Microsoft reportedly moving control of MSN to the Windows division

Microsoft is reportedly moving control of its MSN web portal from the Applications and Services Group over to its Operating Systems Group, the home for its Windows development teams. The move was announced this morning by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella in an internal company memo.

This move, as first reported by GeekWire, could be part of Microsoft's plans to integrate MSN more with Windows, particularly with the upcoming launch of Windows 10. Microsoft already rebranded its Bing apps for Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 with the MSN name in late September.

Microsoft also launched a major redesign of the webpage last fall, but there were reports that traffic to the site dropped significantly after that event. GeekWire is now reporting that the traffic to the MSN site has now recovered.

Source: GeekWire

John Callaham
  • Any plans on getting rid of the ads? I still find it annoying that first party apps on a platform have ads for their other products. I don't see the point.
  • I agree with this 100%. I find it insulting when any of the first party apps have ads, and especially insulting when stock apps have ads. I would kind of expect that from Google, but they don't even do it.
  • Are you really getting affected by those tiny little ads. Really!!!
  • Yes. They're distracting.
  • How so? Please explain?
  • Anything outside the visual focus and the topic is distracting and annoying.  Maybe kids are used to ads and expect them. Us old timers are used to skipping them or using that time on TV to get a beer or take a piss.
  • They are not. Those ads only promotes their own apps, sometimes paid apps. And these days nothing is ad free.
  • Correct.  I paid for Winodws 7 and then I paid for Windows 8 Pro.  It wasn't free. I do not want Ads in 1st party applications. I certainly don't have Ads in the FaceTime or Messages App on my iMac.  Why are there ads in Skype, for example.  It looks messy, it looks cheap, they're distracting, and they're wasteful. I don't use any of the MSN Apps on any of my devices (uninstalled from Windows 8.1) largely because the Ads.  I have always found it odd (and quite insulting) that Microsoft basically baked Adware into their OS's default installation.  I don't care what they advertise.  They shouldn't be there.
  • Exactly, you paid for the OS and it is unacceptable for any stock application to include an ad. It is simply low class. Downloading a free application from the store is a different matter, but if you paid for it then no ads is the only thing that is acceptable. 
  • I find the ads on the pages bing/msn links to are anything but tiny. The best change that they could make, especially the carousel on Bing home page, is to ensure the links jump to clean pages.
  • they are talking about the APPS not the website, do you expect websites not to have ads?? it's not like WindowsCentral doesn't have them... unless you use adblock, which you can use on bing/msn anyway, they are talking about the apps, so you are just adding a not so useful reply.
  • Not really. You can't see those ads unless you go to the bottom. So your point is bullshit.
  • If it is a freeware app that I chose to install then ads are fine. But I paid for Windows and ads in the stock apps is insulting.
  • I dont see ads in any of the apps. Guessing my connection is crappy enough that it times out
  • If you're using IE, you can enable tracking protection. It works perfectly...
  • Ads suck! They are annoying. Never clicked on one and never will. I don't use apps with ads. I'd rather pay for the app than see stupid annoying ads. If I wanted to support ads and ad revenue I'd go back to adDroid!
  • Ads do not bother me. I ignore them. I understand nothing is free and expect to see advertising everywhere. I pay for cable tv and still see ads. At least msn apps are free.
  • I would rather have to drop a buck on the app for an ad free version. When ad free versions of apps are available I always buy them.
  • Get adblock. It works.
  • I could perhaps live with the ads if they stopped trying to recycle the same old gun control propaganda articles.
  • Windows 10 with MSN instead of Bing
  • Will be probably better than Windows 8.1 with Bing !
  • I don't really like msn
  • What is it about MSN you dislike? I find their news articles are nice and informative, and the other sections have nice layouts that is easy to navigate.
  • Too much clutter to be my homepage. I like the Bing homepage better. You can hide the news stories
  • I prefer Bing; a, usually, gorgeous picture. Simple and plain.
  • I'm to the point of who cares with these kind of articles.... Nothing seems to stop the bleeding.
    The only thing that brings me hope is W10, all the new stuff.... That at least hasn't failed yet.
  • As a 'biggest fan' why do you care about this 'bleeding' so much and compare so much?  Like it doesn't reallly matter so long as your needs are met no?  The market share thing will just have to work itself out over time.  You can't force people to change otherwise the leash witll be very short.  People have to want to change.
  • Hell No... I don't agree with that passive attitude of yours...
    I respect your opinion, but I can't allow myself to think like that, and that's the last way I want MS thinking... Thanks for your reply, though.
  • That's fine, as long as you don't make yourself worked up to the point of being sick enough and leaving windows! ;)  Don't be a stat on the wrong side! hahah
  • No.. I never threaten that, although a lot of longtime members have, and I don't really blame them... MS has just made this harder than it needed to be.. I'm still foolish enough to count on W10 like most of us here...
  • That's all we can do at this point. Windows 8 (yes that includes 8.1 and WP 8.1) are considered flops by the general public, so to move away from it is wise by Microsoft at this point. As for Win10? It's not to focus on primarily the phone. It's instead to focus on running Windows on any device imaginable. To steal away 30-40% market share in smartphones is not an easy feat, especially in the states, so instead, they're right in focusing on the OS rather than just the device itself. :)
  • Just simply put it to google division \s
  • Google can have "Zune", that's all I'd trust them with!
  • Good, now perhaps MSN Games will get a revamp and all the games actually be compatible with IE!
  • This is interesting. Not so much because of the webpage, but more for the MSN apps. So more integration and better alignment within Windows 10, Windows Phone 10, and Xbox. Perhaps we'll see more features soon. 
  • "Perhaps we'll see more features soon." Yeah on ios & android. Soon for them is 1-2 weeks while soon for WP is 6-9 months...
  • This is awesome. Just imagine the level of integration that could be enabled with it. I am thinking lock screen notification of news, travel info, etc. :D
  • MSN Weather already has Lockscreen integration, Sprot & News would give a nice choice.
  • I know about Weather. That's why I didn't mention it, you see.
  • The msn News app would bring up terrible LockScreens don't you think? " 6 found dead at example place.." Along with a picture of that title with tombstones or something. just sayin
  • Lol.
    But it is still useful. You will know that 6 people died without even unlocking your phone. :D
  • I just tried a lock screen available on android published by MSFT and have decided that that's the type of lock screen we want on WP. It's called Picturesque Lock Screen. Go check it out.
  • i like msn and bing ( bing is my homepage) why most windows user are so naggy? that say i don't like msn without reason hey guys you are using ms app powered by big msn with full of great tips and news so what is your problem many people around me have android or IOS smartphone and using msn apps but never complain why is msn i hate masn or.... try not to be so naggy as they said rebranding from bing to msn was ok change yourself or switch to ......
  • And in Nutella's next memo, let's just move everything to ios and google's division.
  • This
  • Nutella. I'm dying.
  • LOL.
  • " traffic to the site dropped significantly after that event" Traffic from MSN to Bing dropped. Traffic to MSN didn't drop.
  • Maybe moving the MSN stuff to the Windows Division is the start of pulling them from iOS & Android as having them in the Windows Division means so tightly integrated into Windows 10 & Windows 10 Phone will mean that it's hard to justify making apps for Android & iOS. Now move the Outlook Android & iOS App along with Sunrise Calendar to the Windows Division & integrate them into Windows 10 & Windows 10 Phone, pull them from Android & iOS, that'll make Cortana going cross platform less useful to Android & iOS since Android have got Google Now & SVoice on Samsung devices. I really can't see Microsoft making Cortana as good as it is on Windows Phone on Android & iOS as the Live tile is useful, converting that to an Android Widget will be time consuming & cluttered & iOS only has static icons on the desktop & I'm not sure what a Cortana Today Widget would look like compared to the Windows Live Tile. I really don't know why people get so bent out of shape at Microsoft releasing apps & now possibly Cortana for Android & iOS, Google release their Android apps for iOS and no one in the Android community complains. Apple takes Google & Microsoft apps but doesn't share their iOS apps with Google or Microsoft.
  • You are not making any sense whatsoever.
  • Good news
  • Everytime I see an ad on MSN page esp on MSN Money, I click it and explore it for a few minutes. It's giving MSN some income. Haha :)
  • All the ad revenue is probably going to google so good luck with that! Lol.
  • Msn is using adsense?? Oh please!!
  • Microsoft advertises on msn site or
  • Interesting move.
  • I just hope that they don't decide to rename the search engine again because Bing is great.
  • Yeah. Bing has a certain vibe to it. I like saying it. :D
  • Just change to Billy! This yoyo-yoing has become meaningless.....
  • Wonder what could be the ulterior motive behind this? Much better integration? If so, in what sense? Looks like we'll have to wait to find out.
  • I think wc deleted my comment? Do they do that?
  • Yes, they do. Too bad.
  • Wow, it wasn't even bad. Weird
  • Maybe you fired up some debate. They have done this with me too.
  • I basically said that with the moving of Cortana to android and iOS it gives consumers even less of a reason to buy WP. I know its off topic, But I was just replying to someone. Dumb that its so easy to be censored for saying things like that.
  • Maybe Daniel was pissed off on something or someone. :D
  • MSN apps are few of good apps in windows app market because bing team have controlled them but once windows team control them, it is matter of time to screw up MSN apps.
  • This was a political move. Terry Myerson wanted control of the IE home page and wanted it to point to Windows 10 related sites. The guy in charge of the application division, which also own MSN, obviously was fighting this. So, Nadella moved MSN to Meyerson and now if MSN declines because of any changes to the default home page, Meyerson will be responsible for that decline and not the other exec. It will probably effect his bonus. Very shrewd internal political move by Nadella. This news was reported on Yahoo finance.
  • Don't rely on a financial news outlet for this kind of news. They politicize everything.
  • Finally!