Microsoft quietly debuts new Nokia BH-222 headset in the UK

Without much fanfare, Microsoft had quietly unveiled the Nokia BH-222, which is a Bluetooth headset, for the U.K. The headset is still marked as "coming soon" in the UK store, and pricing information isn't quite available at this time. The discreet Bluetooth headset will allow you to make and take calls as well as listen to music.

Operating on the Bluetooth 3.0 standard, the headset supports 5 hours of talk time or music playback with 4 days of standby time. Given that Cortana is debuting on many of Microsoft's latest Windows Phone devices (depending on the region), including the recommended pairing with a Lumia 630 or Lumia 635, being able to use Cortana while your phone is tucked away may be a nice feature for those who need constant access to their digital assistant.

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There's still no word on if or when this accessory will be headed to the U.S.

Do you still use a Bluetooth headset? Let us know what you think of this latest Microsoft accessory in the comments.

Thanks, Ed, for the tip!

Source: Microsoft UK

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