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Microsoft releases Windows 10 cumulative update 14393.969

Microsoft has started pushing out a new Windows 10 cumulative update, clocking in with build number 14393.969. Just a week out from the recent Patch Tuesday update, this new cumulative build packs only two bug fixes of note.

Cumulative Update

Here's a look at what's fixed in this release:

  • Addressed a known issue with KB4013429 that caused Windows DVD Player (and 3rd party apps that use Microsoft MPEG-2 handling libraries) to crash.
  • Addressed a known issue with KB4013429, that some customers using Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10 1607 Client with Switch Embedded Teaming (SET) enabled might experience a deadlock or when changing the physical adapter's link speed property. This issue is most commonly seen as a DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION or when verifier is enabled a VRF_STACKPTR_ERROR is seen in the Memory dump.

It's a pretty minor update that appears to be only rolling out on PC, and you should be able to grab it via Windows Update right now. For more, be sure to check out Microsoft's support article (opens in new tab).

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  • Is this for Mobile too?
  • Microsoft doesn't care about mobile.
  • That sounds about right.
  • Are you getting any sound from microwave?
  • Neither of these issues apply to mobile. So, nope. :)
  • PC first. Mobile and Xbox second. This follows the same previous pattern with Redstone.
  • PC first. Xbox second. Mobile third. Even though Mobile lines up with PC versions.
  • It's a pretty minor update that appears to be only rolling out to PC!!
  • No says for PC only above!
  • Answer in the article.
  • Why issuing a new cumulative with only two bugs fixed?!
  • The MPEG bug was pretty major, so I guess they've released an out-of-band update to address it. Good work on their part
  • You're right, they should just hold great fixes back until they have a massive release to deal with instead. /s
  • DVD player never worked on my win8 media centre migration, but fine on my laptop. Bizarre
  • We need a update that deletes the ghost Microsoft-account in Calendar...
  • Haven't heard of that one before. What is it? Have you reported it through Feedback?
  • Yep. Reported to Microsoft The Netherlands. But it is also discussed at the English Microsoft community. Nobody knows what it is. I asked Daniel to investigate but no answer yet. MS Community:
  • Not seen that problem at all here
  • Where is 'here'?
  • Ghost account can be fixed here:
  • i think is prepare for windows creator update
  • It's taking forever to install on my laptop. Been stuck on Getting Windows ready  Don't turn off your computer.
  • ☺ Yep, this minor update thinks it a whole new OS. But, I finally got it 😇
  • Some (sad) people don't understand smilies
  • Updates seem to take ages now, mine was stuck on that screen for about 10 minutes, but after the upidate percentage started showing, it was really quick.
  • It just did it a minte ago
  • Can confirm that this update fixes the issue with CompPkgSup.dll, which has been causing problems with MPEG2, several users on the Plex forum reported issues with this bug that was introduced with 14393.726 release preview cumulative update
  • Owh! Make me wonder why i can't play video in Twitter app on my pc. Hope this update fixed it.
  • Never had any problems with that..
  • The CompPkgSup.dll issue this update fixes also helps fix Windows Media Center. W00t!!
  • what about mobile, mobile need serious help/ update, because of the issue of charging complain
  • I hope this fix the content BSOD i have been getting since the last cumulative patch.
  • This morning I installed this update and I am getting numerous BSOD. I haven't made any changes at all to my system, so I believe there is something in this update that is causing the BSOD. I received a BSOD when trying to go to a web page. I received a BSOD when trying to use Snipping-Tool. I've now had at least five BSOD since I installed this update, and prior to this I've never had a BSOD ever.
  • Anyone seeing error 0x80070002 on this update?
  • Nope
  • The AMD corner of the internet is freaking out because this update did something positive to Ryzen performance. Guess that wasn't part of the official release notes.