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Microsoft Photos app for Windows 10 and Mobile grabs Album creation option!

For those running Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 for PC, you can now grab the latest versions of the Photos app. For mobile you are looking at build 918.14122 while on PC you are getting build 918.14120. Although there is no changelog, we did a quick before and after and lo and behold there is a new feature: Create Albums!

For some time now, under the Albums section it mentioned how you could select '+' to create a new album on the device. Unfortunately, that '+' was never there until tonight. For PC, you can find the button in the upper-right hand area whereas on Mobile it is on the lower right near your thumb. Tapping the button takes you back to photos where you can then select the photos you would like to group together for your new album. It is quite self-explanatory, but still, great to see.

Note: There are two versions of the Photos app now: One for Windows 10 build 10240 and one for build 10547. Both apps are updated. However, only the version for Insiders gets the album creation tool! The build for Windows 10 10240 is now 915.17170.

Overall, app performance is also finally coming along with some better pinch-to-zoom and overall being more speedy, especially the mobile version. Indeed, dare we say the app is starting to feel and look nice? Don't take our word, try it out and let us know in comments!

Download Microsoft Photos for Windows 10 (opens in new tab)

Messaging and Translator updates

Also worth mentioning is that Messaging (build 12715) for Windows 10 Mobile and the Translator 10 beta are updated. The latter is updated on both PC and Mobile.

Nothing pops out as being in new in Messaging although performance is looking great. We have yet to go through Translator, so sound off in comments if you find something new.

To grab all the updates, simply launch your Store app and go to Downloads and Updates and then Check for Updates!

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  • Some nice updates...especially for the photos app..... The translator app alone on w10m is so much better than the google translator now...I really do also hope they update the camera app.. On my L1520 when I try to take a picture...the word saving pops up and never allows me to take a picture... If I reboot ... I might be able to take a picture but if I go out of the camera... And go back says saving again...and never goes away..anyone else experiences this??
  • Finally. Been waiting for album creation in photos since WP8.1
  • Lol. I've been waiting for this since WP7 man!
  • Happens on my 640xl when rich capture is on..three photos and then the "saving" comes up. But it stil reverts to normal after 30 seconds or so. Maybe you should try shooting with rich capture off.
  • When will we get a search function back in Messaging? I hope it wasn't left out permanently
  • I had this same message on my L1520 after the last update, but after a soft reset it has disappeared.
  • No, mine totally breakdown and sent back to factory. What a nightmare.
  • Work more on the notifications
    How they appear and more
  • Please yall should check out Sam Kurd on YouTube's version of Windows 10
    It's the best!
  • Everything is better then google translator. Only Service I use from bing .
  • In what way exactly?
  • And yeah having the save fucking camera problem. Dont understand why Microsoft is missing such big problem ?!
    They should really start testing their own apps at some point instead of performance and store.
    One drive synch and upload isnt working as well. Actually never did.
    Random reboots are still A thing even when phone is in lockscreen. Been there from First build...
    OneNote is yet the most horrible 'mobile' port of A desktop program.
    And the fact that microsoft own apps have no idea if they should use the photo app or the file explorer is annoying as well...
    Also my feedback app and insider hub are crashing right after or during launch
  • Most ppl dont hard reset/fresh install after upgrading to next version and then they see apps crashing... Did you try anything similar? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • u could create albums in windows phone before.......
  • No, you couldn't. It only had it automated albums, buy you could not create your own.
  • Windows 10 will gona close the gap and much more
  • the gap between your legs?
  • Shots fired!
  • Ouch that burns ! Haha dude you just got burned haha ahhh
  • Still they are missing animation's that are in wp8.1... Means those like...when you tap on photo , options under it come like first they go up and then go to their normal position....this thing attracted me to wp...but in w10 m ...they just appear like animations ..nothing ..but only...the options appear with no animation.....
  • Mail app got updated yesterday and it included animations for the menus (which were also rearranged)... Do is probably coming here too later :)
  • Maybe you're used to an older version of Android, but the animations on everything now are practically overkill.
  • Still android Don't have animations like wp...!!!
  • I don't think its an overkill, if it is then WP and Windows 8.X (heck even from Windows Vista to 7) is an overkill. These days having animations are practical enough to be implemented since they're hardware-accelerated and current hardware doesn't get sweat. Animations may not be literally functional, but its plays a big factor in user experience. It makes the software looks lively, modern, professional and also it visually aids the UI how you interact with them and it gives feedbacks how they work. Animations of Material Design are well designed and they don't just implement animations just for the sake of it, which is very similar what they did to Metro Design Language. Each animations have meaning in interaction and are all well designed.
  • Rather have a long animation than "resuming..."
  • I really hate the animation when switching from a picture to another when I'm using the photo app on a PC screen, it makes me feel dizzy.
  • Yep. Ms is addressing the small probs not the big ones. And also its seems they are working more on performance then on anything else
  • Well they want to iron out performance issues and bugs before RTM release and then work on patching features through app updates. Getting the bare minimum ready for October comes before the bells and whistles. I'm okay with that as long as when the bells and whistles come, they're so big they deafen me.
  • Can someone explain what albums are for and how they provide benefit? I have all my pictures in OneDrive in different folders corresponding to the event they were taken at.
  • It has a different layout, the photos are suppose to pop out more, and I think it automatically select and let you modify which are the best photos from an occasion, so only those are displayed.
  • an option to locally reoganize your pictures to your liking (eg. pets for my movie clip, home pictures for my wacky presentation, etc)?
  • I don't see the point unless it lets you sync the albums to One Drive. I don't think it does that though
  • The option has to be enabled in the onde drive app . Yet, the one drive implementations is horrible and does not work.
    Basically one drive not part of the os anymore, that's why there are nor upload options. And that's bullshit.
    I hate that I have to use the browser page to upload things
  • I have all my phone photos in the camera roll and my dslr photos are placed in separate folders. With albums I have a way of grouping together photos across these folders. Also, for sharing photos, even if is only from the camera roll, it gives some structure to the process and gives me a better overview of what I have shared. I have personally been waiting for them to allow me to create albums, so I am really happy that it is now available. After having played around a little, I must say that it is really nicely implemented. I like where they are going. Still missing is the ability to share a link to an album. In the older versions, if you shared a number of selected photos, it would attach them to and send them along with the mail. That is probably going to come. I also suspect that you will be able to create small movies a la Lumia Storyteller based on albums, in a future update. Or at least I hope so. I would like to see some social features built in, so that it would be possible to see photos shared with me by others and allow me to comment on them (a la iOS). Finally I am hopeful that support for panoramas, Photosynth and other good stuff will come down the road, perhaps even support for 3rd party integration. All in all a good update!
  • I saw it like many minutes ago. this app is getting better. that's for sure :)
  • I still don't understand what is this for? This let me sync more folders with OneDrive? i'd like to do that, i have a mess in OneDrive hahaha.
  • Albums must be auto created from online images, I won't keep 7 gigs of photos on my phone just for auto albums
  • Are there living images in W10M?
  • ^^ This. They will have to now. Can't leave that for Apple!
  • They really should, now Apple is indeed got it, MS should just let them take it.
    Time to baked it in Photos app Camera app and on the OS, so other 3rd-party developers can use it too (major advantage).
  • You do realize Apple didn't make it first, right? Lumia's have had it, like, for 2 years. Every Lumia with the latest update can capture Living Images.
  • Yes.
  • Yes it is.
  • Hmm, What's the difference between Albums & Folders again?
  • Think of albums (folders) vs. playlists (albums) in music.
  • Album is a logic grouping (photos can be saved in different locations). Folders are physical grouping saved in same location.
  • Made 3 already lolz
  • It's a nice update but can't the photos app has background updating feature first!!!
  • Ya true, it was nice looking background of photos app in Lumia Amber-Windows-8
  • Why they don't update these features on Non-Build version of Windows 10??? From the beginning was said that Windows 10 will never be finished, because is a service, but what's the point of having Builds?
  • That's exactly what's happening. New features are tested first by insiders and later pushed to all.
  • A build refers to the process of creating the end executable Every Windows version you download is a build! 10240 is the production stable release and Insiders are now testing a much newer release which is a work in progress.
  • I just updated the desktop version of the photos app but I'm not seeing the option to crete a new album from the app, I can't even see the albums I created on OneDrive. =/
  • Read the article please
  • Off topic: Does anyone have any idea about the Error Code 800705b4?? Still I'm unable to upgrade to 536. My phone Downloads the update package, then stop at 6% during Installation with the error code!! Have any of you faced this? Just help me out anyway!!
  • I faced. So I rolled back and then updated to 10536
  • I thought there might be some way except rolling back. :|
  • Tried every single way, you've to roll back... It's worth!
  • All new features are welcome but we really need the photos app to auto update newer photos in background,so that we don't need to open the photos app everytime and wait for seconds to get the new photo load in the app
  • +735
  • I think that feature is coming soon with improvements to the APIs for background work. Yes I said coming soon.
  • This is so good. Better than what I was expecting.
  • Yaa
  • Looks like you are crying tears of joy there.
  • Lol you don't even know. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Photos needs to sync Onedrive albums.
  • ^==== This I agree. Otherwise it's just a failed implementation of a good idea...again.
  • IT DOES!
  • Can we see gifs in the app now
  • You can since long long time ago, 1 gigs of ram required
  • It always said to make albums in OneDrive, so I did... but they never showed up.
    Wonder if they will now.
  • Hope so
  • Cool!
  • Add auto update feature in photos hub.... Every time i open photo hub, it takes several seconds to update new photos... & add a move feature that enables move photos from one album to another....
  • why its showing error while installing windows recovery on windows 10 laptop ????
  • Because you need to use th forums:
  • Hhhhhhh
  • How to remove this comment
  • Now need more ways to activate Cortana and Bing needs to expand and localize more. They should get good local start-ups in from developing countries to expand bung quickly.
  • How you got lumia Selfie app? When in store, it is in 'not working in WM10' category.
  • It's Windows 10 supported
  • No, it's not. I can't download it too.
  • They should add this quick select feature, in the photo app, and file manager, just press on the select option, then slide your finger across the photos you want selected or items for file manager, just like swipe keyboard, this saves a lot of time from tapping on the individual photos or items
  • Great addition but when pressing the + button to add album should have the option to browse by folder, opening up the file manager and selecting a predefined folder. Phones with a memory card especially.
  • It's started syncing my albums from my PC and OneDrive too! This is more like it!
  • From PC old news, from OneDrive that's awesome!!
  • Old news? This is the first time albums I've created on my PC (in the new app) have appeared on my phone... HOWEVER, albums created on the phone don't sync back to the cloud (yet?). Baby steps, I guess!  Also just noticed on the photos pages have had a redesign to bring it into line with the rest of the site. It's all slowly coming together! 
  • Definitely need to have new album create and move the photos by user themselves, sorry to remind like Samsung.
  • Ya
  • Would be better if there's an automatic location based album like it's done in iOS or storyteller... Anyway its a good option for people who like that ;)
  • Storyteller must be integrated, after killing it :(
  • Yeah I like ios photos map view.
  • Finally! That's a consistent feature. And would be appreciated to choose where to put your photos once you take them as well in the photo app. That would be a killer feature instead.
  • Yes finally glad
  • I've been waiting a long time for this feature. Very much appreciate this update :)
  • Should this option really take many years to be incorporated into the app..? By this time most guys might have switched OS... This is what we are asking MS.. Don't take decades to give basic features to OS.. Nobody will be there by that long time.. It would be good if they give a Bluetooth folder.. We don't understand where many file formats are going into the memory drive... Lot of space being wasted due to this
  • Welcoming option
  • The biggest software company
    Can makes the best apps but cant make a good UI
  • Good Ui, may be its not good for you. For me, its the best UI
  • Windows 10 PC RTM got an update, too. Folders! :) next week album creation then.
  • Finally, after 5 years of waiting,
  • No "+" on my Photos app on German Win10 10547
  • Uuups, my bad. Was looking in the "Folders" tab for a "+" there.
  • Still no pintch zoom in Win10 photo app~ =(
  • That title bar should be dark grey like groove music app instead of black. Current implementation looks out of place.
  • Why is everything inconsistent. Why can't they for example decide on one single folder icon. We have different folder icons in: Windows explorer, file explorer, onedrive app, onedrive website, photos app and probably I forget some others. So annoying. And this is with almost every icon or UI thingy....
  • What, are you telling me that I know better what albums I want than some Microsoft algorithm???
  • Didn't they add a 'set as' function so you could have photos on the live tile similar to favourites? Can't see it on either mobile or pc build.
  • If i reset the phone, will created album still there?
  • I don't see a photo app in windows store. Maybe show me where I can find photo app? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • W10M is still so incredibly random. I could not update the apps, I got 0x80246008 error. I restarted, I was able to install them then. But then Messaging app lost the icon on Start screen, it was just a text on a tile. Those are relatively small things, but they keep popping up all around.
  • I don't see these updates on phone
  • WPC app needs an immediate fix guys. Slow as hell
  • I didn't noticed it yesterday, it even synch albums that I previously created on OneDrive
  • I was secretly hoping that we'd see multiple updates before the release. Well, it's kind of logical after all :) yes!
  • Sounds Good
  • No create album option here, the app updated this morning. I have the folders option now but no '+' sign to be seen anywhere in Album view or anywhere else. Latest version I have is 915.17170
  • Do someone here has an idea if geotagging and facial recognition will come to this app ?
  • I can't see the update?
  • About time WP gets album creation.
  • Is this new version just for Insiders? As I said in my comment above, the latest version I have is 915.17170, with no create album ioption
  • Replying to myself! I can confirm that this update is only for Insiders currently. Windows Central - perhaps it would be better if you could indicate which updates apply to 10240 users and which are for Insiders only?
  • This I really like.
  • There is problem with app updates???because I'm running w10 10166
  • It's much improved and more fluid like it should on my 1020 but still, the lack of notifications on live for missed calls and SMSare unacceptable.  
  • People still use WP. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yes matey.  Do people really think androids good or have they simply not tried windows phones or iphones?
  • love it now windows 10 mobile does feel like its going the right way.
  • Yes matey.  Do people still think android is good?
  • I m upset by lumia 535
  • Lumia 535 have touch issue... Screen problem. After update no effect.
  • I m only waiting window 10 may be touch problem solve in lumia 535
  • thats cool.