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Microsoft really wants you to buy a Surface Pro 3 over the MacBook Air this winter

There's a new commercial that highlights the benefits of the Surface Pro 3 over the MacBook Air, and why should you get Microsoft's latest tablet this holiday season. The commercial continues along the same vein as previous ads, and touches on the touchscreen, kickstand, stylus and performance offered by the Surface Pro 3. And yes, there's singing (or some version thereof) involved.

Do you guys like the direction Microsoft is taking with these Surface Pro 3 commercials?

Source: YouTube

  • To be fair, that was awful... Surface is way better than the Mac... But this add make it look bad
  • I agree, lame ad, instead MS should make the Surface Pro 3 available in more countries. I would have bought one in day 1 if it were available here...
  • Sorry don't agree with you Briliant ad, i have shared it on social media, catchy tune, some of you guys need to lighten up a bit. 
  • I agree. We have a few ones here but they're imported so not covered by any warranty. Seeing as Nokia is already Microsoft Lumia already, they should take advantage of that and bring out an official Microsoft store here. (Philippines, btw).
  • Microsoft store similar to that of Apple. In BGC. (chuckle)
  • Agreed. And that singing. Ugh.
  • I'm sure it was intentional.
  • I agree with you. This kind of anoying ads are the ones which stick to our minds!
  • Maybe MS should use a parody. :-) If Apple had made the Surface Pro 3 Apple Fans would be going BANANAS over it! As a matter of fact here's my take on what what would happen if Apple made Surface Pro 3!
  • That was a really good read. I love the cab ride/Cortana part! Epic!!!
  • Lol. Thanks Tech Knowledge!
  • SP3 is the best and has capability of doing more than laptop+tablet combined. But . . What The Fuck is wrong with Microsoft, putting Ad like this. This Ad looks so cheap and clearly shows that Microsoft is making it out of charity.
  • haha..
  • To be honest, I didn't find it THAT bad, but Microsoft should really stop this comparison crap. It's like they don't have the creativity to come up with an ad just about the product itself. ALONE! Grow up, guys. The days of Mac vs PC are long gone.
  • Thank you!  
  • Yea, that ad is so bad it's attention getter that will stick in peoples' heads.  I'm still chuckling..LOL
  • It was a pretty bad ad :/ lol they rarely have good ads Microsoft needs a new better advertisement team
  • Agreed. It's lame, just like your spelling.
  • Lower the price in europe then. It's laughable.. 2500,- $ for the big one
  • Learn how to harmonize.
    I might buy one since I have seen the older commercials before.
  • Yes what a crappy advertisement, they could have made it better..and btw please MS launch the surface pro 3 in a good competitive price and not out of buget
  • Since this competes with a MacBook Air, it will be expensive.
  • sp3 in india is again a waste of money for ppl. ppl think so much and buy laptops here and some laptops are boufht and used by whole family then how sp3 is possible.
  • You can have multiple logins on a SP3 just like a laptop. It's not like an Ipad.
  • U can get it at snapdeal but very expensive!
  • Is snapdeal app in windowsphone is official....
  • Yes.
  • I find it funny though, especially the bad singing...
  • Agreed. It was on purpose.
  • It is kind of funny!
  • That was painful.
  • I agree, that commercial was terribly painful.
  • So some reason MS adverts always stuck! MS should look at the new Android advert in the UK, it make Android look cool but never actually shows a single feature! MS ads just look desperate which is a shame as the surface pro 3 is a super cool service.
  • So agree with you, almost as if MS uses some downtown advertising agency that's struggling for customers.
  • So true!! Lol. This is what you get for doing crack, MS marketing department.
  • The Surface ads are actually working, look at their quarter over quarter growth. The only ads that suck are the Windows Phone ads.
  • MS needs some new advertising people..... That ad is horrible.
  • Surface Pro 3 looks fantastic, but it's over priced. My higher spec dell XPS cost less! if it were a lower cost then I'd be tempted. For now I'm still happy with my surface RT, and my dell XPS  
  • Is your dell 9.1mm thick?
  • haha spot on
  • After spending some time searching for ultrabooks with comparable specs to surface pro 3, I find that sp3 is not overpriced at all. If you insist so, please find me a super slim and light ultrabook with FHD+ digitised touch screen, Intel i5 4300u, 128GB SSD, digitised pen for less than $1,000
  • Thank you. I hate when people go complaining about it being over priced,but don't have anything to directly compare it to to truly justify the point they're trying to make.
  • Yes SP3 is overpriced here the reason why:
    Sp3 i5 128gb £849
    Plus keyboard £109
    Plus Office to just to get word around £55 a year. Total cost to get a basic machine £1013!!!!
    MacBook Air i5 128gb includes keyboard and office/pages/word processor £849!!!
    Conclusion: Apple Macbook Air is cheaper. And when they finally update the macbook in the next 6months with retina display the SP3 will be done for because a) Most people would still rather own a Macbook because of the perceived cool factor and b) because its cheaper then having to shell out on a SP3 and buy office and a keyboard cover to make it work/productivity friendly. Microsoft must include the office suite and a keyboard cover to make it compete with the MacBook Air as they keep comparing it to in their ad's!
  • "perceived cool factor" jesus that's lame...
  • Yeah and its great when you detach your MacBook Air screen from the keyboard and start using it as a tablet... oh wait.
  • Time to get a new MacBook?
  • Most people? who are you speaking for? definetely not me...
  • How much is the Macbook Air and iPad combined? Because that's what you should really be comparing.
  • I love my Gen 1 SP, but I was sort of with you until you compared Office to Apple's office applications. Apple's offering, nor anyone else's, is a suitable substitute for Microsoft Office.
  • Get a job, cheapskate.
  • MacBook touch screen? No.
    Can the screen be used at more angles in comparison? No.
    Can you naturally take notes? No.
    Can it be used as a tablet? No.
    Apple's office-like suite better? No.
    Is a "Retina display" cool? No.
    Are people gullible for Apple? Yes.
    And there you have it folks...
  • I like touch screen, but I'll take a high quality keyboard over a midrange keyboard anytime, same for track pads. The type cover doesn't compare as well. I'd also LOVE to feel the stylus made me more efficient, but it just doesn't feel that way. Inserting text via stylus is far too painful to be considered an advantage.
    Also, start getting me more apps like wall street journal that get the whole paper for use offline and I'll start getting more excited about what I can do with windows 8 and the surface 3
  • You're talking about Macbook air with subpar resolution and no touch screen no digitised pen? And why do you have to pay 55 a year to use office on windows? If you're fine with Apple's office suite, you can also use WPS for windows, a free office software on windows android etc. You pay for extra for office 365 because it's far BETTER than competitors. I was talking about COMPARABLE specs and experiences, don't use something inferior to argue for price
  • I so wanted to buy the SP3 but being a student I couldn't afford shelling 900€ for it. And add an extra 130€ for keyboard... So I bought an Asus R556LD instead for 499. This actually has an 8 GB ram, so it is more than enough for me now. However, I look forward to the SP4 with the Broadwell processors on it. They might actually be cheaper as the processor won't generate much heat and so the venting system won't be required. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  • This is so funny ... How this could be qualified as an ad?
  • Very true!
  • Stop comparing. Just show the features of the device. Simple
  • The point is to get the ad out there, and for the people that are in the market, and or people considering the mac, they see this add and could swing thier purchase over to the surface or look into the surface,
  • I know, but it just looks desperate. You don't see Google/Apple doing this. Their adverts are more on the lines of: this is our device, these are the great things u can do with it, we don't need to help you decide by comparing it with other products as we're confident in it. MS adverts need to show the confidence in their products more.
  • Apple did it with Mac vs PC.
    Samsung compares their phones with the iPhone and they run Android so you can kinda count Google in that.
  • Apple don't do it anymore, so perhaps they found it didn't quite work?? Also, Samsung are struggling to sell phones at the moment, so I wouldn't think that was a good example. Probably more of a reason not to do it?
  • I agree that they shouldn't do it I think they can come up with better things. I was just saying that those two companies did/currently do similar things.
  • Yeah, after producing a total of 40 minutes of Mac vs. PC adverts. I think you'll find that not only did they run out of things to compare, most of the adverts compared unsubstantiated claims anyway.
  • Agreed! Very true
  • Way to cheesy for me. Lol
  • It was kinda funny voice....but could have done done better.
  • Apple's marketing is the way better than Microsoft...unfortunately
  • Fortunately. So people don't get impressed and get duped by them. May be the hardware is good but the underlying software is a mess.
  • Apple's software is a useless mess...very little, if any, part of windows 8 is a mess
  • Its a rhyming ad and human brain remembers most of the things which are in a tune.
  • True - and a slick ad is pointless if nobody notices because all the other ads are slick too. If cheesy makes people laugh and take notice then use it
  • These tablets are fantastic and they should really sell themselves.
    The adverts should concentrate on the quality and uniqueness of the tablet above all else. So smart, sexy and aspirational.
    Btw it would help if the guy at PC World new anything about the tablets or windows 8.1 as well. I'm guessing this is true of any major tech store.
  • Ms should just place apple devices in their stores for people to experience how largely useless they are
  • ATT should just place Apple devices in their... Wait...
  • Agreed. We tried iPads for the exec team and have settled on the SP3 after the MD complained he was unable to do anything ' useful' with Apples's offering.
  • Awful... They pay people money to produce this stuff? Surface Pro 3 is great though... Getting one soon as my all in one device...
  • In general I don't like "Negative" advertising, if you have a good product advertise it well and it will sell but to directly knock the competition isn't in my book the way to do it.   However I have to say the current UK advert for Cortana V Siri actually works, not because of the Cortana bit, but because the iPhone looks so dated siting next to the Lumia (Possibly a 1520) with that bit of green coming from the back.
  • Advertising the kickstand and USB port against a MacBook Air just makes Microsoft look like they're confusing even themselves.
  • Everyone's marketing is better than Microsoft's. It's genuinely embarrassing to watch their commercials and they're in danger of putting people off before they even get the chance to show off their devices. Considering the amount of money MS must be spending on advertising, these efforts are shockingly bad.
  • At least there's marketing for it. When's the last time you've seen a commercial for windows phone?
  • They ran a series of them in the UK a couple of months back, specifically for the 630 and 930. They were embarrassingly bad, too. They've got one for Cortana running on what looks like a 730 but again, it's awful. The one decent commercial I've seen from MS recently was for the SP3 when it was released over here, which concentrated on showing the device being used in a handful of situations. (Maybe I'm too sensitive to bad advertising -- I refused to buy an iPhone because the voiceover used to advertise it was unbearably smug and made me want to put my foot through the TV; I refuse to buy one now because, in addition to that, they've spoiled any future viewing of "The IT Crowd".)
  • MS should change whole marketing department. 18,000 employed laid off by MS will always blame marketing department.
  • if only they could lower the price then i would totally get one
  • Cut the price in half and maybe I'll buy one.
  • Where can I find that wallpaper? :p
  • Thank you good sir
  • Well, if they were going for something holiday corny, they got it...
  • Love the commercial, I'd happily buy one over the overpriced mac
  • Anyone that doesn't already know the SP3 is the superior device is a skinny jeans wearing sheep who never will. 
  • Couldn't have put it better myself!
  • You kind of expect Microsoft ads to be terrible but this is a new low.
  • I want that background xd
  • Here it is
  • Thanks!!
  • If they offered the trade-in deal (MBA for SP3)  here in the UK I'd snap it up!
  • Not at those prices right now. Couldn't barely afford an Xbox One.
  • If it would be available in India and Microsoft Band as well I would have bought both of them
  • Its so horrible it might work.
  • I so much love the Surface pro 3 and would love to possess one but it still remains in my wish cart -over priced.
  • As bad as it gets. If Satya were to come across that one, new job cuts looming
  • Ms should start to make ultrabook. Not tablet
  • It physically hurt to listen to the ad.
  • Only watched 8 seconds of the video. The singing is just too awful to watch it to the end... And it's time we stop seeing Apple products in Microsoft's commercials.
  • "seriosly, where can I get one?" ... not available here
  • Why does the guy sound like a drunk uncle...!
  • Unfortunately they do not sell officially their Surface in Indonesia.
  • Just ordered one for my son for Christmas/a-levels/Uni. not because of this advert though.
  • My ears are BLEEDING!!!!
  • As others have pointed out before, ms needs to:
    1; stop making negative ads as they don't seem to resonate with most of the people. I might be wrong regarding this as I am not privy to their market research data but everyone I know that has seen something like that, be it from Microsoft or someone else, thought that they are just lame. Show us how your product is awesome and how it can enhance our lives and enable us to be more productive, relaxed and connected. That's where it's at.
    2; make it more globally available. I won't get a Surface 3 pro over a MacBook Air, since I can't get one at all. I can get the fruit thingy any day though and they'll happily ship it to my door for free as well. If you want people to buy your products, you should make them be able to do so. That can't be so hard to grasp.
  • When The surface pro 3 get in Brazil i'll buy one for me hahaha
  • Do u think it is very expensive for buying surface pro3?
  • MS should do trade ins trade in your old surface for money off the newest and trade in apple products for MS products
  • How about convince me to leave my MacBook Pro.
  • Ugh, who the hell is running the marketing department over there... Fire him now
  • Nope nope nope
  • The college I am going to requires me to buy a MacBook pro from them so I really have no choice. I do have to buy parrerels with with to run windows 8 with it. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • That sucks!
  • Interesting concept, needs a better execution
  • Still don't understand why MS always try to take on Apple if Android is much larger target. Or SP3 is not good enough against those Droid tablets or Chrome ? ​ ​ ​
  • Nope, this is tablet PC, android has very low % on tablets and 0% with PCs.
  • I think its more of the "Brand" perception that Apple represents. Apple essentially created the consumer tablet market and because Apple is one company creating very few products, usually one product in each of their categories represents the BEST of what they have on the market, whether its the Mac, MacBook, iPad or iPhone.
    Android devices are PROLIFIC and don't offer as centralized a target to act as a backdrop to showcase the SurfacePro 3's advantages. Aple is such a known brand and considered by MANY consumers to represent the epitome of design and software integration and also represents a luxury branding. It's kind of like taking down the big guy in a gang of bullies. If you take him down, his cronies and everyone else takes notice. I'm not calling Apple a Bully, but the INDUSTRY(not just Microsoft) sees thier products as THE product to beat. The Surface team built incredible hardware with the Pro 3. The true reflection of software integration will be manifest with Windows 10 on that device. Microsoft is wise to pit the Pro3 against the products that are considered the the best. If they can indeed prove that Pro 3 beats MacBook, thier can be a paradigm shift in the industry and among consumers.
  • They should make cheaper on christmas sales
  • Hmmm, why is ms always comparing itself to apple? Apple users are basically part of a cult. No objective comparison or any other data will change their perception of their apple products. Ms is barking up the wrong tree. They should focus on their current users switching to chrome pc's. Those are easy pickings, winning over Apple users is like trying to convince IS radicals to convert to Christianity, that is just not gonna happen.
  • @adbollman, given your comments, if you haven't seen my comment toward the top here, I think you might enjoy it.:-)
  • SP3 is best machine I've ever owned. I got the best I7 the day it came out. Still love it.
  • Way to push your clients away MS.  Now every time i see a surface for sell i will remember this dumb music and run away from it.
  • So I think that ad would be better against the iPad. It has a USB?? Oooooh. The Air (and basically every laptop) has two.
    It has a kickstand? The Air has a hinge (like basically all laptops). This ad isn't as much against the Air as it is the traditional laptop model. Really, the only two features that this ad covers that are unique to the SP3 (over a laptop) is the pen and the detachable keyboard. I think Microsoft need to spend some more time showing WHY it is better to have a detachable screen / keyboard with pen input (compared to the traditional laptop model) vs just that "it can do this!". Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • I am waiting for the Surface 4 with a fingerprint reader and a more affordable price! =D
  • Nokia trailers for their Windows Phones were epic, just YouTube the 2520 official trailer, makes an RT tablet look sexy... MS just made the surface 3 look so lame, who would want to own this with such lame advertising....
  • "Be or Not to Be" that's the question ;) (I hope you understand the irony...)
  • My girl friend wants one.
  • Make a keyboard with a hinge, I might bite... Kick stand still sucks on a lap
  • That's the main reason Surface wasn't even on my shopping list when I was getting a laptop several months ago. I rarely use mine on a table, which is the only real way it appears to use the keyboard. I went with the HP X2 which isn't perfect, but it's a nice laptop when i want it to be, and a nice tablet when I want it to be.
  • Why the fk no surface yet in India??
  • And then at the end , even the guy says- seriously where can I get it. I laughed so hard at that.
  • Microsoft, this isn't the ad you were looking for.
  • Here are some ideas:   1 - Show a football game, one sideline struggling with Macbook Airs to show players and the other sideline easily doing it with the SP3.   2 - Dr Visit: show two Dr Visits one with dr trying to take notes and all on the macbook air and another using a SP3. Could even show Miracast off by having a screen in the room and the Dr showing xrays and manipulating and marking things on the tablet and showing up on the screen for the patient, etc. etc.   3 - Kid in Class sitting there taking notes on a macbook air, when another kid sits down next to him with a SP3 taking notes easily, etc.   4 - Business Meeting, show everyone using traditional laptops/macbooks, show the one person using the SP3 out of them all. Show how people are giving presentations with lugging the laptop up.  Again a time to showcase Miracast where the person using the SP3 comes up to give presentation and uses Mircast and is able to walk around freely with the tablet marking up points on the screen, etc. etc.   There are ways to show off the same things they are doing in these commercials that is the same thing but doing it in a different way.
  • Show a business person preparing for travel, packing multiple devices. Show a different business person preparing for travel and simply sliding the Surface into a briefcase carry-on. Show them at the airport security line unpacking the devices -- show frustrated people behind the multi device person. Show the Surface person easily prepping for security. Show the mutli-device person on the plane at different points having to shuffle through a carry on for the device to use. Maybe even show the person dropping devices or luggage onto other passengers. Show the Surface user simply switching apps. Same point made -- this is the device to replace all the other devices.
  • Yeah well I really want it to be cheaper. I can't afford it right now.
  • Fabulous Ad.
    Not all ads should be overly complicated. I'm sure this one was intended to amuse and it did, and I bet all of you complainers watch the entire ad and then spent time thinking, talking and commenting on it.
  • Mhm... great device, but i will buy macbook pro 13 inch..
  • Heck, I'd buy the E FUN Nextbook 10.1 over a Mac.
  • What ever happend to decent Surface ads like this one:
  • This was a good ad to introduce the Surface to the world, and I would argue that it failed to compel people to buy it. It doesn't show anything about WHY I would want the device. However, these new Surface vs MacBook are starting to get a little dated. Show me what I can do with the Surface, focus in on what it does really well and why I would want one -- not why it's percieved to be better than a different device. To be honest, a MacBook, an iPad, a Surface RT, a PC -- these are all good devices depending on your daily workload -- so Microsoft needs to tell people why is a Surface Pro 3 a better device for their daily workload? Those are the people that need to be convinced -- and they're not all using a MacBook or an iPad. Many are using older Windows laptops, Android devices and Chromebooks as well. Microsoft needs to give compelling reasons to spend nearly $1,000 on a single device like the Surface Pro 3 -- without distracting them with a specific device. Until that comparison is made, many of those users will continue to be happy with multiple devices for different workloads. 
  • I agree with your points.These Air v Surface ads are so bleh.The ad I linked provided some mystery since it didnt reveal most info and made me go check it for my self since the ad made it intriguing/mysterious.
  • It's a good direction. Wanting to sell your product is an important ingredient for success..
  • I can do what you can do but better marketing has it's limits. The ads are good but we need some variety in advertising. The problem is MS doesn't want to compare the SP3 to other Windows devices since they aren't trying to directly compete with OEMs. I think the WP commercials featuring WP vs iOS is also worn out. We need to show WP vs Android. It's a better comparison and the target audience is larger.
  • sorry Microsoft, i'm waiting for Surface Pro 4
  • I like the song, and all it says it's what we knew before but the song is nice
  • I'm sold. Not by the commercial, of course. 
  • Great job Microsoft -- you just offended the ears of most musically trained people out there. Seriously, the music was so bad and so distracting that I couldn't focus on the points they were making in the advertisement. 
  • All of the previous commercials were good... this one is terrible.
  • I already did,Microsoft. Calm yourself!
  • I don't have that kind of cash. You would think $400 would be good enough, but now my Gateway NV52L06U's power button has recently had to be replaced by a paper clip to short out the contacts, and a small square of duct tape to cover it up. Only owned the thing for 2 years now.
  • The last line was cute, the singing was kinda lame but I bet it was on purpose. I liked it! Although I do wish they'd go a different route. They're becoming that guy who says "but it has a touch screen, and a USB, and a kickstand, and a pen...and did I mention the touch screen, USB, and pen?? And a touch screen?". The ads are all pretty much the same. Soon they'll just get annoying to most people, and that certainly won't help it sell.
  • Microsoft needs to stop all these petty comparison ads. Just focus on what their own devices can do and they will get a better response.
  • la la la la la.... ♪ ♫ Oh, sorry, I was busy singing the song from the ad.... ♪ ♫ ♪
  • Its intentionally campy, but that's ok. It actually does a pretty good job pointing out some of the advantages of the platform.
  • I actually like the ad. It was funny and catchy. It reminds me of the funny Nokia ads.
  • Shit, that was just. Awful. And embarrassing.
  • Allow trade up of a previous surface pro model please.
  • The ad they need to do is to have a wide angle shot of the SP3 fixed, center of the screen with the world behind it changing for each use scenario from tablet on the couch to docked with multiple screens to hand-writing notes to typing in a meeting to watching a movie on a plane to playing games with the kids to Xbox remote to editing photos or video in the field. Always fixed on the device, showing the world around, people interacting in all kinds of ways...