Microsoft releases Springboard Series App for WP7, shows IT Pros some love

One thing that you can say unequivocally about Microsoft, they have a solid foothold in the IT world; and there isn’t a close second. Between the server offerings and the Windows 7 OS, nobody can stand toe-to-toe with Microsoft in the enterprise. One thing that I (as an IT Professional) love about working with Microsoft products is the wealth of documentation and resources housed within Microsoft’s Technet community.

Microsoft’s Springboard Series is a collection of documentation focused on educating IT Professionals on the tools and processes used to deploy and manage Windows 7 desktops. With the launch of the Springboard Series App for Windows Phone 7, Microsoft is providing mobile access to the articles and videos on the Springboard site.

If you’re an IT Pro, or you just like playing around with your Windows 7 computer; go get the Springboard Series app from the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace (Zune link).

Tim Ferrill