Microsoft launches version of GroupMe texting app for Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft has had a version of its GroupMe group texting app for Windows Phone for years. Now the company has released an all new version of GroupMe specifically for Windows 10 Mobile smartphones.

In case you are unfamiliar with GroupMe, here are its main features:

  • START CHATTING - Add anyone to a group via their phone number or email address. If they are new to GroupMe, they can start chatting over SMS immediately.
  • INTEGRATED WITH WINDOWS - View your groups right in the People app, and you can reply to messages fast with interactive notifications. Share photos and links with your groups from other apps.
  • CONTROL NOTIFICATIONS - You're in charge! Choose when and what type of notifications you receive. Mute specific chats, or the entire app – you can even leave or end group chats.
  • SAY MORE THAN WORDS - Go ahead – fall in love with our exclusive emoji.
  • LEAVE TEXTING BEHIND - With direct messages, you can use all the features you love for group chat, but one-on-one. It's like texting, but better.
  • CHAT WHEREVER YOU ARE - Including from your computer at

The app says that this version of GroupMe was built "from the ground up for Windows 10" and that the members of its development team "are working hard to add more features." Keep in mind that this version is separate from the previously launched GroupMe app for Windows Phone, and is also not yet available for Windows 10 PCs.

Download GroupMe for Windows 10 Mobile (opens in new tab)

QR: GroupMe

John Callaham
  • Nice surprise, I guess we'll see many more random releases of new apps that are remastered.
  • Yeah! That'd be awesome if Photosynth came back. I know they say it isn't but being a Microsoft property one would hope they made it part of the "better on Windows" portfolio.
    Anyway, I love groupme. Glad to see it's updated finally.
  • First Review:
    The app has a decent design... It opens very fast ( even on a 512MB device ).. You can even add Meme's to the photos you wanna share...that's just awesome... But There are two issues so far..
    1.It takes years to load the messages once we open the app ( I can confirm without a doubt that the Skype team built this :P )
    2.There isn't any users for this app.. ( there are more than 6000 contacts in my phone.. But only 2 of them has an account.. And both of them don't have this app still installed... May be your friends are already there.. So it depends )
  • 1. No issues on my 1520 to load messages and I'm in 6 groups. All with active users. You could always add meme, even in the W8 version.
    2. See 1. YMMV.
  • I thought you were joking at first when you said the skype team build it, but the publisher actually says Skype in the store. lol. But I'm not really a fan of group chatting, so I probably won't test this app.
  • Completly off topic..but.. I can only open max 7 apps at a time now in latest W10 build.Is there any restrictions like that? Its closing itself in FIFO manner.Update:Im a 730 user
  • You're right. We used to have unlimited apps when multitasking in previous builds. Hope this doesn't carry over unto the final build.
  • It was never unlimited. Memory management and app suspension different in W10M. Uses more memory, but no "resuming" screens. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yes, you're right ! the background app is limited to only 7. This is weird, may be it depends on the RAM of the device. for 1 GB = 7 and 2 GB get more background apps. idk let someone ans this who is having 930 or 1520 :)
  • Nope...its same in 1520 as well...
  • Okay so its confirmed that 2 GB devices are also having only 7 apps background support. Lets see if its fixed in 10586 or not :)
  • Actually That's one of the feature limitations that will be imposed on 512MB devices which will only allow something like 3-4 apps in back.  It is definitely based off ram.     Some site disclosed a full pdf document that showed feature limitations on low memory devices.  Don't remember which one it was though.
  • No idea, I always end up with tens of apps on my 830, but I'll keep an eye on that. Though, there is some strange things happening when some Apps reappear after swiping them away.
    Read comment below: Still not sure why the apps that were supposed to close, reopen after swiping away currently displayed apps.
    Edit: ahh yes it shows 7. Still not sure if they are just not showing.
    Edit2: Yes! After swiping away 7 apps and clicking back button it opens all other apps that were not showing
  • The limit is 8. To see why, try turning on developer mode in settings (Settings>Update and Privacy>for Devs>). Turn on device discovery and device portal. Coonect your phone and anotherr phone or pc to the same wifi, fire up a browser and go to the ip address mentioned and enter the passcode displayed on your phone. Now you have access to the windows phone task manager. Try opening lots of apps and look what happens to the memory. Even try playing some Full HD videos. What happens is that the OS has reserved about 450MB of RAM for itself (irrespective of how much it is using at the moment). That means the memory available for the other apps to run on is only TOTAL - 450MB. That's one of the reasons why Windows Phones don't get OOM exceptions. They can only be hung by an app using a lot of CPU cycles. When you close an app using Windows button (or even the back button for new apps) you can see that the RAM isn't freed up. Instead the committed memory drops and paged memory increases. That means the apps are still in the RAM for quicker access. After firing up about 7 or 8 apps, the paged memory also reaches the limit of about 400MB and that's when opening new apps closes the older ones. I haven't checked for devices with 2GB of RAM but the similar thing happens on 512MB devices too with one exception. On the 512MB devices, the app memory limit is about 120MB. When the paged memory reaches that limit, opening new apps doesnt change the memory usage but I can see some increased disk activity. I assume it starts writing the paged RAM contents to disk, similar to how PCs have pagefiles.
  • Thanks for the info....really helped in understanding what exactly happens in backend...appreciate that....
  • Thanks Ashhar.
  • @Ashhar Hasan. Great info!
  • +925 Ashhar, thank you for this!
  • Looks pretty nice, too.
  • Hallelujah
  • I was expecting this after they changed the name of the other one to "GroupMe for Windows Phone 8."
  • The old app is of 4.9 MB..But the new one is around 12 MB..Do you have any idea why this happened? It is the same for all the universal apps..
  • Completely new app that's why
  • I can't find it in the store
  • Go to show in browser option and u will get it there
  • Ok thanks
  • Um, what is the point??? Skype??? Duplication ???
  • It's different than skype
  • Shouldn't be, though. Would love to see Group Me elegantly folded into Skype.  It's the same folks, right?
  • They could upgrade Skype's peer to peer chat to something better like GroupMe.
  • I completely agree at first thought but I think the reason for leaving them separate is that each service has it's own userbase and perception. I think too many people still think of Skype for video chatting more than anything else. GroupMe has a different niche. People who use GroupMe may not want to mess with Skype and vice-versa.
  • Glad they released an update, but still not exactly sure why this function is not built into Skype. We have Skype Messaging, Skype Video, Skype for Desktop, Skype for Business, GroupMe, Xbox live messaging, and Outlook groups. I personally would like some consolidation here.
  • This is hard to consolidate when you have a user base on other platforms Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Lol. The user groups you'd like consolidated are not the same. Nor are the platforms. It would be terrible. First it would take them forever, then it'd beta forever, then the final version would lose features. No thank you. This Groupme update is good.
  • Awesome news even though they layed off people Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Anyone else find it funny that is says skype developed it? We are still waiting for a new skype app. No wonder it is taking so long
  • Then why did the writer say it's from MS??? That's weird
  • MS owns Skype, that's why.
  • looks very neat but none is there to chat with ;)
  • My sister-in-law is there. And she is NOT leaving! I've been trying for years to get her to move on to something else... this should at least make it a bit more tolerable. :-/
  • I've had a running group on this for years
  • This should be Skype's messaging platform,
  • Any chance it can be built in to the Messagin app, like Skype?
  • Is this on ios and android as well? I might need to use it with people who are on those platforms
  • I guess yes.
  • Yes.  And, of course, it is really nice on those platforms.  Much nicer than on Windows.
  • It is, its actually how I coordinate with co-workers and friends. I just wish mentions and GIF support was there
  • Gif support is in this version. First thing I tested
  • its selling point is cross platform functionality, as well as working with SMS only phones
  • I don't understand the segmentation. Skype. Messaging +Skype (just launched), Group Me.... Why not just combin all these into a messaging hub. One location/app for all this to work together. ??? Oh wait. That's right. Hubs are dead.
  • Downloaded. Opened it. Type a name, email address or phone number. Done that nothing else happens???
  • Ok, maybe I'll jump back to into the TP on my One. I've been aching for an updated version of this app!
  • Where is the ROOMS replacement? It made sharing lists so much easier.
  • Lists, calendar, pictures...
    Compared to rooms it's totally useless, but MS just don't give a shit.
    Listening to customers are not one of their best sides.
  • This app and compared to former Rooms feature on Windows phone is million years behind. I would wanna have the ability to share OneNote lists and notes, so far it's missing.
  • Ths is a multi platform app
  • OneNote is a multiplatform app too...i don't see tour point
  • Too true
  • GIF support?
  • Yup
  • This is a REALLY good look MS, the 8.1 version was usable but nothing else. This is well done. Thanks.
  • YES
  • Ok so what's the difference between this and Skype?
  • Skype is more tango. This is more whatsapp
  • But not even close to Whatsapp ;)
  • I still am not able to @ anyone in the app
  • someone tell me what I am doing wrong -it doesn't do anything, just a blank space????
  • Nice move ! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Lets hope it doesn't suck like the old one. But it is a MS company so my expectations are tepid.
  • Bah... Useless. Bring back family room and groups
  • Exactly!
  • Why use this over group texts exactly? Though this wouldn't affect me, wouldn't this app being a bit taxing on your monthly data cap with other mobile vendors?
  • Looks decent, going to give it a whirl and see how it goes.
  • Holy crap! This app works extremely well and is a lot fasters over the W8 version. This is something my company uses all the time
  • Beautiful design
  • Does the calendar sync with outlook?
  • Yet another chatting app. As if Skype messaging, video and the new call app on Windows 10 was not sufficient! Where is the simplification or rather unification?
  • Skype still has the perception of video chat only. This is truly cross platform chatting app, since you don't need a smartphone
  • I cant find the app..anyone provide me link?
  • Am not receiving the pin to activate?????? Is it world wide or US only?
  • Well that's good to know there's a windows phone version.
    I never heard of this app until I went to college. Almost everyone uses this to keep in contact with team members. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Oneplus One
  • Please release one for desktop too!!
  • So glad, we really needed a new one. Now, once they release the XL
  • The app has a really nice design and feel to it - Unfortunately I don't know anybody else that uses GroupMe so I doubt I will ever use it. Getting people to switch from things like WhatsApp or just using Skype would be a big effort. In terms of pure numbers of people I chat to in general, they all have Facebook Messenger, quite a lot have WhatsApp. The people I speak to the most (on a daily basis) use Skype already. Nicely done app though, seems like it's more popular in other parts of the world (I'm in the UK)