be redeemed so I would take that as the first potential in hand date.
  • I got screwed out of getting freebies with my 930, and gave up asking for them after months of trying to get them... Unfair really when I bought my 920 before for £450, only to see the price drop to £250 in THREE months! Going to wait for the 950 to fall in price before I buy :)
  • Sounds like the 25th is the official release date. It would be very stupid if they released earlier but those earlier purchases didn't qualify for the docks. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That actually happened on the keyboard for the Lumia 2520. That offer came out just after the release, so those standing in line on day one had a receipt that didn't qualify. This looks different, but that ticked of a lot of folks.
  • This is the best news ever! I'm so excited!
  • Are they not getting enough pre orders for 950 that the reason they are giving display dock freely???Or they are marketing the display dock by giving it for that it is advertised by word of experience and mouth???
  • I would guess a bit of both.
  • They are doing it in a lot of other countries as well, I think it is to get people talking about continuum.
  • What do you mean, 'are they not getting enough pre-orders'? It's not even possible to pre-order it yet!
  • Probably means carrier orders..
  • There are places/countries that can pre-order already. They don't list a ship date, but you can pre-order.
  • In Canada the 950 XL is $850 so I'm sure it's not getting many pre orders, at least the dock will offset that a bit but I would rather knock $100 off the price and forgo the dock.
  • Lol & I thought the se x1a(locked to rogers) was expensive since then ive imported a l929(well worth it lte in all of canada)
  • I thought 90% of Canadians live within an hour of USA. If $100 or $200 is a big deal to you, just make the
  • *cough*exchangerate*cough*
  • Most them are 80yr. Retirees who go to a casio
  • That offer was in place for pre-orders from the start for at least one reseller here. I believe it was always the plan to offer them (it's easier to market Continuum to both devs and consumers if there is someone actually using it). edit: it's also a decent way to give early adopters a bit of extra value
  • I wonder if Canada will get any deals... Heck even any inventory of these new phones...
  • Very much liked the UI of Windows Central app on Windows 10 PC....amazing....
  • Its customary to comment on the topic you're posting to
  • Ahh, but you're being logical, my friend.
  • Crocodile underwear!
  • Let's hope they wont disappoint the Canadians
  • Well at that cost & the jump in ws prices(due to crappy loonie) mw10 isn't looking good
  • I wonder if those of use that have already pre-ordered through the physical stores will get this promotional code as well. If not, I will cancel my pre-order and wait.
  • Those that have already preordered definitely should get the offer. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yes!! I hope this offers makes it's way to Best Buy because they offer financing options and the MS stores don't
  • The BB microsoft rep I talked to said that they were only selling the 950, didn't say anything about dock deals
  • Ah, that sucks! Well, thanks for the info anyway But since the deal was just announced by Microsoft themselves, I'm keeping some hope it will get there eventually
  • my guess is this is a marketing bone thrown to AT&T. Now AT&T can give people a reason to buy their branded 950 and crAPPS. time will tell, if they offer the 950 w/dock then you can bet this was the launch deal they struck. 
  • Waiting waiting waitingggggggg.... When we get windows 10 to my Lumia phones.... Not with insider program...
  • Considering the typical carrier approval process, I would suggest not holding your breath. If you want W10M, activate the Insider program, upgrade, and then deactivate Insider.
  • How much time it takes approval process, me and my friends waiting for original update... Please tell me how much time to wait for original update?
  • How long is a piece of string? It comes down to carriers so could be anything from a few days to never dependent on the carrier.
  • Too god damn long, that's how long
  • Why not just use the insider program to get the RTM build when available, then uninstall the insider app, if you don't want to wait.
  • Buy a 950/XL can turn it into a mini-PC for free!! .. good move!
  • I don't want to be fool onceagain.... I'm a big fan of nokia.... Really fed up with my windows phones....
  • Its really NOT a mini PC.  If anything its akin to a phone based Windows RT thing.
  • Yayyyyyyyyy
  • I already placed my order from brick and mortar microsoft store in US.
    Does count????
  • That settles it. I was leaning toward the 950, now I'm leaning harder toward the XL.
  • That settles it. I was leaning toward the 950, now I'm leaning harder toward the XL. Nice job, MS!
  • Same here. I'll take the extra half inch of screen real estate if it means getting a free display dock. Wasn't really keen on getting a phone that large (even though I preferred the design of the 950 XL), but this deal pushed me over the edge. Hard to pass up getting a 950 XL and display dock for the price of a 950 plus a display dock.
  • I'm not sure I get that philosophy. You are going to pay $749, for a phone you didn't really want because it is too big, to get a free $100 dock. you could get the phone you wanted for $649 and buy the $100 dock for a total of $749. I would get it if you said you really wanted the XL but balked at the price. The free dock makes that more palatable. To bad these aren't iPhones. You could buy both, get a free dock to keep, wait till the stock goes down and the wait times get longer and sell the XL on ebay for twice what you paid for it.        
  • As far as I know, the XL is priced at 649 USD. The 950 is $549 and the dock is $100, so for the price of one XL I'm getting a bundle that is worth $749, so I'm not sure what you're getting at.
  • He was commenting on the fact that the OP said he never wanted the XL as it was too big, but then justified it for the free dock, where if he went with the 950 AND bought the dock seperate it'd cost the same.
  • Seriously?!?!?! Take US orders for the damn thing already!
  • Not online yet, dunno why, but I preordered my XL at the Microsoft store some time ago
  • That's a bummer because I live more than an hour drive from the nearest MS store.
  • That's sort of relative. There are lots of people who cummute an hour each way every day just to go to work. I will gladly be driving the hour to get to my nearest store.
  • Dose this mean it will go on sale i on the 20th?   CANADA - ENGLISH TERMS & CONDITIONS Terms & Conditions Limited time offer. Valid on November 20, 2015 until January 31, 2016 only, while supplies last, for residents of Canada. Available in Microsoft online store in Canada only. Buy a Microsoft Lumia 950 XL from the Microsoft Online Store and get a promotional code for a Microsoft Display Dock (Estimated Retail Value $129) redeemable on the online Microsoft Store. Limit one (1) gift per eligible device purchase. To obtain your promotional code, you must activate your device, and sign in to the Lumia Offers App on your eligible Microsoft Lumia phone with a Microsoft account on or before January 31, 2016; Internet or Wi-Fi connection required and ISP or mobile data fees may apply. Promotional code must be redeemed online through the Microsoft Online Store where you purchased the device by February 29, 2016. Valid credit or debit card required at time of order. The Microsoft Online Store where you purchased the device will ship within 8-10 weeks of redemption to the mailing address supplied to Microsoft Store online during checkout. Any gift returned as non-deliverable will not be re-sent. Offer is not valid on prior orders or purchases, cannot be transferred, or redeemed for cash or gift cards, unless required by local law. May not be combinable with other offers. Refunds will take into account the discount. Price discount does not include taxes, shipping or other fees. Void where prohibited or restricted by law. Microsoft reserves the right to modify or discontinue the offer at any time. Offer provided by Microsoft Corporation, One Microsoft Way, Redmond WA 98052. Subject to Microsoft Store Terms of Use and Sale at:
  • It gets both better (Canada) and worse (no 950). So, looks like screw us, right, Microsoft? Won't get the XL on AT&T so we can get it on Next, punishes us for not getting the XL by not offering us the Display Dock. Honestly, I was planning on just buying the dock sometime. Seeing the way it's being handled (poorly, in typical MS fashion), I kind of just want to not buy it.
  • Worst launching campaign of Microsoft Devices! No official dates yet! Only estimates...
  • Totally agree! If you want people to buy your stuff, SELL YOUR STUFF! Marketing wise, if they have no freaking idea when the damn thing would be released, there's no reason not to take orders the day after they announced it. How can that hurt??? How else could they gauge interest?????
  • Simple: the OS wasn't ready. They had to finish the OS and once so, ETA when they could flash the phones and ship 'em. You act like they had everything ready on Oct 6 and they just forgot. They're pushing deadlines. The OS only wrapped in the last few days.
  • Dan, you're using a rational argument with irrational people. What you just said has been said so many times before, but some people still want to believe Microsoft staff is just sitting in their offices deciding not to announce Lumia release dates, and delaying Windows Mobile builds for fun and giggles.
  • </