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Microsoft to officially remove Kids Corner from Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft has officially confirmed it will remove the Kids Corner feature in Windows 10 Mobile as part of the upcoming free Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Kids Corner was first introduced in Windows Phone 8.1 and allowed parents to set up their smartphone so their kids could only access specific apps and media. In a blog post, Windows Insider head Dona Sarkar revealed why Microsoft decided to end support for Kids Corner:

After taking a look at the overall usage of the Kids Corner feature in Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Phone 8.1, we have decided to remove this feature from Windows 10 Mobile beginning with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. The usage of Kids Corner was too low to justify continued development and support of the feature. While not a replacement with the same functionality, you can try out Apps Corner under Settings > Accounts > Apps Corner which has some of the functionality as Kids Corner such as the ability to give people access to selected apps on your phone as well as a customized Start screen when they use your phone.

  • Tbh I never understood why they both kids and app corner
  • I use kids corner every freaking day with my kid
  • I didn't say it wasn't used im just saying tbh kids corner and apps corner seem like the same thing to me (never used either so I cant say if there's a lot of differences)
  • They are not the same. Kids Corner has a special API that app devs could use to detect the environment and lock their app down. Or in the case of say Hulu, only show kids content. I for one am very disappointed and upset they are killing this feature.
  • Indeed, the special about Kid's Corner is actually under-the-hood and quire subtle but effective on actual user experience, which I was surprise it works that way when I tested in the past that which I recommend to people I know that have kids with Windows phones. App Corner only works the same with Kids Corner on the surface but it doesn't care if the app you put there is suited for kids or not. Thus this leaves the user more work on their part.
  • more work for the user..... ergo Parent.  So parents can no longer abdicate their responsibilty and authority to Microsoft. Sounds good.  Parents... you take control of what your kids access on the phone... use the Apps Corner.  Don't allow an API to determine what is suitable for your own child.
  • try telling a 4 year old that.  I know many 4 year olds that use dady and mumys tablets and phones to learn and play through the great modern games and fun time ways.  And with something like kids corner it makes it all so simple for even me to use and i love my tech but sometimes i wat simplisity.
  • This isn't really much about the parenting, but more on how the feature helps even for a smallest details. Kid's Corner aren't perfect but it was clearly designed for inteded use-case, which Apps Corner share general similarities but lacks certain functions that Kid's Corner have. Of course parents will have to use Apps Corner because there will be no Kid's Corner. The API that has been developed for apps to use are now just wasted (for now, if they ever moved some API's to Apps Corner). If the parents puts to blame to Microsoft, that's their own responsibility, not Microsoft, whether there are special API's or not. These are features, a tools to help on certain use-case. If a use becomes lazy because of it, that's up to the user, not a dumb electronic calculating bunch of numbers. You don't blame a hammer hitting your fingers. As for the users who use this feature (I'm not, well not anymore in the future I guess), Kid's Corner is more convenient to setup and use, it does the job well (though it also have some bugs unfortunately). Yes, features need to be more simplier to setup and use, you don't expect everybody to be that savvy to fiddle around things or else that feature likely not going to be use altogther. Not everybody is tech-savvy nor they have to. If they find it tedious, then for them it's better not to use at all and focus on other more important things than to waste time figuring out.
  • shame more people didnt buy windows phones then ywed still have a kids corner, cant really blame microsoft for droping it if its usage is very low.  im sure if windows phone grows well see it reintroduced.
  • This is dissapointing on so many levels! My son has autism and this was one of the main reasons I stayed with win10 and discussed this option with others in the similar situations. Apps Corner is not effective, and tedius. 
  • I remember raging when this feature was first announced, because at that time they apparently thought it was more important than basic features such as being able to close open apps without spamming the back button. But I always disagree with removing features. To me, more is better, whether it's useful to me or not.
  • Hey this is MICROSOFT!  They hype up the new things.  Then they KILL them claiming it's not being used when they put absolutely ZERO effort in promoting them! Window 7.X is officially given the final death knell.  Sad, sad, sad....
  • I'm ok with this... Just opens up room for more features we can use, like landscape mode on the start screen, or right swipe on the start screen to have a customizable settings, and media control, section... You know, stuff like that which we could use as well.
  • Landscape on Start screen... Will it ever happen? No, I fear.
  • Actually... MS said that they know everyone is asking for landscape mode on the start screen, and they said that they are working on it.. Daniel knows.. But, that was a while back, so they must be waiting till RS2, or maybe even three... It's not an immediate priority,, but they do know it's highly requested, and there's probably an engineer running a build with it somewhere at MS.
  • How about local apps Rod, surely that is a major key to widespread use above 2%
  • Local apps???
  • Couldn't agree with you more.  They should remove things you absolutely love and then claim they are making more room for other stuff.  :)
  • Kcorner was a very nice feature.  prevents accidental hit of the search button for kids.  Still sticking with WP8.1 until they kill the OS. wm10 has been a disaster
  • There, you never used it. We did. We know the difference. After the Rooms, this is like a second stab in the back. It's getting hard to find some love for MS.
  • Yes, everthing you mentioned.  But the absolutely best thing they removed was the $14.99 music subscription when you could keep 10 songs for life.  Paying for streaming is stealling money. If you move another music service you keep nothing.  Biggest scam ever. 
  • My auntie who uses Lumia also use this feature alot. Another feature down oh well. :( As usual too low usage reasoning with already too low market share with a feature already not expected to have high usage by design. Looks like I have to introduce here how to use App Corner which is quite a redundant feature anyways.
  • How is it a feature if usage is so low on an under 2% OS? You're delusional if you believe this to be a feature. Seriously, wake up to yourself!
  • You could say the same of a lot of features. How many actually use Cortana for the purpose it was created for, as in a digital assistant rather than a search feature?
  • For most countries who doesn't even have Cortana, it will be just a normal simple Search which isn't even as good as the older implementation. I can't even search files on W10M anymore using Cortana/Search. It's nothing but mostly a web interface for Bing.  
  • Same here, in the age where everyone wants multiple users in their OS we had something that came close. Instead of adding me features they're removing features.
  • you can use app corner in setting for that.. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yes you can, but the issue is launching Apps Corner takes so many steps that it is a pain when compared to Kids corner. To launch Apps Corner, you have to first unlock your phone enter the pin (if pin protected) find the apps corner app launch the app first then click the arrow on the app bar to acutally launch the app corner where as with kids corner, it was just unlock your phone, swipe right and enter pin
  • This flat out sucks, we use it all the time too. My wife and I loved and use rooms, Kids corner and Skype Integration. All of them are going away or already gone. Sometimes Microsoft makes it hard to be a fan.
  • "My wife and I loved and use rooms..." Snigger
  • Rooms, Kids corner, etc made Windows Phone unique. If I have to install an app to block or lock in my kids' app or internet usage, that would make WM busy like any other os.
  • Rooms was such an awesome idea. I wish they made it as an ios and android app and baked it into Windows 10... That feature i still miss :-\
  • Indeed! It was an awesome idea, only being a victim of our low marketshare, thus even we have Windows phones, who we gonna use it with? This is why if Rooms was an app for other platforms or became integrated to Skype which many people already have, likely the feature will be used more extensively. GroupMe fortunately seems like an answer, but it feels really just an app for W10M with weak integration. Also it lacks marketing for people to use and why they have to use it, especially in face of competition against Facebook. It would be great if it was integrated well on Skype, replacing Skype Groups, but I'm also not comfortable about it since GroupMe is doing well on its own and merging it with Skype may cause additional issues, especially how Skype development is been going historically.
  • Yep, regular user here too - me and the wife so we know the kids can't access other apps or fans we haven't allowed. Low usage also likely indicates poor awareness of features... were we insiders asked?
  • Saying that tho... simply being able to add a childs user account would be a preferable option to me and align with wider W10
  • I agree, as long as their is an alternative that is easier to use. The proposed App Corner takes too many steps to launch it.
  • Btw, raised this feedback ages ago - upvote in insider feedback if you'd prefer user accounts (allowing proper child safeguarding)
  • This is why, when Lumia 640s hit $29, some people I know bought them for their children. They set up child accounts on those phones, and don't have to share a phone with the child. No activation with the phone company, just a small tablet that works on Wi-Fi and the kids can be safer with a child account. They still aren't allowed to use them unsupervised. As far as my children go, I'll let them use my touchscreen laptop at times for educational stuff, when I'm right there with them watching, but they will not get a phone or laptop of their own until they turn at least 12 and have shown the level of responsibility it takes. I've never been one to let a child be babysat by a phone. Can't stand it, honestly.
  • Understand completely... Agree - my girl is not having a phone (full stop!), but also it isn't a case of babysitting, but it's a nice treat for her and some of the games are actually very good for logic, maths and language... when she does use it I don't want her accessing the web, unsuitable music or deleting things for instance (you cannot watch every second!).
  • feedback-hub:?contextid=336&feedbackid=158e3cee-8ef5-43b0-996d-7d61bfcca0f0&form=2&src=2
  • Also use it as a games start screen.
    Swipe right at lock screen - games.
    Swipe up at lock screen - apps.
  • LOL. That's funny right there. I can't judge. I've got several medium sized exploding tiles on my start screen that have titles on them like, "Arcade Games", "Board Games", "Strategy Games", "Mindless Games", etc. It's easy enough to find the games that way.
  • Lol
  • Kids corner is always available with a swipe from the lock screen. A kid can pick up the phone and go to the kids corner by himself without accessing the rest of the phone, because it's protected with a PIN. Apps corner needs to be launched from the settings every time and it can't be accessed without unlocking the phone. Personally, I think people aren't using kids corner, because it's buried in the settings and they don't know about it.
  • so they should have axed the latter instead of the former
  • Agreed.
  • I think they should put multiple users log in.. And one user should be the admin.. Just like PC
  • Great idea.. Perfect!
  • This is been requested for a long time, hopefully someday they will. This thing though would take a while to be implemented since it requires multiple sessions on single device at the same time. Very feasible but based on the paced of development, having this on Redstone 2 would be even too optimistic, maybe 3.
  • I think this method is cleaner, I do this now with my surface 3, all our accounts are linked as family accounts and I can control the hours my kid logs in and also their activity.  It's way more awesome than a kids corner option.  So I do hope they let us use multiple accounts on a phone soon!
  • Suggested this in feedback a long time ago... Please upvote
  • my moto g with android 6 has the option to add other users and a guest, I didn't test it much, but seems to solve this scenario
  • I was waiting until my kid was old enough to use the feature. Now it's being removed?? The only thing they had to do (for my needs) was allow people to set a different pin for the kids corner then the pin used with the main side of the phone. That's it... done.. no more development required... But they couldn't invest the time it would take, and decided to spend even more time to remove it instead? Wow, Microsoft.. way to hit one out of the park! ID10T Error FTW! I wonder when/if Windows 10 mobile will actually get better each week instead of worse...
  • Hope for multiple accounts option on the phone.  Setting up family accounts in w10 is awesome, can monitor and restrict your kid's activity.  I do it now on a surface 3
  • Did the API ever work in UWP apps or just 8.1 apps? If not it could have required quite a lot if work to get that implemented in UWP
  • App corner is better. And they're not killing it. I advise you to look into it
  • I suggest you read up on what exactly Kid's Corner was before you continue making an ass of yourself.
    You clearly don't know a damn thing of what you are talking about...
  • If you're replying to me, I was referring to the fact that they aren't killing app corner. And for your information I have tested both on my phone and know exactly how both work. And I conclude that kids corner is no real loss since app corner does more, and is more secure. Because its harder to get back to the 'normal phone' from app corner than from kids corner. (for a child anyway). Please stop thinking that others don't understand simply because their comment doesn't make sense to you. Thanks And if your reply wasn't to me, (because its not so easy to tell in long comment reply threads) then I take all of it back
  • "It’s also a good idea to disable ads when an app is running in Kid’s Corner (or change the type of ads you’re requesting), because if the child clicks on an ad it may take them to the browser experience, which is not fully regulated by Kid’s Corner." App corner doesn't work that way. please get educated. Stop spewing nonsense. Dev's could detect Kid's Corner and change the type of content they displayed, and not just ad's.
    App Corner doesn't do that. It is far more than just App Coner.
  • hey i have a question for anyone: how do i get out of apps corner and back to my regular phone without turning the phone off/on?
  • Hold the power button, and you'll see the usual "Slide Down to Shut Down," but also an additional "Slide Right to Return to Phone" or something like that. You just simply slide from the left side of the screen to the right side, and viola, back to normal operation.
  • I Kids corner still needs your PIN and so your kids will have to know your PIN, and can also access your main corner if they knowingly or unknowingly.
  • agreed.
  • Or more likely people aren't using it because they don't have a use for it.
  • Can you guys do a comparison video of Kids Corner vs. Apps Corner? They are almost the exact same thing... so I think it would be good to show those that are freaking out that the feature is not completely gone. :-)
  • Hope your right
  • One commentor above mentioned that Kid's Corner uses special API where developers can take advantage of Kid's Corner environment better like showing only content appropriate and not allowing certain non-appropriate apps. The difference is actually more subtle while sharing similar general use case on the surface. Apps Corner is simply a separate environment for any people cam use while Kid's Corner is for, kids. What I hope is that just integrate some Kid's Corner functionality and that API into Apps Corner to be optionally enabled when needed, instead of dumping all things from Kid's Corner into nothing.
  • Apps corner is much more powerful. For example u can turn off the windows start key, the back let and cortana, u can also limit editing the start screen and if ur phone has a camera button u can turn that off too. That is what I use and the reason i no longer use Kids Corner
  • My question is did those API ever work in UWP or not. That could have been significant work and testing if not and it only worked in 8.1/WinRT apps so far
  • So, does App Corner allow you to restrict in-app purchases? Because Kids Corner does so, which may be unique to Windows Phone.
  • Add a password to your purchase so they have to know it to purchase anything. Simple fix
  • Low usage?
    I am using kids corner EVERY DAY.
    One of the best hidden gems on WP.
    This is the only reason why my wife is still using WP.
  • I wanted to use kids corner but the fact that it requires the exact same pin as my startup screen made kids corner absolutely useless. I would've used it everyday kids corner either didn't require a pin or if I could've been allowed to create a completely different pin for kids corner. I tried it but since my kid needed to know the pin to get into kids corner he always logged into the main screen instead. That was the only thing that kept me from using it.
  • The idea was for YOU to enter the PIN and hand over the phone. Once in kids corner, you have to enter the pin again to go back to the normal Usage area of the phone. But this is part of the problem. Not everyone wanted kids corner to behave that way, so it was intuitive to them, resulting in low Usage, even for the demographic it was aimed at. Here's hoping they simply add multiple sessions like on tablets and desktops and this problem will be solved. The family settings are pretty awesome, yet completely unimplemented on mobile... Which is what kids want to use!
  • Use app corner. It doesn't do that
  • You don't represent 100% of the wp community. And besides, app corner is better anyway. Why don't you go to settings and take a look. Then pin it to your start screen for eassy access
  • Yes, low usage. Your personal anecdote doesn't change that.
  • Suddenly many people say they use that feature..... kids nowadays use android not W10M. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Kids corner is  used when kids want to use your phone. i think you are confused.
  • The point is less for kids who own phones and more younger kids who play with their parents (or whoever's) phone. Sure if a ten year old had their own phone, Kids Corner is useless, but it's not made for that. It's made as a way to lock down features when you give your phone to someone else to fiddle with, not for the main user of the phone. If a child is the phone's owner, that's a different situation.
  • Guess theres always knox
  • Same and who wants to let their kids on their phones anyway? Get your own :P
  • my kid will be 2 in a couple days and she has had a 520 for like 6 months set up as kids corner as well lol
  • Set it up with apps corner. Simple enough
  • It is not the same thing. Read up on it. You need to be more educated on the matter.
  • But you don't give a 4 yrold their own phone. I never used kids corner but sad to see it go, that was a good selling point for WP for parents with young kid's.
  • Sure you do my 4 yr old has a Lumia 1020 my 6 year old has a 830 and they both have hp stream 7s when you upgrade no use letting the phones sit in a box :) and the last section of my comment was a joke btw. Kids corner is useful but I never let my kids use my phone so its just not useful to me. App corner does keep a person locked out better than kids corner and is just as easy to setup so I understand MS' logic here.
  • I have 635's setup with only kids games, the start screen interface is perfect for little ones, they can just scroll for the games they want with no other options. There are alot of kids games that work with 8.1 that my kids love, They actually choose the 635's over the 3gs's that i ahve setup for them too.   
  • The main thing is you're not going to sell a phone because it has kids corner its just a perk I highly doubt anyone bought into the WP OS because of kids corner.
  • At this point I think that might be the only reason to use windows, tell me what other reason there is compared to ABC or jobs. Maybe the point is they are not going to sell phones anymore.
  • It was an "innovative" feature when WinPhone came out. They touted it and got their celebs to mention it. It was one of the things, like hubs, that made the OS unique.
  • But the rest of the OS sucked so no one bought them. I am sure there are plenty of apps for this on other platforms. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • My test 640xl now serves this purpose. No need to let my 950xl get broken.
  • Are you from Apple? A device for everyone even if they are two, and a device for every activity. Kids phone are never charged, up-to-date ..., so they will use yours anyway. Better to maintain one, pay for one.
  • Crazy! This is the best future. They should improve it not killing it. Another unique feature is gone.
  • Most people don't really care. They don't even know it exists probably
  • Since July 2013 I opened it maybe twice
  • I forgot about it.......
  • Amber?
  • WFT is wrong with MS?  W10 has literally removed every feature of WP that made it stand out.  Sorry, not-very-live tiles alone does not an OS make.
  • Kids corner doesn't really make sense if they are focusing more towards an enterprise OS.
  • So are you saying people who work in corporations don't have kids that will want to play on their parent's work phone?
  • Maybe they'll replace it with enterprise corner, where the bosses can swipe to look at all the nasty things said behind their backs! Powered by MS's new bot integration :P
  • I laughed so hard at this!
  • That sounds like you're saying that W10M isn't for consumers anymore....
  • True.
  • You have that exactly backwards.  Kids Corner makes the most sense on an enterprise phone.  Parents are going to let their kids play on their phones.  With Kids Corner they have a way to do so that keeps all their work-related goodies safe and sound. This is a critical feature and a major blunder on MS' behalf, all the more so if they are focusing on enterprise.
  • Where has this been mentioned at all, from reputable rumor mills?
    Not saying that won't happen. It is a conceivable thought, with Continuum being pushed. Hope your right. The idea of getting it into the corporate world will have the affect that is needed. When high exec's start calling for more apps for the WP environment, we will surly see some movement in other app areas as well. And no, this will not kill off WP. To all, you may have apps that are somewhat better, or available only on the iDroid's.
    but they are about as innovative as a flip phone, and stuck there.
  • Stand out for whom may I ask? It stood out for 3% of smartphone users... Maybe aligning the OS with the other two main ones will make it stand out to the other 97%. Most people never used kids corner and MS has all the data. Heck, most people probably didn't even know it existed
  • I never used it but this is one of the things that if properly marketed would sell some phones: "the only phone with a switch to restrict not only apps access but also content inside the apps" there are so many parents out there who would buy into something like this. I for one think that a child should not use a smartphone till he is 10 and use it only for playing games but I'm not the majority :)
  • Agreed, they should market the hell out of it and Cortana
  • Except these kind of features are available on the other platforms as well. It is not a great selling point. If you are looking for a consumer OS, Windows 10m isn't for you. It isn't for you if you are looking for an enterprise OS either. More than likely an app you may need for work isn't available. That is more important if you need to get work done, the other platforms can do anything WM can do and more. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • And you hit the nail on the head, no apps mean no users
  • Well, when 8 came out it lacked many stuff from 7 too
  • Thanks for this. They are really ruining it :( Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I used this feature loved this about windows app corner not the same too tedious u have to manually put apps in kid friendly mode the other already did
  • Man, listen to you people. Usually Microsoft kills a feature BEFORE there's an alternative available. You all got off easy this time. :P
  • What alternative are you talkin about? That nonsense showroom feature called App Corner? Great.
  • I use it on a regular. This is a bad move. Clearly a differentiator that only needed some minor tweaks'.
  • Wtf MS. That is one of my favorite features of WP. I can let my kids play without the fear of them reeking havoc on my phone. It was not used because you never spoke of it.
  • 1. Develop unique and creative feature
    2. Hardly ever promote it, never market it, and do not train new users how to use it
    3. Stop enhancing the feature
    4. Wonder why the usage is so low... Scratch head.
    5. Remove the feature
  • This has become the norm
  • 6. Reintroduce the feature but half-baked.
    7. Wait for months or even few years to be on-par what they just removed.
    8. Finally catches up. Maybe repeat number 2? Embrace, Extend, Extinguish?
  • Best comment here
  • Thankfully apps corner is pretty close in functionality.
  • Close but no cigar. Not even a cigarette.
  • Never used it so I won't miss it. When my kids use my phone, they know which apps to use and which to leave alone. 
  • Narcissist. Too selfish.
  • He said HE won't miss it
  • hey, i dont see how it has evolved and therefore dont understand the "continued development and support" part. i think if it was just a guest account that it would have been a better feature, and i did use kids corner with my nieces so damn sad to see it go!
  • It's completely true that Microsoft released this feature, and then fully abandoned it and never fixed several glaring issues with it. To imply there is/was continued development of some kind is rudely insulting to everyone's intelligence. The truth though is that it's one more thing they need to test, and possibly patch up as the OS evolves and causes the abandoned Kid's Corner code to break in subtle (or not so subtle) ways. At a time when Microsoft as a whole has moved away from the kind of dedicated, focused testing they did in the past. They're basically saying they don't think that effort is worth it, given there's an approximate replacement for that functionality in another feature. The fact that they feel the need to bullshit and sugar-coat it is what makes me mad. Then again, maybe they treat people like children because they usually act like children...
  • I don't get why people have kids, so...I have no opinion here.
  • Oh Daniel... LOL
  • At minimum they are a bi product of sex for many people. I can explain the birds and the bees if you need Daniel Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • :D
  • @Daniel - I guess you popped out of an egg fully grown. :-P
  • Apparently two people or a lab had some input on why your here, so it does happen. And if it happens and your in the car or at a shop with one if those little units going nuts, all you want to do is give them the closest tech device do they can watch Netflix or play a damn bubble app so they shut up. And it has been awfully nice on my 950xl to give them my phone with kids corner so I can finish what I was doing while not having to worry that they are sending emails to my ceo or posting some inappropriate pic I recently took on facebook. People, it can and does happen, kids corner prevented this, hopefully apple does this on the next iOS update. I hate iOS, but will be another reason to go jobs
  • App corner does this and more. Why dint you take a look?
  • Daniel, Great statement. I agree. I wish more people would be able to know, and admit to, what they don't know. It's okay. It's all good. It acknowledges that there are other points of view.
  • Alcohol Daniel, it has a lot to answer for.
  • Yeah, that's OK.  Those of us with kids are using iOS.  Apple family sharing FTW!  LOL! (Actually my family and I are pretty much now using Android on mobile, but I'll admit that Apple has the better family sharing setup.)
  • Well, it really should be your parents giving you this talk, but here goes: There's this thing called sex. It feels really good, so people keep doing it. Children are sometimes a byproduct of this.
  • WTF? No!!! Both my wife and I use this all the time with our younger kids.
  • Switch to app corner
  • I swear they could say Microsoft killing off insert app that no one uses and another app emulates  and you all will still complain. 
  • They're canceling cause nobody is using wp anymore. Smh Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Ok, Now I can say Windows phone is dead. I got my wife to go with Windows phone for the kids corner feature and she loved it. But she recently left to android to get more apps. By taking away one of the best features Windows Phone offered for families you are throwing in the towel. Android has some similar features, but our 5 year old is constantly finding her way into my wifes corporate email, etc... This is really disappointing for Microsoft and my love of Windows mobile, that and the fact that more apps are leaving than joining. I continue to hang on and will forever because I love my live tiles with radar and calendar and most importantly image updates from my home cameras, but I now know that I am the last standout. And with all of that in mind, I might just consider leaving windows altogether. What is the point, right now everything I do between all my machines work so well with just a Microsoft account and windows 10, but if I can't get a damn app that everyone else I know has on droid or jobs, than I might just have to screw it all.
  • You said your wife already left for Android even though she loved Kids Corner.  So obviously Kids Corner did nothing to entice people to use or keep Windows Phone.  So what exactly are you complaining about?  There is already a redundant feature that does the same thing.  So you can keep the feature that is only used for kids or you can keep the feature that can be used by both adults and kids.  They chose the latter which was a smart move in my opinion.  Why have two features that do basically the same thing?  
  • She wanted