Microsoft Photos app updated for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile

Looks like Microsoft is hard at work at putting some polish on their various apps. Besides all of the Office apps, Translator, and Extras + Info being updated today, we can now add Photos to the list. Build 922.11072 is now out for mobile, which is a bump from the previous 918.14122. Likewise for desktop (the Iatest Insider release), which is now at 922.11070.

Unlike the last release that introduced Album creation on the device, this build does not appear to offer any new functions. Instead, it is like some modest improvements and the usual bug fixes. Let us know in comments if you do find something new and we'll add it to the article.

Download Microsoft Photos for Windows 10 (opens in new tab)

Daniel Rubino

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  • A lot of updates recently. Last week and this week. Getting ready for the event. Edit: Office Mobile isn't Preview anymore on my Phone.
  • They NEED to drastically improve the pinch zoom animations for Photos. It is currently at a very choppy, uneven state. Pinch zoom looks like using a Windows 7 tablet with IE 9. It is nowhere near as fluid as the old 8.1 photos app. A replacement app should not be this much worse than its former version.
  • Agreed.. Pinch to zoom is almost useless in my test device.. I often ended up throwing the phone away because of it's choppiness while doing pinch-to-zoom..
  • @YashHarf, you should probably stop using disposable phones then :P. .
  • Lol :D low end Lumias do look like disposable phones .. :p
  • So its your low end phone that's choppy. Makes sense that it might be. I'll join in your criticism if my High End HTC One M8 is choppy like that.
  • Low end or not, it was smooth before (in 8.1) and now it isn't
  • Lumia930, same problem ;)
  • It's actually choppy on my icon.. And that is not a disposable phone lol
  • According to Verizon it is.
  • :D
  • No matter what Verizon thinks the icon is flagship specs for the day and zooming photos should be smooth..
  • He didn't mean throwing it away in the trash.. Rather, literally tossing the phone.
  • Ah ok lol...
  • Lol❕❕
  • Exactly :D
  • Thanks for clearing that up Rodney
  • Please avoid throwing your Nokia. You don't want to damage your house. :P
  • Yes please don't throw your Nokia. There have been enough earthquakes in recent years.
  • Hmm, not having this problem on my Lumia 930... (unlike other people commenting here)
  • Pinch to zoom seems to be working a lot better on my 1520.
  • How do I get to see apps that recently updated in the background, just like in wp8.1?
  • I wish if it was only a problem of pinch-to-zoom. This app is a pile of shit, that is a disgrace to every developer at Microsoft. It shouldn't be even called a BETA, it is in its early Alpha stages at best. Here are my problems with this app:
    - Pinch to zoom is choppy and useless.
    - Panning a picture is more choppy.
    - Photos are not cached.
    - Loading new photos actually takes time now.
    - The app open time is slow.
    - Accessing photos by the date strip is slow.
    - Opening live photos is slow.
    - The app keeps crashing.
    - Multi-selecting is useless.
    - Hiding duplicate photos is a hit or miss.
    - Editing options are too limited (compared to even W10 desktop app!).
    - The app looks like garbage.
    - There is no date picker in folders. If anyone is going to tell me that this is a developer preview, I will shoot you in your ass, cause Microsoft is supposed to release this in a month, and also the W10 desktop app suffers from the slowness of pinch to zoom and caching photos, so these aren't going to be fixed, as W10 is a shipped product. Microsoft, those are the final 2 months that I am going to be patient, I've been using Windows Mobile / Windows Phone / W10M for over 8 years now. Things are getting worse for Microsoft, but I am sorry I can't wait much longer. Two months is all I am giving you, that's it.
  • That is so true. I was thinking about giving them some more time but when I think about it - what is it going to change? Are they going to magically fix their OS, their apps, their treatment of customers? After so many years with them I seriously doubt that. In two weeks we will see new phones, new surface, new band. Should I spend a few thousand dollars on this equipment as I planned? I'm not so sure anymore. I'm really starting to weigh my options here.
  • Recent photo app in W10 is worst, crappy, shitty, very slow, no extra features and top of that crashes most of time. How one is expected to use such an app.
  • Most of those work just fine on my 640. Panning, zooming, app opening, date strip all work pretty well
  • People app is much worse too.
  • MS is an expert at making replacement apps that are worse than the old app
  • Anyone notice that the photos app on windows 10 displays images at a lower red compared to picasa etc..? All pics look blurry..
  • Doesn't show up here in India ( not yet )
    Update: Got it :)
  • I still hate the multi-select feature. It's waaay too sensitive and is mostly useless.
  • Agreed.. And not to mention the syncing time as well ... Hopefully a firmware update may improve the overall OS performance including core apps
  • I love multi-select, but it is too sensitive, I often uncheck things while scrolling.
  • Yeah, same here. Should be able to touch anywhere in the pic.
  • The best news for me today is that my Lumia 730 LED flashed for 5 complete seconds, it was bright white ( very intense), looked damn cool. On latest TP build.
  • And you want us to believe this!! :p
  • Just wanted to share what I found, believing is up to you, although you can recreate this situation and look for yourself.  
  • Recreate?.. I wanna know more about it.. How to recreate such a situation? ;)
    ( I hope you are talking about the notification LED, not the Camera flash :P )
  • Yes, am speaking about the notification LED. Just drain your battery completely, i.e let it switch off for the first time and plug in and wait for it to start then take off the charger it'll switch off. And, then quickly put back the charger. Although this doesnt light up the LED everytime. Happened to me twice in one week and also i use a slow charger ( moto G charger) so that might be a factor too.  
  • I would rather convince myself that my L730 doesn't have a notification LED .. :D .. Still it's a Good opportunity for those who are curious and crazy enough about notification LED on L730 .. :p
  • You have to wear garlic cloves around your neck, but it has to be precisely 12.  Otherwise it won't work.
  • You foul, that happens on all Lumias... That's not the notification led, that's the home button blinking telling you your device hasn't enough energy to power on... I got a L930 (which doesn't have a notification LED) and that happens all the time my battery runs out completely. Pretty old stuff... Nothing to do with notification LED.
  • Yup same has happened jst once with my 930...on wp 8.1...
    The battery has to be completely drained that it cant even the flash the battery symbol or the Nokia logo...this isn't new to win 10...
  • Hey how did you do that!?! I'm curious to see it cause till now I was only able to locate it on the device :P
  • Also whenever you try switching on your device while the battery is completely drained (without pluggin it to the charger), the LED flashes for a very brief moment, try looking for it in the top extreme left just above the screen.
  • I guess I'm not gonna charge the device tonight :P Thanks!
  • Even above the network signal strength symbol?
    My girlfriends Lumia 920 (yes 920) showed a signal there once, some days ago. So far I'm in mystery what it was....
  • Whoa! Nice documentation. No idea what that is.
  • Yes... Even I've seen that flash when I was using 8.1. Just right side of the front speaker. Glad to know someone else also found that!
  • Totally agree !!! I hate this too
  • Yeah it's annoying me a lot.
  • The thing I hate the most is the inconsistency when using the picker to add, or upload pictures...
    So, sometimes the scrolling starts at the top with most recent, and sometimes it starts at the top with the oldest photos.. There's no setting that we can choose... I'm not sure if the Photos app has anything to do with this, or if it's just the file manager itself, but I not sure why it would vary between the the camera roll, and saved folder..
    Not to mention how slow the whole process is....
  • Because of the slow loading and syncing time of the core apps like Photos app.. I kinda feel like W10M is not like WP8/8.1.. WP8/8.1 was known for better performance even under low end specs... May be it's because W10M isn't yet ready.. Or may be it's time to move on from low end devices..
  • Yeah it is time to move on. Even the iPhone 4s lags on the highest OS it can be upgraded to. I think MS is doing a really good job supporting phones from as far back as 2012 with decent performance.
  • No, I'm using a 1520, and it's still too damn slow.... Still plenty of time before launch for optimization..
  • Similar ridiculous sensitivity in the scrolling from month to month in the Calendar app (not to mention defaulting to month view is still not an option).
  • Doesn't seem terrible to me. It could be smoother but its too early after this update to know how this update will perform in a day or so. Most of these recent builds have needed time to settle in. Even 10536 was bumpy until about a day and a half later.  But for me, it simply isn't terrible and no where near the rant bhawk is talking about.
  • Seems faster..
  • Hopefully so, because speed has been dreadfully slow.
  • A lot more porn on there now.
  • I still can't create an album
  • MS doing a good job polishing their native OS apps. But I hope they polish the OS also and add more features lol!
  • More feature?.. Not now.. May be later..(hopefully)
  • Yeah I think the same. I think we have enough features for the release. Only needs to make the OS stable and polish
  • This update finally added right click context menu!! (a future that confused the W10m version) Now on mobile, while long pressing on a photo, the phone thinks it is a tablet and shows the ''long pressing square'' :P
  • That's been there for awhile, we showed it in our 10537 video.
  • I checked this before the app updated and that long-press feature works, so this update isn't that. Although I didn't know I could do that so thanks for pointing it out.  
  • Has anyone else got a bunch of OneNote_RecycleBin folders listed under the main OneDrive folder?
  • Cooll!!
  • Remote Desktop got it too.
  • Very Good :)
  • Non-Insiders got the album creation feature now, too. Now give us the dark mode in Mail for non-Insiders already. :P
  • Yet still there is no app for onedrive and the desktop add-in has placeholder missing.
  • There's actually a huge improvement to the photos app in Windows 10 - you can zoom by pressing Ctrl + Scroll Wheel. Unfortunately, it doesn't tell you the percent it's zoomed too, nor does it provide a button to go back to 100% (Though Ctrl + 0 works)
  • Tha's pretty old.
  • Well I tried it out before the update and it didn't work, and tried it out after and it was working.
  • There is no need to see multiple instances of album art every time I open the Photos app. The only photos that used to appear were user created or saved, never mp3 embedded and never from the Music folder.
  • I've fedback on this, hoping they give us the choice of where in OneDrive to look. I just want the photos folder and it's sub folders, as I get some stock images, and assets from websites/ apps I've worked on showing in there, along with the album art you mention. On my surface I just sync my entire photos folder and turn off the OneDrive toggle for now, so I get all my OneDrive photos without the ones I don't want in there, but on mobile or lower capacity tablets that's not really a valid option at all
  • That would be great except I have about 10 app updates stuck in the Store app with a 0x80246008 right now. Each time I try a new build I eventually have issues updating apps. I honestly don't believe Microsoft has any clue what they are doing with the Store. It's always breaking on desktop Windows 10 too.
  • Are they third party apps? if so try this: - start the update - while it is downloading and before it reaches to the error, pause it. - go to the all app menu, uninstall the app. - download the app again. It is frustrating seeing these errors. They are working on adding features so of course it will break. The problem now is to make sure that they don't break the store too much since windows 10 desktop is out.
  • Still needs a lot of work before this is considered usable in my opinion and really needs to be polished up before casual users get their hands on it. I don't know what the photo app experience is like on iOS and Android but this is painful to use for such a common thing I think. Takes way to long to load. Pinch to zoom performance is terrible. Multi-select performance is terrible. The fact that it sill pulls in pictures and videos from ANY directory on onedrive is maddening. I wish it would just stick to the pictures directory. I don't really like that it plays videos anyways to be honest. Last but not least, photo duplication between local device and onedrive is still really bad. There is that setting to treat them as one but it doesn't actually work. Oh, and now it has an ugly taskbar icon on top of all that ;)      
  • "The fact that it sill pulls in pictures and videos from ANY directory on onedrive is maddening. I wish it would just stick to the pictures directory." I'll agree with you there. At least there should be a toggle for that. I think I'm going to suggest it in the feedback app, that's what it's for after all.
  • Here's one you can up vote. I had one from early in the insider previews but its filtered out now. Windows-Feedback:?contextid=144&feedbackid=6df917ac-35b7-40e9-8257-d311fb0551ae&form=1&src=2  
  • There is a toggle to turn on or off OneDrive photos and just have what's on your phone there.
  • Yes but it will show me pictures from any folder that I have on OneDrive, e.g. the documents folder if I happen to have pictures there (and I do in fact have lots of scanned pages there). I'd like to see pictures that are inside my OneDrive pictures folder only.
  • Agree! The current state of Photos app is really unacceptable for such standard OS app which will going to be used by all users. The launch date is too near and the status of apps feels far from being ready.
  • New outlook app is so much better actually usable now
  • Does anybody know if you will eventually be able to see the Albums you created on OneDrive in the Albums section of the Photos app?
  • This update seems to have added that feature for me. It never showed them before but it does now.  
  • I've been able to see the folders I created in OneDrive on my 1520 for some time now. But they are shown in the Folders section of Photos, not the Albums section.
  • Aw, well it should show on Albums sections because its OneDrive ALBUMS. :( I don't get it sometimes when Microsoft implements sometimes, it half-attempt or illogical.
  • Geez, it still can't even display or browse folders correctly.  Such a basic feature.  At least it has a "folders" option now, but unfortunately it only shows the current user's default c:\users\\pictures directory.  I have added my OneDrive pictures directory and other directories to the "Sources" section in the app's settings, but it just ignores them.  Also, the app shows files and sub-directories that are marked hidden.  Therefore, it ends up showing random crap like albumn art and thumbnails with no good way to hide them.  The team working on this app needs a good rump kicking.  
  • Who cares? Smt the thing is were tired of Microsoft teasing these things when there done. So far windows phone 10 looks good but runs like crap. You can't even create folders without it crashing like crazy. My 1520 still overheats a bit and then there is the the crazy loading/resuming screen and lock screen not being responsive enough for everyday use. Mind you it is quicker but not on par with windows 8.1.
  • MS needs to focus on stability of the OS
  • MS has many developers that can focus on different things. The people working on stability are most certainly not the same people working on the photos app.
  • It feels like ever since the lay-offs of Microsoft employees that includes alot of Testers and other staff from Q&A department, their quality of software seems degraded. The too much reliance to Insiders is really a bad process, not all but the state of the Windows 10 RTM where there are still alot of unpolished (generally) areas which we Insiders didn't even noticed shows not-so-high standards of quality.
  • camera is not opening on whstasapp.whatsapp attch files always showing old photos.when i want to send new photo always have to open tha photo app firstly.via sharr icon only i can shre the phtos.messenger,wshtsapp can't open the photo app
  • Same issue for me. It hasn't worked for a while. Not sure if was a WhatsApp update or camera update that broke the ability to launch the camera from Whatsapp.
  • Now there is a shadow for the albums we created.
  • When you zoom in on a picture you can now still use the left and right navigation buttons. Before you had to zoom back out first.
  • Is windows centrals app ever going to be fixed? To think I paid for this pos, now it takes forever to open articles and or crashes.... Ppl do not buy/support Windows Central....and their staff criticize other app devs for no updates, no fixes, no support and no response from contacting them. But have a look at their app for other platforms..... Well played jay well played.
  • You paid for something created to WP8.1, not Windows 10.
  • I just wish they would fix the issue with thr constant synchronization without ever finishing.
  • Yesterday I install windows 10 in l920. But its phone works very slow & battery is quickly dawn pls improved
  • "Download App" link in WC app. Please.
  • Bring back favourites folder for the live tile
  • I wish they fix the loading issues... It literally takes about 30 mins for my start screen to start up. It's crazy! If they can at least fix that, it would be great! It's hard to give feedback when your phone is loading....
  • I just wish I could get the app to work on my desktop.  All I get is a black screen!
  • In my Lumia 830 the photo app ver. is 15.922.11072.0
  • From the file information tab,we can directly open the folder location.Was it there before?Correct me if I am wrong.
  • And guys...the blinking LED in 730 when battery drains completely is the hardware LED.I have seen it blinking several times.
  • Where?
  • In the top right corner
  • The Photos update has actually hit the 10240 build as well!
  • Can't update extras+ info always shows an error. Tried changing the download location but didnt work. The error asks to try changing the location.
  • Uninstall the app. Change the download location. Then reinstall the extras Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Plzz launch Microsoft Lumia 535 windows 10 officially
  • I think I'd rather see the section iconsat the top (think Instagram or the new Android YouTube app) rather than "Collection    Albums    Folders"
  • Still can't see any images in collection and it crashes if I click Albums or folders.   Completely useless.