Microsoft releases updated Windows 10 SDK preview with build 10166

Following the release of Windows 10 PC build 10166 today, Microsoft has pushed out an update to the Windows 10 Preview SDK for developers. While there isn't much new in this preview, it does bring along some bug fixes and an API change.

As far as what's new in this build, we're looking at mostly bug fixes along with the following API update:

Windows.ApplicationModel.Email - Additional getter properties added

Though the changes are minor, the updated SDK contains a known issue that will affect users upgrading from older builds 10069 or 10074:

When installing the Windows SDK 10 version 10166, an error that AppVerifier did not install correctly and setup rolls back OR When trying to uninstall Windows SDK 10 version 10069, an error that the AppVerifier package failed to uninstall.

  • Download file to your PC.
  • Extract the contents to a known location. Example: C:\temp
  • From an Administrative command prompt, run c:\temp\InstallAppVerifierBinary.cmd
  • Once complete you should be able to install or uninstall the AppVerifier binaries.

And there you have it. Microsoft said in late June that it would start pushing new SDK releases out with Fast ring builds, and so far it has kept up with that promise. If you're an interested developer, you can download the updated SDK from the Windows 10 Developer Tools page now.

Source: Microsoft

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  • It's getting there fast.
  • Wonder if VS 2015 will be the same software we would use to build HoloLens apps, or if it gets its own IDE. Either way, im excited!
  • HoloLens apps are/will be Universal Windows 10 Apps, so we will almost definitely use HoloLens, possibly with some extensions to the tooling. The day this is available will be awesome.  
  • Yes agreed
  • Yeah me too.. I have no clue through. :)
  • At build they used the Unity editor for this.
  • I'm just waiting for an update for Mobile. MS I'm waiting.
  • As soon as Windows 10 reaches Rtm, they will focus on the mobile version.
  • Yeah I know that. But I don't want a new build until RTM.
  • This is what I hope for. But at the same time I wouldn't expect there to necessarily be an absolutely instant surge of activity on Mobile, as they are still rolling out in phases day by day after the 29th July - So I'd imagine a considerable amount of staff will still be making changes around compatibility and fixes based on (automatic and user provided) feedback on the upgrade process etc. But shouldn't be long afterwards we start to see more activity - At the same time I do get why some people are now itching for a new mobile build, and they do appear to have some fairly solid builds based on recent leaks, which is promising for a potential release to fast ring in the next 3 weeks.
  • any chance if we have build 10162 will i be able to just update to 10166 or do i need to fresh install?
  • nm i forgot fast ring members get it duh
  • Preparing to install updates 66%
  • Windows 10 build 10166 up and running and seems alot faster.
  • Stupid build 10166 again made IE 11 as default browser. Clicking link from WindowsCentral app now starts IE instead of Edge. Beautiful regress.
  • Please report this to them via reporting tool, it will yield more than reporting it us.
  • Tweetium has the same problems as in previous builds. Even worse.
  • Visual Studio "Update" shows that update is unavailable,
    "update" button in VC setup is inactive.
  • How do I find my desktop programs they ate not in the start menu.
  • Can I get Windows 10 SDK and mobile emulator offline installer? due to my slow internet setup fails with web installer.
  • Arjun, once you start the installer, it gives you the option to either install on your local machine or download a standalone version to install on other machines. Not sure if that option is an .ISO file.
  • Ok bro, will check that out, even if it can download standalone .msi that's good enough for me.
  • Now just need the HoloLens emulator :) That would rock!