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Microsoft releases its 365 Office suite for iPhone

Microsoft has unleashed its popular 365 Office suite onto the iOS platform and is available to iPhone owners who have an active subscription. Those who download the app will be able to view and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents while on the go. The suite is fairly feature rich with SkyDrive support and more, but there's the absence of Outlook.

It's good to see Microsoft support more than one platform for its products and services, which is more than what we can say for another company. Microsoft has shown support to iOS in the past with its Xbox companion apps.

via: iMore; thanks to everyone who tipped us!

Rich Edmonds
Rich Edmonds

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Oh great! /s
  • Why are they giving away our bragging rights?? Boost one division, and fu@% another?
  • Don't like this.
  • So they should be like Google?? Let the consumer choose the best option for themselves rather being forced to select one over the other
  • yeah, i'm not sure I understand the double standard either. On one had we demand google support WP8, but on the other we're unhappy that MS released Office for iOS?
  • Exactly. They garner good will and get the chance to show users of other platforms what they offer. Things like this can make people think about a windows device when they make their next phone or tablet purchase.
  • While I agree, there is a difference.  FOr one, Google's stuff is free to the consumer, Office isn't.  Also, Google made apps for IOS but no WP while Microsoft hasn't made Office apps for anyone else until now (smartphone wise).
  • That's not strictly true.. There's been an edition of Office for Symbian for a while
  • What's up SouthDallas40?? I live in South Arlington.. I should've made my name SouthArlington77.. Lol.. I was thinking of starting a metroplex WP community to pull all the WP users together so that we can convince local DFW banks, and business, to bring us a WP version of their app.. You think this is a good idea?
  • +1
  • As a Wacoan, I would join a Central Texas group.
  • Well, im serious about doing this.. I'll try to start a Facebook group ASAP. I guess I'll make it for the Dallas Fort Worth, and surrounding areas.. The more centralized the better chance we have of making a impact.. We just have to figure out how to spread the word about the group..
  • Look at the comment below⤵
  • Count me in! Anything I can do to boost the platform in DFW.
  • Search Facebook for.. DFW Windows Phone Supporters.. The page is a work in progress, but you can start to post ideas and suggestions now.
  • U.u at least we have office for free...
  • Exactly!
  • More
  • We had this discussion some time earlier with Kinectimals and stuff. Microsoft still is a software company which means it should get the biggest teach possible. On the other hand Office could be one of the biggest argument for working people (while Xbox could be for players). Unfortunately at the moment both aren't the killer arguments they could be.
  • There a devices and services company now...
  • Officially now? Wikipedia still says its a software company. But doesn't really matter. They are trying to get the biggest reach with their services either way. We can only guess if that's a good move for their mobile OS, ecosystem and hardware or not.
  • You know...YOU can fix the Wikipedia entry if it bothers you that much. Don't forget to add the appropriate reference ;)
  • Who says it bothers me, after Nakazuls comment I just checked on wiki if Microsoft considers themselves Hardware and Services officially now. Probably just a matter of time, Services need distribution in wide ranges though (much like software) otherwise they aren't making the money they could and should. With your own ecosystem its a matter of priorities though
  • MicroSOFT
  • MICROsoft
  • Lol
  • Makes sense for ios users with a 365 subscription. And if you don't want to pay for the functionality of ms office, then get a WP!
  • +520 it's office 365 client, not office.
  • This is a smart move, as long as they keep it off of the iPad and Android tablets.
  • Doubt it. If their reason in bringing it to iOS was to get people to use Office 365, then tablets are a no-brainer.
  • Maybe they will go for tablets but I believe a Microsoft rep in something I read this morning stated that they will not release it for iPad because the web apps can be used on the tablet.
  • So NEXT,  they will Release a new Halo for Playstation 4
  • :))
  • That was good.
  • That's bungie studios, not MSFT... They separated from MSFT after halo 2 I believe. They might still carry a non compete clause though... Not sure of the details of their separation.
  • The majority of the team that worked on halo stayed with 343 though
  • One of the reasons I bought WP was office but all I use is OneNote as it turns out. Office is good on those few occasions that I have used it. Glad its on other platforms as well
  • Microsoft's gift to Apple for making iOS 7 similar to WP. :P
  • Haha :)
  • at least we have chance using office in ios now.better than nothing
  • They don't deserve it.
  • Hate this!
  • So how many Microsoft exclusives we have left now? :-\
  • Keyword is free.
    Who said sheeps get it for free ;)
  • OFFICE 365 is a subscription service which means you need to renew it yearly or however you buy it. Students can get the University edition for 79.99 for 4 years.
  • Doesn't matter, Office on phones is not even a shadow of real Office anyway.  WordPad (or hell even Notepad) on Windows 95 was far more powerful than Word on WP7, and I doubt things have improved much for WP8 or this iOS release.  I think they put this stuff out there saying "yeah it's Office!  on your phone!" just hoping hardly anyone will actually try to use it for any real task.
  • You don't know how many essays I've finished on my 920.
    I travel back and forth between home and college, and I don't have the liberty to always get in touch of my essays. Luckily, since I've gotten my 920, its been nothing but a blessing.
  • Plus Wordpad comes free with Surface Pro. Use it all the time in addition to the free word web app that I have pinned to the desktop.
  • You might as well give up hope then... =/
  • I'm 100% sure that it wont come on Android.
  • Well, they do have cheap knock offs.
  • This is good news :) expand your reach because office is a service not a locked down platform with only itself to look after. People need this for work, and iPhones are popular so this makes sense
  • Well at least they aren't having the real office app on IOS. You have to pay for this. :P
  • Hehe.
  • I hope they keep this from Google. Apple's joining with them to use Bing with Siri, while Gogle continues to be a pain in the butt over a number of services.
  • Stupid Microsoft. Gots to please everyone
  • Apple using different strategies, with there phone, where is iTunes for windows phone?, this is goof for there software side and bad for windows phone
  • why do you need itunes for windows phone?
  • Dear god who the f*ck likes iTunes?
  • Well said - as soon as I can afford a decent memory card I'm making the switch to Nokia Music. Goodbye boring iPod, hello shiny Windows!
  • People who've had ipods or iPhones for years and have bought drm music on itunes and bought digital films or collated digital copies through itunes perhaps? None of that stuff works on windows phone or rt without transcoding software.
    Itunes would be so helpful for those people (which are part of the market we want to attract!)
  • am running out of things to convince my i-slave friends to is a big one....damn u Microsoft.
  • How about free
  • How about not paying a subscription service?
  • Google plz learn from ms... They even giving their one of the best service to their rival... Selfish search giant... :(
  • Why would you need anything from Google? I just use Google for search because Bing just isn't good in the UK. But for everything else, there are better alternatives out there. Vimeo, Outlook, Office, Wordpress, Facebook, Here Maps are all better than Google's own versions.
  • Just as we are gaining traction, they pull a bonehead move like this.
  • Soooo people pissed Nokia gets exclusive and don't spread, but pissed Windows allowing 365 to spread? But pissed that other os has exclusive but then happy when it comes to WP?
  • Hakuna matata
  • Haha
  • And Apple is using Bing for their search. Sounds like they're being cooperative with each other. Exactly what Google says tech companies should be doing. LoL
  • I just never understand why people are so pissed off about something they don't have ownership of
  • I see this as a win for Microsoft, since it will make Office365 subscriptions more attractive if subscribers are able to utilize their subscriptions on more devices. The market share of Office365 should increase as a result.
  • Guys people have to pay for this. You need a 365 suscription. Smart one MS. :-) keep it free for WP
  • Bad move
  • Yes, it does cost a subscription fee. But from what I've seen, Microsoft is trying to PUSH people into a subscription based Office. I have that subscription (great deal for students), and use Office 365. So regardless of it being free on WP, I think this is a big advantage for iOS because I also think lots of people already have subscriptions. Even for me, this makes it much easier to ditch WP for iOS. :C Edit: it looks like the app sucks. Ha.
  • Another reason why WP is taking soo long to come up. They need things like this away from the rivals, I understand you still have to pay but alot of people would rather pay and stay with a phone they are used to then try something new. Now if they had no choice they'll make a switch. This could have been another perfect commercial in Windows bashing apple. Well so long for that.
  • Ms makes a shit ton of $ from office and if people can't get it on their iPhone then they'll switch to something other than office to get their work done.
  • Why should I pay such an amount when there are valuable alternatives like Quickoffice or Office HD or DocsToGo? And they are about 5 dollars you pay once, when you buy them from the App Store...
  • Ms should have prolonged this release until after all of there new hardware wad released. MS must have a superb Surface phone planned, because as others have said, many companies and consumers won't mind paying for a 365 subscription as you can use it from any device. I'm all for them increasing their reach but it will stop many from choosing WP. Please don't say they won't produce a surface phone because if they're becoming a devices/services company then its inevitably...I will be the first to purchase one too!
  • I've said it before, I will paraphrase myself here. This is a good move, and a necessary one. Microsoft makes a crap-ton more money from Office than they do from Windows Phone. That is not going to change anytime soon. Having Office exclusive to Windows Phone is not going to drive significant numbers of users to Windows Phone. But keeping Office from Android and iOS phone and tablets may keep people from using Office, switching to "good enough" alternatives, such as Open Office, Pages or Google Docs.
  • This.
  • Thank you. Some people here are just not making any sense...
  • You guys don't get it. This is a very smart move on Microsoft part. The goal is not just about the phone market share, it's the market share of Microsoft Office, a still dominant competitive advantage of Microsoft. Once you're dependent on it, you're quite likely to purchase a new Windows tablet or laptop in the future; even if you end up buying a Macbook, Microsoft will still cash in on the MS.
  • I think the outrage is less about people thinking Microsoft's losing money, and more so about people not being able to brag about an exclusive on their WP device, even if what you say makes sense.
  • Yeah, sometimes we take fanboyism a bit too far. Though Microsoft don't have to worry much about Google Docs or Open Office much for now, it's always better to ensure long term growth! Now about iOS 7 LOL...
  • Noooo!!! Whyyyyy!?!?!?!?!
  • I wonder what they wanted to achieve with this release? It does not support iPad, it has less functionality than the WP version (and about 10% of functionality of Pages/Numbers/Keynote on iOS), it requires an expensive subscription, and it is US only.
    Basically it's a token useless effort.
  • Keep friends close enemy's closer i guess
  • Keep WP Cental closest
  • Errr. How does it compare to the WP Office Suite? Better? Worse? About the same?
  • I heard it's worse from one of the comments.
  • According to The Verge, it's better on iOS. That'd be extremely disheartening. It wouldn't be a surprise to see lackluster support from Microsoft towards it's own child, though... :coughSkypecough:
  • I like this. I can use Office for free on my phone because I chose to go in with wp7/8. Others can still be tied to the ms ecosystem with their other phone but they don't get the perk of getting it for free, they need to subscribe and pay a bit. Smart move by ms.
  • Good move for Microsoft. Gives people the ability to use their service but you do have to pay for it on a competing platform. Gives them another way to make money. At least is free on WP.
  • This is great for me - my company phone is an iP5, and I use Skydrive a lot for work. Now I won't have to pull out my personal phone (NL920) whenever I need to edit! The only downer is, it's so much prettier on WP8 than iOS ;^]
  • This is a very good move by MS, and one that they needed to make to keep office as the standard office suite. It also gets more users into their SkyDrive ecosystem. A huge portion of their profits come from office, and to remain viable Microsoft needs to make certain every user on every device can buy office. I think the next important thing to get to ios is Xbox music. They need to grab as many potential users as they can before google ports their alternative across.
  • Microsoft is forced to make this move and it is a necessary move really for the MS eco-system to develop. Office 365 adoption is lacklustre (1 million licenses in 3+ month is abysmal) and MS really needed to do something to reinvigorate it. And I think this is a good move to force the iOS users to shell out at least $79.99/year more as there is no competing productivity suite available. Most students/business users already bought an iPhone/iPad. So, MS is shooting itself in the foot if it didn't go for that revenue stream by not offering Office as many reports confirm that iOS users are the most willing spenders of all ecosystems.
    Now, for those who cry about WP 8/Win 8 RT losing its appeal 'coz Office suite is no longer exclusive in this platform, the main point you are forgetting is that Office is free in WP/Win RT and the users will have to shell out minimum $79.99/year for iOS or even for Win 8 Pro. So, over a period of time, the appeal of WP/Win RT will gain momentum 'coz the users are getting lot more bang for the buck compared to iOS devices. MS should of course starve Android users without Office(although a business case could be made for getting that revenue as well). Android users are either cheapos or intelligent enough to hate overpriced iOS devices anyway, and they'll see the value in WP/Win RT in the long term for the free productivity suite and make the switch.
    I can certainly see reasonably intelligent student/business user trying to make sense of $699 iPad (64 GB) + $100+/yr Office subscription vs lot cheaper option of $400 Asus Vivotab where you get everytihng iPad has to offer and more.
    I for one, call it a nice move MS.
  • With the 8.1 update Windows RT gains Outlook as well which, IMHO, means that Surface RT will kill the iPad productivity wise.
  • This is good move but office on phones is still not effective for corporate.
  • This is brilliant. Love it, I dont use office 365 because of windows phone and SkyDrive. But this does keep office very relevant to the new generation of users.
  • Uummm we don't need a subscription they do. So what's the big deal, you want office on a small,screen go for it.
  • Doesn't work on the iPad. Well played Microsoft, well played...
  • It's only free to iOS users who have an active Office 365 subscription. It's not like WP, where Office comes included with each device. Additionally, Office is available for Mac, so why wouldn't they release it for iOS?
  • It's not for free. The app is free, but you need to subscribe a 365 contract. iOS users will have to pay 80 dollars a year! Why should I pay such an amount when there are valuable alternatives like Quickoffice or Office HD or DocsToGo? And they are about 5 dollars you pay once, when you buy them from the App Store...