Microsoft quietly does away with Groups in OneDrive

One of the lesser known features in OneDrive is Groups, which, as the name implies, lets users not only create groups of contacts to share folders with, but also delegate a “co-owner” who can manage the group as well. And though Groups may not be one of the highly-publicized perks of OneDrive, it does enjoy a bit of a cult following.

Sadly for that group of OneDrive users, Microsoft has quietly done away with the ability to create groups with about as much fanfare as its arrival. In the Microsoft Community forums, bewildered users started reporting a message on the groups landing page informing them that they can no longer create new groups or invite new people to existing ones.

For those of us who never used the feature, the Groups section isn’t even listed along the left side of the OneDrive main page, but going the URL for the Group View results in the same message.

The bright side, if you are a “glass is half full” kind of person, is that existing groups will remain fully intact and operational.

Perhaps Microsoft opted not to send out a notification about the change because Groups is not one of the big selling points of OneDrive. However, for anyone using it, it is a rude awakening of sorts. Any time functionality is taken away, it can be a touchy subject. It’s a question of whether it is better to prepare people for pain or just rip the Band-Aid off and see if it hurts.

So what do you, our readers, think of this? Has the disabling of group management left a bad taste in your mouth? Is this just minor feature of OneDrive that you do not use or even know about?

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Source: Microsoft Community; Thanks for the tip, Macky!

Seth Brodeur