Microsoft opens nominations for second annual Windows Developer Awards

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Surface Pro Microsoft Store (Image credit: Windows Central)

We may still be several months out from Build 2018, but Microsoft has already opened up nominations for the second annual Windows Developer Awards, set to take place at the conference. As with the previous event, the Windows Developer Awards for 2018 will highlight developers who have built and published exceptional Microsoft Store apps and games.

Nominations are currently open on Microsoft's developer site, and there are a total of six categories available. Here's a look:

  • Application Creator of the Year: Exploring the latest Windows 10 features and capabilities, the winner of this award pushes the envelope and sets a new bar for what is possible for developing on the Windows 10 platform.
  • Game Creator of the Year: From Xbox to PCs to mixed reality, developers are creating the next generation of gaming experiences using Windows 10. The recipient of this award has created a game for which the technical achievements are as compelling as the game mechanics.
  • Reality Mixer of the Year: This award recognizes a Windows developer creating innovative immersive experiences with mixed reality.
  • Design Innovator of the Year: This award recognizes excellence in design in a published application, or game, that applies Fluent Design System principles to create outstanding interactive aesthetics.
  • Commercial Innovator of the Year: This award recognizes a development talent focused on creating amazing commercial applications.
  • Ninja Cat of the Year: This award honors a developer that demonstrates leadership as a standout Windows developer and makes significant contributions in the community to evolve the craft of development, exemplifying Microsoft's core values.

Each category has its own specific requirements, so it's not open to just any app. However, if you have apps in mind, you can head to Microsoft to submit your nominations now. Nominations will remain open through March 8, 2018.

Nominate apps for the 2018 Windows Developer Awards

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