Microsoft posts NoDo update status page, comes clean on process


Yesterday began the big 'NoDo' update push to bring copy paste to Windows Phone 7. But what quickly became clear was that this was another scheduled roll-out, meaning it could be weeks before specific devices on various carriers get the update (see O2, Telus & Deutsche Telekom). That's all fine and dandy but what people really wanted was some kind of rough idea as to when the update is coming.

Good on Microsoft for posting a new blog entry where they explain a bit more about the process and respond to some criticism:

But it was clear from your comments that many of you want a better idea of when to expect your update. Is it on the way—or weeks away? These are natural questions.To help answer them, we’ve created a new online resource called Where’s my phone update? that provides some insight into where we are, and where your phone is, in the multi-stage update process.Much like when you buy a PC online, you’ll be able to see when the update is being tested and packaged, when it’s about to ship, and when it’s “left the warehouse.” We’ll update the site once a week with the latest status changes.

While we imagine this won't silence all the critics of late, this goes a long way, we imagine, in alleviating concern for customers. At the very least, it gives a little more info/insight into what is going on and to be honest, that's all people want. We know folks are patient for things (we waited a long time for WP7 to arrive), so long as we have time-frames and communication. (And, btw, it looks like the T-Mo HD7 and Dell Venue Pro are getting an update in a few days, woohoo! You go, T-Mo.)

So bookmark this page: Where's My Update? (opens in new tab)

What say you? Did Microsoft do the right thing here and is it enough? (We think so). Thanks, TimN_FL, for the heads up!

Daniel Rubino

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  • Yes I think MS got the balance right on this one - and I was complaining loud and proud last week.I notice at the bottom of the page that Global "Open market phones" are getting nodo now. I used the xda hack yesterday to get pre-nodo which I assume means I am now classed as "All other operators" as I have a Telstra phone showing as in testing for both updates.I assume all we need now is a hack to make our phones present themselves as "Open market" and we will get updates as soon as they are released.Heading over to xda next.
  • I'm glad they're making an effort to be transparent about it. Due to contractual agreements I'm sure they can't come straight out and say its the carriers' fault (which it is) but something like this will hold them accountable in the eyes of the customers and so hopefully that will make them realize that dragging their feet on these things isn't acceptable.It's a long wait, but they're trying....the same can't be said for most Android devices.
  • On that bout that Trophy, eh Verizon?
  • Yes.. how bout you VZW ? You have til end of week... then AT&Tmobile? maybe HD7s
  • Can you provide a link to the original page?EDIT - Looks like it's at
  • What's closer to getting on my phone? Testing or scheduling?
  • Scheduling. It's on the Where's My Update page. Scheduling means less than 10 days to it starting to be delivered.
  • Scheduling
  • I'm just glad we're getting updates at all and that the platform will be kept current-ish. This is leagues better than my Touch Pro2 with Verizon, which is similar to the Android situation at the moment.Kudos to MS for making the foggy window of NoDo a little more clear.
  • Good job MS. We now know they hear us complaining.
  • LOL, I think I came across something I shouldn't have
  • Yeah I like that Microsoft is being open. Just pissed at AT&T. I assume testing isn't as good as scheduling. I see all the T-Mobile phones are in scheduling. What is taking AT&T so long. The updates have bee releasesed to OEMs for a while so I just don't get the hold up. I thought they worked closely together to make testing fast. Seems like iPhone gets their updates out so fast so why can't Microsoft? They both should need to go through AT&T approval process. You can say that iPhone updates take a long time as well, but developers also get early access to iPhone builds. I know this is AT&Ts fault for the delay but Microsoft needs to get off its giant **** and throw its weight around. I mean come on if there is a problem with the release that AT&T doesn't like patch it and release another update. Treat it like a web site iterate quickly and often.
  • well, believe me folks, many things are starnge to me.. just the other day i read a thread on xda from APRIL 2010 where a certain coding engineer for wp7 development explains that just the other week developers started working on copy/paste features of the new os... And everything was fine...Then i remember mr Joe, at introduction ( of wp7) at the end of the session explaining that c/p is ready but will wait till 2011...Dunno how(and where) this beautiful OS is gonna be 6,12,18 months from today's perspective but... hopin for the best...
  • The NoDo code was done by early January 2011. Done & dusted. Baked. Finished.What has taken time since then is coordinating several OEM's and several tens of carriers around the world to commit to testing and certifying all WP7 devices.Some carriers don't have a huge surplus of manpower and resources to throw at certifying new OS builds and/or new devices and so have to prioritize, just like every other business.Some carriers are big and slow due to internal bureaucracy. Some carriers are big and nimble but drag their heels for political and manipulative reasons.Having to herd all these cats has been the hard part of the release. MS has learned that some carriers who claimed to have effective testing and certification processes did, in fact, NOT. MS has also had to wait in line while some of the bigger carriers dealt with internal pipeline of preceeding work.That's just the nature of the beast. I know that MS is working hard to get this release out of the door and then work on greasing the path for Mango, aiming to avoid a repeat of this tumultuous first udpate releasse.
  • Good on MS, but this makes it clear that it's very unlikely any of the updates will actually hit devices before month's end. I'm speaking of the US devices; outside the states things look quite a bit rosier overall. Still, good job guys! I wish Android had a similar tool for it's releases.
  • What does this mean for the HTC HD7S NoDo pre-loaded) being released by AT&T in the coming weeks? Is AT&T going to drag their feet as per usual? I'd like to see the HD7S released BY the end of April.. I don't think that's asking too much.
  • They said "the coming weeks" and at least they've made an official announcement. The only thing out of Verizon that was official was the Microsoft offers.
  • I say late May early June for those of us stuck with ATT & Samsung focus before we start seeing nodo.
  • really guys? this update thing is a joke. it's been going forever through numbers of delays. Till now, there's not even a single exact date. Apple always give date for the update release, and believe me they will give you on that date. But i don't care about apple since i don't use iOS.And you guys pretty sure this time? ck..Get real MS!!
  • Apple has an advantage in making their own hardware and over-riding carriers. I mean, Apple makes the OS, hardware and drivers and can do all the testing themselves--that's hella different than have 10 different devices on the market on 60 carriers, none of which you directly control.
  • Thank you Microsoft, but I still don't get it. Say I go out and purchase an unlocked, unbranded WP7 phone and slip in an AT&T SIM card (assuming the bands are compatible). I tell the phone to search for a network automatically, maybe type in somewhere and maybe enter a number for voicemail. That's it, right? Am I missing something? So WTF is AT&T testing. BULLETIN: The radio IS NOT being updated. Do they want to make sure that the crappy offerings in the AT&T App Store will still run, and maybe even pre-load, on the updated phone? Are all the software testers around the world smarter, better and faster than those here in the USA? Please enlighten me.
  • This is how bad ATT is-they are still "testing" the February update!
  • fair enough.. but i don't care. the problem here is obvious. we won't have this conversation if MS never told us the update time in the first place. when you say one thing and you don't stick with it, you know what you'll get. so what next? Mango on 2013 instead of this year like they said? Keep crossing our finger obviously won't do any good, cause now we know we can't be sure enough with this thing.pitty.. it's a great platform!
  • apple has the push of multi-millions of devices already on the market, and the staying power because it's already proven its self as a beset seller. Microsoft does not.
  • Glad atleast MS is making an attempt to cover up it's lose face on the update saga may be bcoz of it's own blunders or could well be with the OEMs and carriers. Ultimately what matters is MS's assurance on they are on top of things and trying to get everything sorted and thus helping the overall WP7 experience. Thumbs up for MS on this.Just to Quote my personal experience on the NoDo Update, it was swift and flawless and the whole process completed in just over 10 minutes. I have a HTC 7 Mozart T-Mobile sim unlocked from Germany(now de-branded with ROM update on XDA. As soon I had the phone debranded, an update was waiting) but using it in India on my UK account.Good Work MS and all the very best to all the WP7 users on their update
  • Being a software developer, I find it very difficult to believe that delivering this update is so troublesome. I've been involved in MUCH larger deployments that went smoother than this and we did it with Microsoft products! So, why is it that Microsoft can't do it with their own products?To be totally honest, this tells me only one thing...I'm screwed. I got one of the first Windows phones back in November, even when the AT&T sales rep was trying to push me to an Android phone instead, and I've been waiting for this update ever since. I guess the "early adopters" don't matter. Let's give the update to those that don't brand first. Makes me wish I'd listened to the AT&T sales rep and purchased the Android phone instead. This is absolutely ridiculous.Another thing I find difficult to believe is that the "February Update" is still in "Testing" status in late March and the March update is nowhere on the horizon!!! Who's running this show anyway?!!! Maybe they need to be relieved of their duties and replaced with someone that know what they're doing.If Microsoft really wants this "Where's My Phone Update?" page to be truly useful, they'd push on the carriers and force them to give real, solid dates so that we'd know where the real bottlenecks are. Is it the carriers? Is the OEMs? Is it Microsoft? Basically, this page creates a nebulous cloud that nobody can see through.
  • Same here. I've worked on software systems with 10+ million lines of C++ that had much faster update speeds. 24/7 real-time systems at that. I do not know if it's the carriers' intransigence that's delaying the testing and rollout, or if there's something seriously amiss in the WP7 development team, but if MS can't pull off a simple update like this in 6 months (remember they cut the WP7 release long before the phones shipped) then there is something seriously wrong somewhere.My concern isn't so much that I need cut-and-paste, or the performance improvements. My concern is simply what this fiasco says about the future of WP7 - about microsoft's commitment to the platform, or their internal management problems, or the terms of their agreements with the carriers - all the little things that eventually translate into the success or failure of the project. And what this fiasco says about WP7 is double-plus ungood.I don't know how to explain it. The inherent evilness of the carriers only goes so far to explain this delay, it doesn't explain at all why Mango isn't being released to the carriers till this fall (1 yr after the original release). At that rate end-users won't see Mango till late next summer. This is a glacial rate of improvement in the system, and for all the talk of what a big improvement Mango will be, as a software developer with 30 yrs experience I'm not terribly impressed by the feature list we've seen for Mango, it would have been a nice quarterly update, but it's pretty pitiful for something that will have been a year in development. Keep in mind that the big enhancement coming in Mango - 3rd party multitasking - isn't really a new feature; it's a combination of the existing 1st-party multitasking and the existing tombstoning model, with some new UI layered on top of it. We've already seen that a simple registry hack gives us must of this, this registry hack simply needs a good task manager to make it truly usable. So a lot of what Mango is delivering is already mostly here. And yet it's taking them a year to deliver (to which the carriers will probably tack on another 6 months). This simply makes no sense, that the WP7 development team was able to do so much in two years, and now can't do even the simplest things in a reasonable timeline.The only explanation I can come up with is that the original development team isn't working on WP7 anymore, neither on NoDo nor Mango. My suspicion is that WP7 is internally dead at MS and they've only got a skeleton crew working on it. From the timelines we're seeing, and the feature lists we're seeing, I don't think they've got more than 10-12 developers working on WP7 at the moment. We saw the same thing happen to IE after IE6, development simply stopped for five years and the IE dev team disbanded (eventually pressure from Firefox caused them to reconstitute IE development, and we've seen pretty rapid improvement from IE7-9). The question is what the original WP7 dev team is doing since they're clearly not working on WP7. My suspicion is they're off helping port Win 8 down to phones and tablets. MS has already announced that they will be using Win 8 for tablets instead of WP7 (which should have been obvious once they renamed Windows *Mobile* OS to Windows *Phone* OS). I think WP7 is just a stopgap measure like Windows98/ME was, and their real push will come next year with WP8.When I bought my Focus Microsoft was saying that the missing functionality would be added quickly, that the new reference hardware model would allow them to quickly add the features to catch up to iOS and Android. They clearly miscalculated very badly, either miscalculated the technical problems, or miscalculated the political problems, or IMO simply changed their mind and decided that Win 8 for tablets and phones was their real future. Either way we early adopters are the ones suffering for it.I knew the WP7 OS was a gamble when I got my Focus, but I'm not waiting for them to get their act together. It's time to cut my losses. I bought an AT&T-band Nexus One yesterday, and as soon as it arrives my old Focus is going up on ebay. Google might be evil but they at least are capable of running without tripping.
  • So, you are telling me you were pushing 10mm lines of C++ in real-time to millions of devices?The fact is, you had nobody between you and your software. As it is clear,the carriers stand in the way. The fact is, you had standard hardware, WP7 is running on many different devices and on many different platforms all with their own drivers.Seriously, you cannot compare what you did and say it was the same. That does not work.It is not an orange-to-orange comparison. Also, I have here an Optimus Andriod phone that is STILL waiting for Sprint update and engadget had an article that should that less than half of Andriod devices (depending on carrier) have also had and update and unless your root and update your own Android phone, you probably are not getting an update either.Stop your crying, at the end of the day it has only been 3 months. You live longer than that on many other types of updates via it OS or front office software or dev software of freakn video games.
  • (a) I never said it was the same, (b) what standard hardware - this stuff was going out on multiple generations of PCs running everything from Win95 to Win2001, (c) exactly how is is WP7 updating "in real-time", (d) there were lumbering IT bureaucracies between us and the machines at the end, and roughly a 3-month delay from the time we handed the update out until it finally landed out the end machines.The way we dealt with this is the same way everybody else deals with it - the development, testing, and rollout phases overlapped each other, so that while one release was being rolled out, the next release was in testing, and the next after that in planning and development. This seems to be how how the NoDo update was done, or at least how it started out, there have been comments on XDA that NoDo development started last April as the release version was frozen prior to testing and stabilization. This is consistent with standard development and deployment practices on large projects. But this also means that it has taken them a year to get this minor service pack ready, 9 months of which were burned by Microsoft itself *before* the carriers would have been involved - this cannot be blamed on AT&T's perfidy. NoDo should have entered testing at MS back in September or so (before the WP7 rollout), and the carriers should have been testing it back in November and December, which means it would have been ready for deployment in late January. All consistent with standard practices. But something happened, probably last summer, that threw the schedule off. This major development slip inside of Microsoft, and the extended development cycle for Mango - none of which involve the carriers - tells me that there is something majorly weird going on in the Windows Phone development group. That the update schedule slipped after it left MS's hands tells me the carriers are slimy SOB's, but then everybody knew that.The question is what's Microsoft is up to assuming (a) they're serious about the mobile market and (b) the "A" and "B" teams are working on something other than NoDo and Mango. I'm really curious to see what's up their sleeves, I'm just planning to watch their proceedings from a safe distance.
  • Yep... some people just wanna be a arse I guess.. Microsoft dont say anything... and they get slammed.. they try to get more transparent they get slammed.. WTF do people want.. How bout we have Microsoft call you on your phone and tell you what time and day.. AT&Tmobile will allow your phone to be updated?????Call google and ask them when your phone will get gingerbread will ya?Sheesh... some of us would just like a d*mn phone on VZW
  • WTF do people want? THE UPDATE. it's not that hard. there is intentional carrier blocking going on here, and microsoft needs to man up, step in, and take some control. the radio in the phone isn't changing. this whole "testing" thing is complete bullshit - just watch. AT&T will move into deployment of the update in the same couple days that the HD7S is released. Seriously, the update has been ready for at least 3 months now, and it's still testing?? What the FUCK are they testing? Then it takes 10 days to schedule... how about you just compound that into the testing phase? What's another week and half on 3 months? This transparency is more patronizing than anything. At least Steve Jobs has the balls to bend the carriers over and tell them how customers should be treated. THAT'S how you make a successful product. I love Windows Phone but this is more than aggravating. It's not so much about this update specifically, but what it speaks for future updates. Clearly MS is letting carriers run the show, and that is NEVER a good thing.
  • My thoughts exactly!When I bought my phone in November, this update was promised in January. That was quickly ammended to Early 2011 (which was interpretted as no later than March). Now it is basically, "you'll get it when you get it - STFU".This OS was advertised as quickly and easily updated. We were sold on the statement that updates would come early and often.I feel like I have been fooled.
  • I would not have bought my Focus without those promises from Microsoft. I'm angry at Microsoft for lying to me, and I'm angry at myself for believing them.I don't want nice charts showing the lack of progress, I want frequent, meaningful updates. Unfortunately I wanted them starting January as promised, not June, and somewhat more often than once a year. NoDo would have been a nice January update but it's a major fail as a May or June update. Mango would have been a nice June update, but it's a major fail as a January (or more likely June) update.NoDo FailMango FailWP7 Fail
  • Wasn't the reason NoDo wasn't released in December because Microsoft wanted one release date, but the carriers were complaining they needed more time? How come it looks like some phones are months away from even the preNodo update then?
  • This. Is. Good. Nice. Move. :)
  • Very nice! I like to see that MS is communicating with their customers.
  • Oh, good... I used to think it would take a very long time for my LG Quantum to get the 2 updates... Now I know FOR A FACT that it will DEFINITELY take a long, long time. See, how's that for certainty? ;)
  • Sadly, this is what I expected from AT&T but hoped I would be wrong. Now I am a little pissed that we don't even have 1 update ready by the time that NoDo had come and gone. Real cute AT&T.
  • It is not just AT&T, Microsoft is to blame as well. The distribution agreement MS signed allows AT&T to **** block them on updates. MS has been in business long enough to figure this **** out going into a contract. They knew they had relenquished control even when they were telling us how awesome updates would be, and how fast they would come.
  • You are right that MS is to blame for part of this. My main annoyance with it is that AT&T has kept their mouth shut when we're getting leaked dates left and right. I know these take time but this is just silly.
  • Yay, very classy of Microsoft; being honest. :) I'm glad to be a proud owner of a Windows Phone 7. Very glad my venue Pro shall recieve an update soon, Thanks Microsoft for being awesome.
  • I've been thinking about getting an WP for a few months now because the promise of fast updates but now i'm second guessing my decision. From the looks of things, If you want fast updates your better off getting an iPhone or even a nexus branded android phone. I currently have the nexus one and i've received over 10 updates sense January of 2010 (2.1.x to 2.3.x and bug fixes) and i hear that ice cream (3.1) is due May.At this rate, it seems like your lucky if Microsoft releases more than 1 major update within an entire year! I mean really, what are the chances of Mango actually hitting phones this year if it takes carriers this long to test such a small update.
  • Haha, Canadian carriers don't seem to care about updates and just let everything through (btw, Rogers hasn't installed any carrier software on their devices).Well, that means that my Focus will be getting an update sooner :)P.S. And gj Microsoft for at last informing the customers of something happening inside (no sarcasm).
  • So Microsoft is not telling the truth here. They stated if the carriers 'blocked' an update or did not have it out by the time a second update was out both would roll out regardless of what the carrier said.Now look at the Samsung Focus (or any phone on at&t) - its shows the February and March updates in 'testing'. Wasnt the whole LIE that if the first update wasnt released the second one would be automatically? Why should the second update (nodo) now be in an INDEFINATE testing period with the carrier when the feb one still is? This means they can keep the testing process for as long as they want without officially blocking/denying an update - thus no one will ever get any updates.Microsoft is fully to blame on this, yes they dont have the marketshare to bully the operators but maybe Microsoft should have created their own hardware and not rolled out 10 devices; this way they could have done all the testing in house.Microsoft also painted a rosey picture of how the updates would work before the OS was released in November, now in March we find out it was all untrue. They mislead the customer base on this to try to offer a counterpoint to android, when in fact the FRAGMENTATION issue is just as bad on WP7 when some devices have an os version that other have to wait INDEFINATELY for (if ever).We were developing a few games for WP7 but it doesnt look like we will continue and in fact will be going back to developing for iphone; its sad to say that because apple is **** There is currently no way for us to access the features/updates in the OS if our devices still run old software, meanwhile Apple provides developers early access to the operating system (betas) we can install ourselves.This platform is pretty much dead not because its not a good platform; because Microsoft simply has no balls to stand behind their product and promote it properly. People arent going to buy new hardware to get new features, they'll just pay the SAME PRICE for an iphone which has all the features wp7 has and more and gets 2+ years of free updates.Sorry MS the group working on wp7 has no business running the department, they simply cannot stand up to carriers, they cannot provide updates that are RELIABLE (samsung focus), they mislead their customers by saying one thing and then months later we find out something else, and theres absolutely ZERO communication with the wp7 community other than giving vague timelines like we are all stupid. It's no wonder balmer doesnt think WP7 should be on tablets, he knows the group behind it are unprofessional and MS isnt willing to stand behind wp7 as the platform to move forward on. Maybe when windows 8 comes out on arm we will have the REAL windows team making an actual phone os that can be updated, as it is now Team B working on wp7 is hopeless.
  • that's what i thought too. I think WP7 is trying to take the market of iOS and android by doing a closed ecosystem platform but with different OEMs instead of manufacture their own phone. Combine this with different carriers, all the customers get is a lousy update process. bad move!Maybe WP7 team should just join the samsuck.. oops, i mean sams**g bandwagon.
  • Heh. Microsoft said the carriers had to release the second update, but they didn't say *when*. All the carriers have to do is keep "testing" until the day before the third update comes out...
  • AT&T is 'testing' two updates right now. What makes you think they can't test three?AT&T is famous for not allowing update to their phones. Thus driving their customers to buy new hardware to get the latest software. Shamefull. This is nothing new.
  • That's why I'm dropping my Focus for a non-carrier phone, a Nexus One with AT&T 3G bands, as fast as the post office can deliver it. This whole experience has really been an educational one.
  • All this is really telling me is that I need to get off AT&T's network ASAP. Apparently AT&T couldn't care less about releasing updates in a timely and reasonable fashion. In fact, this is one of the reasons why the AT&T and T-Mobile deal is so bad. If I wanted to switch to T-Mobile for a better deal, the better deal is getting ready to disappear pretty soon.
  • It is not that they don't care. It is that they don't want you to have the update (unless you buy new hardware). It has been five months since I signed up with AT&T. If they can block me from updating my Quatum for 7 more months, they can start selling me a renewal with a new phone (with the latest OS).Just look at their practice with WinMo. No device on AT&T ever got upgraded from one version of WinMo to the next. You had to buy new hardware to get the updated OS.
  • Some people say I'm silly for paying full price for my phone as opposed to getting it subsidized, but that also allows me to quickly jump ship if I don't like how things are going. I love my Focus but purposely blocked updates leaves a very bad taste in my mouth (if true). I heard AT&T does the same thing with android phones though again, I never heard any confirmation of this. And truth be told, the Samsung apps are laaaame. I can't help but to feel envious of LG and HTC owners with much better apps. Time to keep an eye on the Arrive!
  • So what it looks like to me is that AT&T along with other carriers have been sitting on their hands for months. I thought WP7 was supposed to change this by offering a direct distribution model? If your phone architecture is that dependent on the carrier then maybe it's time for a rethink because this really breaks any hope of consistency within the ecosystem.
  • It boggles my mind that any of you accept this joke of a page as being a substantive "update status" page. It's not. It tells you NOTHING that you didn't already know. What it does NOT tell you is WHY it has taken--so far--four months to get to this point. And what point is that? STILL TESTING. This is not transparency, and you people are fools if you fall for this. In fact, you are exactly the type of sheeple that M$ and the carriers are apparently targeting. Where's the explanation of why any device or any carrier is STILL holding these updates back? Where is an explanation of WHY they feel it's necessary to release this in "batches" when Apple seems to do it so easily en masse and Microsoft can do it so easily with their regular Windows updates? Hmm? No, folks, this is no more information than we had before and it is NOT acceptible. I analyze and fix processes for a living, and I can tell you without qualification that this process is WAY broken.
  • I agree, except it is not broken. It is by design. Apple gets their updates out because AT&T knows that they will come out with new hardware every year and the iTards will buy it no matter what. To their credit, each iPhone has been a significant improvement over the previous one (even with the 'your holding it wrong' antena SNAFU on the latest one).Windows users, on the other hand, are used to updates all the time. Updates, wether major or minor, are delivered to their PC's all the time. Most of the time even major OS releases (including completley new operating systems) can be applied to hardware that is a generation or two old. I envisioned keeping my Quatum for the life of my contract. I expected to get regular updates to the OS so that it stayed current. That was foolish of me. I am now coming to realise that if I want to get to the end of my contract, I will most likely be stuck using an outdated OS for most of the life of my phone. As new phones are currently being sold with the latest OS updates on them, my phone is outdated. Sadly, I am not even one quarter of the way through my contract with AT&T.
  • This entire thing is a joke.Maybe it's better than Android.But an update that I anticipated would come in early February for my FOCUS, is still in testing in late March.WP7 is WONDERFUL, but it's also half-baked. Failing to deliver basic functionality on a timely basis is NOT going to help WP7 gain market share.Even after NoDo, I won't be able to do anything with the videos I capture; or customize my camera defaults; or organize my apps ...
  • With all the complaints here, you'd think we weren't getting the update…. Keep in mind that this is the first launch of any kind that MS has had of this scope. Sure it's easy to release an update en-masse with the iPhone or even the Galaxy S series phones. Those phones are all the same and in the iPhone's case, limited to a few global carriers. Windows Phone on the other had, has a slew of carriers and an ever-expanding list of devices that it needs to ensure the update can transition smoothly to. Unfortunately, but giving carriers any power in the process, MS inadvertently slows the whole thing down, by a long shot. I just wish they could push the update via Zune and bypass all the carrier bureaucracy.
  • Wow, where to start?"Keep in mind that this is the first launch of any kind that MS has had of this scope."Seriously? MS has been delivering updates to OS's for over 30 years. Always on disparate hardware. Sometime it went smoothly and sometimes it did not. They have also been in the mobile device arena for quite some time now as well. They are not new to this at all."Unfortunately, but giving carriers any power in the process, MS inadvertently slows the whole thing down, by a long shot."If this was inadvertent, then someone at MS needs to be fired. MS has worked with hardware vendors and carrier for decades. If the did not understand the inticacies of the contracts they were signing they would not still be in business. Given their track record with WinMo on AT&T alone, I have to say that they knew exactly what would happen and were complicit in this."I just wish they could push the update via Zune and bypass all the carrier bureaucracy."They absolutely could; if they were not contractually prevented from doing so. This is a contract issue, not a technical one.
  • I'm glad us dell venue pro users weren't forgotten.
  • Well that settles it, I definitely won't be getting a WP7 handset. I had such high hopes for WP7, I was waiting to use my AT&T upgrade to get a Samsung Focus, the same handset my wife ended up getting. She was hoping that the update would address the bugs that she's experienced since having the phone since December, but the update is taking so long and now it seems to be even longer with yet another delay. I don't care if it's Microsofts fault or not, with the iPhone updates come when Apple says they will. WP7 handsets NEED more updates and not less and not in such a slow manner. I'm sure the next update won't be out till early next year at the earliest.
  • Based on how fast the euro carriers are getting NoDo....just goes to show you how much the US carriers mess with the phones.Apparaently AT&T probably has just a couple of people working the WP7 line....and they can't code their way out of a paper bag !!
  • It's frustrating to read that once the update has been deployed, it could still take weeks for you to receive. it Even though the focus is in "testing," when it leaves testing, it still might be weeks. It makes the chart a little useless.
  • ok, so what about T-Mobile UK?!?!?! They are not even on that list!!Also what i want to know is when does this 10 Day period start relating to the "scheduling" option!? And so this now means that we have to possibly wait a further month before we even get a sniff at this update!?!?Thank god i still have my iphone, least with that there is none of this messing around, just for a bloody update!
  • I read that AT&T was waiting till the HD7S was released, which they will be releasing with the new handset.
  • there way of trying to force users to update to the new handset
  • I guess I should be happy I don't have a SE Xperia Dead End phone?At least my Focus will get an update SOMETIME down the road.
  • How funny is it that the Dell Venue Pro is getting the update among the first ... when Dell seemingly could not get the product ready in the first place (egad, is it shipping yet!).
  • guess i am happy to be t mobile customer for once
  • Microsoft wp7 team is a joke. if Apple make the iphone 5 screen 4-4.3in then i'm jumping from this sinking #wp7 ship
  • yes, it will be a good thing to go back to Iphone if the update processe don't get smooter
  • Yes and i will be back to apple as well, as much as I like this OS, this isnt worth it.
  • To all crying about all the delays until this point, blame Samsung. Look back on this site to review that sordid tale.To all in the US crying about the delays now, blame the carriers. Compare the US and International charts, and the pattern is immediately clear. Pray to God that the AT&T and T-Mobile merger does not go through.
  • Microsoft have to bypass the carrier and take back the update processe in there hand...they even need to give the costumer the choise to unbrand there device...I buy a unlock but branded t-mob phone cuz it have the 1700MHz for me to use in canada, but I'm stock with a t-mob branded phone...or it should be easyer to buy generic phone... why always pass by the carrier??
  • I'm sorry, but IMHO this is not close to being good enough. In fact, it's BS.What they are saying here is that being the sort of user who is playing it straight, going through a carrier, not unlocking the phone, is about the dumbest sort of user you can be. Or maybe it's just that being dumb enough to walk away from the iPhone, with its carrier-independent updates from day one, you get what you deserve.This process is absurd. That Microsoft released this phone without having their update process in place is absurd. That Microsoft has gone four months now without putting an update, even a minor update, in the hands of all users is absurd.This stupid, information-less table is absurd as well. Microsoft is lucky that I despise Apple as a company and think Android is copycat junk. I like my Focus and want to keep liking it. But I don't like being jerked around and that's how I feel. I'm thinking seriously of dumping this thing and going back to a plain-old cell phone.This is the biggest software company in the world, and neither the user base for Windows Phone nor the number of existing models is large. There's no excuse for this. There's no excuse that there hasn't been monthly updates of bug fixes and incremental improvements. Steve Jobs may be the anti-Christ, but Steve Ballmer is just a putz.
  • Sadly Microsoft is showing it's weakness compared to Apple, take control of the updates and your OS and don't let Carriers control when the update gets released.. Grow a set already!! Steve Jobs=ManSteve Ballmer=Boy
  • Why is the Delivery Phase taking an undefined amount of time?? What gives?? More transparency please... Does it take that long to deliver security updates to DT PCs??
  • It's on the Where's My inform sheet. Preparation means fewer than 10 days to it preliminary to be quotes