People app adds GroupMe integration in latest Windows 10 Mobile update for easy sharing

Microsoft has just pushed out build 3351 of the universal People app for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile up from the previous build 3070.

There is no changelog that we can find, but the Mobile version has a nifty new feature: GroupMe support.

The GroupMe app itself was recently updated for Windows 10 Mobile plus Continuum and now Microsoft looks to be extending its reach within the OS. Navigating over to the Groups tab within the app and sitting at the top is a new GroupMe banner informing the user of the app and its ability to create groups across platforms to share and chat.

Call us crazy, but this integration sounds an awful lot like the now defunct Rooms feature in Windows Phone 8.1. The difference this time? Users on iOS and Android can now participate, which was always a huge problem for the adoption of Rooms.

Below the GroupMe section is a one for Windows where you can put favorites. That section is not new, but its separator is due to the inclusion of GroupMe.

OneNote for Windows 10 grabs Ink Smoothing & Prediction

In another update, OneNote for Windows 10 and Mobile goes from build 15391 to 15651. The changelog is the same from the recent larger update on November 29. That changelog is reprinted below:

  • Automatically transform your drawings into shapes
  • Move/copy pages and sections to keep everything organized, just the way you like
  • Share a copy of a page from your phone to other apps like Outlook Mail
  • Quickly insert a photo from your phone's camera
  • Copying and pasting content on your phone just got easier
  • Additional bug fixes and improvements

If we had a guess this update tonight just fixes some bugs found in that update, but if you notice anything else give us a shout in comments.

Download OneNote for Windows 10 (opens in new tab)

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Well done
  • Bring back Facebook and twitter please
  • Uhm.. Its still there.
  • Only on mobile.
  • YES!
  • Now all we need in the people app is contact folder syncing from outlook
  • Also I still need to view the social network news(what's new section) for the groups I created. I don't know why they cancelled this feature!!!!
  • Probably because it requires social networks to support it.
  • Yay! If GroupMe is nice on Windows 10 mobile, maybe I'll give it a shot after all.
  • It's much better on W10 mobile. They just need to add the other features
  • Is the new OneNote app better than before in Windows 10 mobile?
  • Yes it's not even close. It is miles ahead
  • Exept its not syncing to the cloud, making it virtualy useless.
  • Speak for yourself. I've used W10 on 3 different Lumias and EACH ONE had a working and syncing OneNote on Mobile.
  • Yes... They fixed the debilitating bugs many builds ago. You can definitely use it now... It's not perfect, but it's pretty good.. Love the recent feature.
    I had to revert back to 8.1 just because OneNote used to not work with the TP.. That's how important it is to me..
  • Happy to know that :-)
  • I hate debilitated bugs
  • So do groups show up there if you have any?
  • Yes they do.
  • Anybody else having an issue where their "Favorites" list in the People app is completely empty?
  • No issue.  Favourites is working for me.
  • You're welcome.
  • I am.
  • What is GroupMe?  Is it for USA?  I don't know anyone who uses it.
  • Add me... All my friends use it. Lol. It's smooth and awesome
  • Also you can use an email address and/or a phone number to communicate, in addition to it being cross-platform. Most of my friends use their phone number, but I do have a friend that uses her email address only. It's awesome.
  • Nice
    (Posted via nexus 6 of Satya Nadella in which he secretly plays Clash of clans )
  • You're lying!
    He uses an iphone pro.
  • Haha
  • Typo** hazard maybe should "had"
  • Why wouldn't somebody just use skype? What's the point of group me?
  • I agree but all my friends use group me. I'm a skype fan and I really would love more windows phone friends so we can skype message via message hub thingie lol
  • You can schedule events through it, and have it send a message to everyone. Also, you can use any display name you want. It doesn't ever show your whole real name. I also remembered that it allows for people to be part of the group via text if they choose not to install the app on their phone (or they don't have a phone that can). You can't like things, of course, but it;s nice that it makes it simple for people to join in.
  • Just started to use this and downloaded the Windows 8.1 version instead. There seems to be more features in it like gallery and event sharing. They are missing in 10. Or have I missed something?
  • I don't have much experience with chat apps so excuse my ignorance, but what are the benefits of using Group Me to send group messages over sending a group text?
  • I have the same question. I dont get it?
  • Honestly... Not everyone gets group text. Some phones break them Inyo separate messages and replies from the original group. The social apps eliminate that ignorance lol
  • If you have a limited text plan, then GroupMe messages don't count against it. However, it you have a limited data plan, then GroupMe messages will count against it.
  • I have had this same question constantly. I have huge conversations with my buddies from all over the US and a group chat with all members of my Fantasy Football league. I can't comprehend an exact reason for me or my buddies to switch over to these chat apps but I wish I could find one. Maybe it's time for me to dive in and see what's up...
  • Sharing photos/videos is better, you have a built in joint calendar, you can add/remove people which you can't do with text message.  That said, I use text with my fantasy crew.
  • I use it for a group of guys i play trivia weekly with and it works well for that. However, when i tried to send a "happy thanksgiving" text to a lot of people in my address book, but not everyone, it would not be the solution i'm looking for. I just wanted a way to send a text to a large group, but i think using GroupMe would be weird because when i did it with the trivia guys they all got texts saying i added them to a group. I wouldn't want all my coworkers, and extended friends getting notifications of being in a group, i just wanted to send a mass text. Apparently my carrier limits my mass texts to only 10 recipients at a time (don't know if this is AT&T, or Cricket's limitation) so i created a normal group (without GroupMe) and it didn't even give me the option to text or anything. It just created a useless group. As it stands right now, WinMo10's group texting is awful and i would only see GroupMe as an option for a group of people you want permenently interconnected instead of just sending something to a random grouping of people.
  • That's great news, but didn't they just lay off a bunch of the GroupMe team about a month ago? Seems like I recall a story about one of the departing employees posting something embarrassing on their Twitter support account.
  • Yes/no, it's more complicated than that. GroupMe is still obviously a thing and they have the right size team for what they want to do so I'm told.
  • Which hopefully means they will REALLY integrate all of their group efforts (with each other): Office 365 Groups, GroupMe, Yammer Groups, Skype/Skype for Business Group calls, ... Oh and don't forget group sms which is still there. I know progress is being made, but all of these different overlapping products takes me back to the old Live Mesh/Skydrive/etc. days... What I expect, is that one or more of the above mentioned will show up on that tab, probably Outlook Groups will be next... Ultimately though, imho, the Groups tab should just show a list of groups, not a list of products that all have different kinds of groups. So while I applaud the basic idea of integration with GroupMe, I can't really cheer the way it was done, for now.
  • Hopefully they bring back Facebook integration soon, it was a nice feature to post to one's wall directly from within the people app.
  • I don't think they will do this. Imo or maybe its fact, that this is the reason why the developers stayed away. Making a phone that didn't need developers backfired
  • Lol then they shouldnt have tried the put so much emphasis into pushing edge
  • @ahmadcrofton. All the app has to do is link into the people hub / me tile, display information and allow interaction. If people want to use the app then there is that option.
    Also it backfired because it needed o/s level updates to fix simple service backend changes. This is where the US carriers and their tentacles messed things up.
  • can you actually add anything on the desktop version yet? hitting the add social apps button only yield nothing in the Store ...
  • Still need calendar in GroupMe though
  • Technically, there is a calendar, but it just shows upcoming events. I wish it had better integration into the main calendar.
  • Where is the Calendar? I don't see it. Adding the calendar would be great
  • Yep, where is it? It's nothing in the W10/People version.
  • Yes! More of this integration stuff please!
  • Room is a lot better than GroupMe. Sorry, MSFT.
  • The main thing I miss is the shared notes. Technically, they are still there, but it is cumbersome now that you have to go into the OneNote app.
  • That seems to be a problem with the whole os. Jumping thru hoops permission-wise
  • The good thing about Room is that it have notes, appointments, right in the app. The way it handles appointments was amazing.
    You could comment on a picture. Just on that picture. You could share pictures from Photos app in a easy way. Just Share > Choose the room. Now if you want to share, you have to open OneDrive app (and it's very slow to open), choose a folder...
    Possible to mute all persons with Cortana and then you'll get notified just about some people.
    You could do people reminders and it worked on groups... The only problem with Room is that it was horrible on slow connection as far I remember.
  • Yep, I agree, Room was much better. I hate having to use all these seperate apps that all have a different look and feel just to coordinate a group. Rooms was great for organising and coordinating club or family events. Group Me sucks at it!
  • I totally agree.  Of course, Microsoft has been completely ignoring us.  They would rather listen to all the Android and iOS users who kept pushing for features from those systems be brought on and ruin the Metro UI.
  • Why is group me not integrated with messaging app. What's the point of having a messaging center which can't integrate MS apps, leave alone 3rd Party apps like WhatsApp.
  • Lol that's what I think about xbl messaging on wp/mw10
  • Got an update for Here maps also. Now the app works again.
  • I have been using Group Me for some time and it works great.
  • Add a shared one drive folder and calendar linked to outlook and group me would work. Right now it's a boring chat app.
  • I hate Group Me. It's Buggy as hell and sucks battery. I've had to use it for work for different teams. Ugh.
  • Group chat was just one small part of Rooms. The parts of rooms I miss are notifications when notes or calendar appointments are added or modifed. Rooms made setup of shared Calendar, photo folder and OneNote Notebook easy! - these still exist and can be used in W10M but I am no longer notified of a change made like if my wife adds a new calendar appointment. ​
  • GroupMe is missing a lot of things now, but my guess is they will build it out again for WIn10 since it's all new. We'll see.
  • Didn't they already do this with an office banner application
  • The thing that I don't get about this effort is why it's necessary to re-create each of these pieces within the GroupMe app. It just needs to somehow connect the group sharing/notifications to the existing structures for OneNotes, OneDrive/photos, calendar, etc. That's all the Rooms feature really was: a bundle of shared items with notifications.
  • That's what Rooms so great! My fam still use these features.
  • Loved Rooms
  • For shared calendars, including notification of changes by others, you can simply share an Outlook calendar. Onenote Notebooks can be shared as well, but indeed there's no notification of changes by others, that would be a nice option.
  • I can't figure out how to create events in the groupme app, is this feature not implemented yet in the w10m version?
  • Neither calendar nor photo gallery are in the new version yet. You still need the old version of you want to use those features.
  • Doesn't look like it. I installed the Windows Phone 8 version and it has the ability to create events. The other bummer about the Win 10 version is that when you get invited to a event, you get a URL that offers to download the Android version of the app.
  • I wish they would just make one messaging solution. It's weird having both Skype and GroupMe from one company (along with all the other options out there).
  • Lol I find their solutions for xbl messaging leave much to be desired nothing beats the wp7 games hub integration. Smartgass & xbox have yet to work that smoothly
  • i always prefer to use the desktop version of OneNote, which is also free to use even if you do have office suite or office 365. That has way more function plus the ones on the win8/10 version
  • I don't like it. Kinda slow to open, and it stay at taskbar notifications. Also, very polluted.
  • I will never consider the app "ready" as long as it still uses the damn accent color for background in contact details. Did they change that yet? IT'S AWFUL! Whenever I go to a contact at night my eyes are blasted by a sea of PURPLE!!
  • Then you wouldn't like any of my screens.  I have all my devices syncing profiles, and I am happily bathed in a sea of purple no matter what device I use.  I hate the transparent tiles and tile pictures.
  • Its says ...and more. Does that mean it also bringing back the calendar feature as well? If that's the case then awesome! My entire family still use Rooms! One of the best features created in Windows phone.
  • Nice update. Much better. @Daniel Microsoft is launching 950/XL in Malaysia on this 15th December. They're running a contest for the launch event.
  • The update is actually not that useful. Just listing your groups but then opening the app doesn't add anything to the experience. Still a nice to have tho.
  • As a relative newcomer to the Windows Phone platform, I didn't even know about the Rooms feature from Windows Phone 8.0 (removed in 8.1 per Jason Ward) til I read his article reminiscing on 8. It sounded like a great feature, and it's absence does seem like a loss. It's totally surreal that the very same day I read his article, no more than a couple hours later, I read this article which says [more or less] that it's basically coming back, but with some even better goodies! Hooray! A killer feature I didn't even know I was missing will not be missing anymore!....... ......I'll bet Jason's really happy right now! :-D Cheers!
  • You can enjoy parts of the room functinality if you use Office 365 and Groups. They have a shared space - mails - calendar - onenote 
  • @JaySeeDoubleYou Lol....The timing is ironic. :-) It is nice to see MS bring back some lost functionality. Hopefully as some commenters have shared and Daniel addressed, some things are still missing but since Win10 is just beginning its trek into adulthood, it is likely we will watch GroupMe grow up a bit more. :-)
    Of course I'll be there cheering it along:-)
  • Does groupme have squad watch type location sharing? Nothing is multi platform with w10m otherwise.
  • All my friends use WhatsApp instead of GroupMe. I hope one day it will change.
  • I know only one contact who uses Whatsapp.  EVERYONE else in my contact list uses regular texting.
  • Contacts on Win10 Desktop was also updated. However there are no tabs "News" and "Groups".... How would this work when using Win10 on a PC?
  • I like this
  • Bring back the Me Tile now.
  • Yes!  I have posted multiple times on the feedback system that I want the Me Tile back.
  • Still looks like garbage. Seriously even MS staff don't understand what the hell happened with this one. I was speaking to someone involved in the store who agreed as much as he could without actually placing his head on the chopping block.
  • People app for the systems has lot of errors still... It needs to be updated... Eg: We do not get the details of contact when we search for them
  • I would really say MS is doing a great job for the mobile community of course they are taking a bit of a time delivering, but this is appreciable
  • Well there is just one big question. Whatsapp has groups, Telegram has groups, Facebook Messenger - has groups. Windows Phone had rooms - has groupme and skype groups and those are not even running properly on the new service and than there are the new office 365 groups which are almost like rooms! and skype for business groups. Why can they not make One thing just work properly rather than having 6 solutions for everything similar to each other!
  • Agree, too many things that only half work. This Group Me only seems to half work. Finalise and fix the main things before they keep adding on extras. Microsoft probably only keep Group Me as a separate app because nobody on Android is going to install Microsoft's People app.
  • Dont want to be pedantic, but do people use this?
  • The UI still looks like a placeholder.
  • @Daniel Rubino. You write for OneNote version 15651. I checked my Lumia 1520. My OneNote version ends with 15652.0. (?)
  • I feel this is the wrong point of integration. Microsoft should have integrated GroupMe with Messaging and not with People. Seems logical to me to integrate different communication technologies into one consistent user experience.
  • But WHO do you communicate with?  People.  So, I think it DOES make sense to integrate it with People hub.  Except it's not really integrated, and it's much less capable than the groups and rooms of WP8.  Another Microsoft FAIL.
  • So you advocate to integrate the Phone, Messaging/Skype, Email and Calendar (appointments are with people) apps into the People hub as well, I would think. Interesting thought. However, at this stage, I would put priority on blending communications as such together.
  • whatsapp too please
  • Awesome. I used GroupMe in college a decent amount - would've been sweet to have it built in back then.
  • I can't use only 3g mode tp 10586 in L720.anyone know how to lock 3g mode.
  • "this integration sounds an awful lot like the now defunct Rooms feature" First, it's worth pointing out that existing Rooms still function fine on Windows Phone. Second, GroupMe is a poor substitute for Room. Rooms had it all: text message-based group chats, shared Outlook Calendar, shared Onedrive, shared OneNote, easy access to social networking updates on individual members, and Live Tiles with notifications. It brought it all together. In contrast, GroupMe on Windows Phone can't even attach a video (naturally, it can on iOS and Android, though). It's a complete embarassment for Microsoft, which owns GroupMe, and a slap in the face to everyone who bought a Windows Phone for Rooms.
  • I don't want to install GroupMe.  I shouldn't have to install a third-party app for functionality that was already part of the OS.  I prefer the built-in Groups, particularly as they are in WP8.1.  When you create a group in WP8.1 and pin it to the Start screen the tile flips through showing you the latest updates or email notifications from anyone in that group.  Sadly, the group tile in W10 does almost nothing.  But I still prefer communicating to my groups that way.  I can either send an SMS or email to them, all without another app.
  • GroupMe is a first-part app, not a third-party app. That said, the built-in Rooms feature was vastly superior.
  • Noticed a bug fix in outlook mail. Attachments from one drive earlier did not go through. I sent several mails with attachments of pdf docs from my one drive. All such mails went with no attachments. I tried again after the app update and works ok now.
  • I hope this integration will be better than the skype.
  • It all so put Skype message and phone messages in to one huge pain
  • Anyone else find the People fields very limited compared to say Google Contacts or other contact apps? The phone number fields are crap and field names don't appear to be customizable unless I am doing it wrong.
  • The restrictions must be in the windows account itself, when I turn off outlook contacts and turn on gmail contacts the phone numbers can be customised so that my various phone fields can be named Lumia 640xl; Lumia 532; Galaxy S6; etc. Don't know yet if there will be some drawback to using gmail rather than outlook contacts.
  • I would really like to see an all-in-one social media app for Windows 10.  There was something like this on BlackBerry which allowed you to post simultaneously on your accounts plus you only had one app to mess with. I really like the appearance of the Facebook newsfeed in the People app but hate the fact that you can't interact from within the app - it opens up the Facebook app for likes, comments, etc.
  • Is anybody else's People Hub EXTREMELY slow to update under Windows 10 Mobile when refreshing Twitter and Facebook under the What's New heading? On my 640 it will sometimes take 15-30 seconds to refresh with new data. I am hoping the apps just need to be optimized or maybe its just me?