Microsoft is excited about Windows 10 app store growth, promises more to come for developers

Microsoft announced earlier this week that Windows 10 was now available on over 200 million devices since it launch on July 29. Now, the company is promoting the growth of its Windows Store to developers since the launch, with the promise of more improvements and features to come.

Microsoft stated:

"These new Windows 10 customers are discovering and engaging with the Store at a higher rate than ever before with over 3 Billion Store visits since the Windows 10 launch. While it's early yet, the promise of Windows 10 is beginning to pay off. Over the holiday selling season, we saw a 2x increase in the number of paid transactions from PC and tablet customers over last year. Looking at the month of December, 60% of those paying customers were new to the Store, with Windows 10 generating 4.5x more revenue per device, as compared to Windows 8."

Microsoft will be improving the Windows Store for app developers in 2016, including adding more support for carrier billing, including recurring subscription options for apps, adding more support for porting apps from the web, Silverlight and iOS to Windows 10 and better marketing and promotions for app sales. Microsoft will also be improving the submission process so it takes less time to publish apps in the store.

Source: Microsoft

John Callaham