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Microsoft pulling update for Samsung phones? It hasn't happened yet...

Over at WinRumors, they're reporting that Microsoft has pulled the update for Samsung Windows Phones due to those ongoing technical issues:

“In response to this emerging issue, we have temporarily taken down the latest software update for Samsung phones in order to correct the issue and as soon as possible will redistribute the update.”

They've also supposedly identified the problem and are working on a fix, noting it is only affecting a "small number" of devices. (Ahem, ok)

What's curious though is as of now, it does not look like Microsoft has successfully pulled the update as our own Rich Edmonds just went through the flashing process minutes ago with his Omnia 7 in the UK. Of course it failed to finish the update, so no news there, but if Microsoft is pulling this for Samsung, they evidently need to take hours to do so. Perhaps this is a "rolling recall", which seems kind of a bad idea from our viewpoint right about now.

Thanks, Adrian W., for the heads up

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  • The update still has not shown up yet for my Samsung Focus.
  • Updates went fine for my two son's Samsung Focus phones but...unfortunately updating my Samsung Focus locked at the end of stage 7 of 10 (backup 100% complete). I attempted to reboot the phone with no success, plugging it back into Zune said it could not revert to the old version, so I was forced to factory reset the phone and reformat the memory card.The difference between the my phone and the other two is that I have a 3rd party memory card added to my phone and suspect this is the primary reason the update did not complete successfully.This update took a long time to get through the backup phase so for anyone else who wants to update these phones I suggest deleting music, podcasts, and any other unnecessary programs before upgrading to help speed up the upgrade process.
  • Just wondering why the heck Microsoft would be backing up; music, photos, video's, ect., when all that stuff is already (or should be) synced via Zune. Passing over those file types would certainly simplify and speed up the process, as I assume that represents 70-80% of consumed memory.
  • You guys should investigate why the update isn't out for some of the other phones? I got nothing on my Dell venue pro :-(
  • No need to investigate. MS said it's a "rolling update" meaning some carriers will get it, but it's on timed-basis. Just have to be patient.
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