Microsoft offers free Edge testing to web developers with BrowserStack partnership

Microsoft is teaming up with BrowserStack, a service that provides developers with easy access to different web and mobile testing environments, to offer free remote virtual testing on Microsoft Edge. That's big news for any web developer who doesn't necessarily have access to a dedicated Windows 10 PC or local virtual machine for testing.

From Microsoft:

Today, we are excited to partner with BrowserStack, which provides the industry's fastest testing on physical devices and browsers, so that you can focus on delivering customers the best version of your product or website. BrowserStack is trusted by developers at over 36,000 companies, including Microsoft, to help make the testing process faster and more accessible. Under this new partnership, developers will be able to sign into BrowserStack and test Microsoft Edge using their Live and Automate services for free.

BrowserStack's Live testing lets developers work with a virtualized, cloud-based instance of Microsoft Edge that works just like you were using Edge on your own machine. The service's Automated testing lets you run up to 10 Edge test sessions with an automated script.

Microsoft says that BrowserStack will offer 3 versions of Edge to test against. Those include the two most recent stable releases, along with the latest Fast Ring preview release.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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