Microsoft requests clearance from EU for Nokia deal; expects decision by December

Steve Ballmer and Stephen Elop
Steve Ballmer and Stephen Elop (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

Back in September, it was confirmed that Microsoft was purchasing a part of Nokia for the sum of EURO5.44 billion ($7.49 billion). The deal will see Microsoft absorb the Devices and Services division for future development, leaving the likes of NSN (Nokia Solutions and Networks) and HERE. Redmond is now seeking approval from EU antitrust regulators for the deal to go through. 

According to the report over at Reuters, the European Commission has stated it would decide by December 4th whether to clear the acquisition, which could be extended by 10 working days should Microsoft offer concessions to dispel competition fears. Until the deal closed, it's business as usual.

Source: Reuters

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  • I hope it gets refused
  • +nokia for your views
  • +920
  • You rather see Nokia Androids?
  • If that means an independent Nokia, then yes.
  • Before Nokia chose windows phone ....Nokia tried with android Foxcom factory now there are 10.000 Nokia phone with android.
  • Actually those phones were produced this year already. Nokia's preparing to jump ship, and that's why Microsoft attacked.
  • And Nokia would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for those meddling kids!!!
  • +920 for the Scooby Doo reference ;D
  • True that stop the deal, Cancel the deal govt
  • 10 whole phones? Why not 10.5 or 10.25? Ohhh 10,000.... Gotcha :P
  • It will get passed and you'll get over it.
    I love Nokia but a lot of the top windows phone features come in a form of apps... Would be nice if they were integrated.
  • One thing you're right. IF it gets passed I'll get over...I'll get over to Sony. Plain and simple. I'm the end, it's Microsoft that will be losing customers anyway. I don't own Microsoft shares so I couldn't care less. They destroy Nokia, they deserve all the bad things that'll bring them. ;)
  • Everything you said is understandable but saying they destroyed Nokia is not true. Nokia destroyed itself not Microsoft.
  • +8 If anything Microsoft gave Nokia a decent, respectable way to die.
  • Really? Is that why the company was worth a hell of a lot more before Eflop got his piggy hands on it? Why they were still selling a lot more?
  • They died 6 years ago. Nokia never impacted smart phone market after inventing it. They snoozed, they lost.
  • ^^^
  • Rock, he wil never understand this. He (and others) are living in the past and obviously have zero concept of the world we live in today. It is funny and sad all at the same time.
  • Well they dint snooze they still had the ideas but the top management became compalcent and symbian's growth was hurted due to internal politics.
    you might want to check this out, it is an interesting read.
  • You seem to be regurgitating mindless bloggers. Nokia is at fault for their decline, and so is Blackberry. The two companies failed to recognized the threat posed by Apple back in 2007. Microsft was also late to the table as well, but their market cap allowed for them to stay afloat and put up a fight. Do some research bro, and save yourself from embarrassment.
  • Spot on!
  • MS as well failed to see the impact that Apple brought to the smartphones market; Photon, which could have contained the iPhone success, had been neglected and delayed and that was the reason why MS market share dropped to a single digit one.
    The irony is that years before MS was the first beneficiary when Palm made the same mistake with PDAs and disappeared.
  • Yeah, Nokia was doing stunningly well before they hired Elop. /s
  • just for you, you'll love this link ;)
  • Well ... there are possibilities if the CEO is not Elop. But that burning platform thing will probably stay. Symbian is on a dead end and meego is immature and continuing develop it will cost more resources. So in the end it will be either Android or Windows Phone. And both decision is actually gambling. Picking Windows Phone, they got partnership, got some cash to stay afloat, but has an early state OS that has a chance to follow the two big giant. Picking Android, they has less work to promote their devices (but still alot work to do to compete with Samsung) at the risk of collapsing before they took off.
    So if you looking for the one to blame, blame the previous CEO.
  • Worth more, but dropping like a rock before Elop.
  • "The further backward you look, the further forward you can see." -Winston Churchill-
    I always believe there is a much deeper story than that convinient "Elop as the Trojan Horse" story. It indeed looks like that from an outsider's (like you and me) point of view. But I refuse to believe that is all there is to it. Nokia was already declining beginning when the first iPhone was launched. And just like someone else has said in this forum, "Because Nokia snoozed, they lost."
    Having said all that, I am sharing your sentiment and still sincerely hoping the deal does not get approved. We'll all see how this turns out. I am keeping my fingers crossed..
  • Try looking at the charts pryor to Elop, there was already a trend towards what we are seen today, declining market share and slow to react to iPhone.
  • It's quite apparent that you don't know your history. I'm looking forward to the devices and software that will come out of MS owning the whole process.  Joe already spoke to some of the issues where both teams were working on implementation of features.  i.e. app solution vs. OS solution.   Expect great things, honestly I see this as the only way the Nokia Devices team members will be able to deliver the great experiences they are accustomed to delivering.
  • @wbachman
    Not sure if that comment was directed at me...
  • Nokia didnt destroyed itself elop planned all this to become next microsoft ceo
  • Conspiracy theories. Why don't we just blame the free masons...
  • No! Blame the 1% Zionists! And the Illuminati! It's Bush's fault! 
  • Efff it, let's just blame it on Obama Care!
  • nokia destroyed itself prior to elop,
  • This is a great move for the windows phone platform & it's obvious now that MSFT is 100% committed to WP. Nokia will make a lot of money on this deal by going after all the google OEM's and not worry about being counter sued. Nokia will die without MSFT and there's no guarantee that the android community will embrace Nokia like we did. There's a lot of people who want Nokia to make phones for android but how many of them would really leave their Samsung phones for Nokia???
  • Your correct, nokia didnt have the money to sell androids with specs that compete with samsung at a similar pricepoint, Had nokia went the android route, they would have failed horribly (not putting nokia down.. I lvoe the company, shame to see them fall) but siding with M$ and making WP's was the obvious choice to secure the businesses existance. I don't think nokia would exist had they gone the route of nokia, and atleast this way, all those people get to keep there jobs, and nokia can still exist.. and if they do well enough.. they could even recreate the devision they sold to m$, so its not as if nokia is dead now.
  • If you are not a WP lover then what are you doing in here? Please go to AndroidCentral.
  • Says the person called "iAdrian"? Why are you not at iMore? For all you dumb people: Nokia fans are at WPCentral because Nokia phones run Windows Phone.
    Put Android on my Lumia920 and I'll go to Android Central since that's the page with news to that OS.
  • You should be on a Nokia fanboy site.
  • He's afraid. With Nokia gone he won't have a purpose.
  • See ya
  • Well try shutting up and get your Christmas present early; now leave
  • I cannot wait for DJCBS to get an Android... hopefully it means I won't have to see anymore of his bullshit baseless hate here anymore.
  • You can always pull out your eyes. It's not like anyone will care, anyway.
  • I don't get this at all. Nokia was lost before they pit in with microsoft. Hell, they are still struggling and that's with all of the support they get from Microsoft. Support they wouldn't get from going with android, where they would be lagging well behind Samsung's and htc and sony
  • Same here either switching back to Sony or may try Apple iPhone once.
  • + (Lost and not found) Lumia 928.... I second your comment @EvoLuTioNHeaVy
  • I don't see how great features come with apps. The only reason why WP has a fighting chance is because of hardware advantages. There are no top features in form of apps. Office? How many people actually use office on their phones? Xbox video is yet to come..
  • I use office daily on my phone as well as the Xbox hub; the question is, "how many people use the camera on their phones more than basic features like texting, calls, games?" Answer: not many and its reflected by the number of 1020's that have sold along with the others. You delusional Nokia fan boys are blinded by loyalism. I carry two Nokias, but not for the camera. I like the design, but many non windows phone users say Nokia phones are too big and ugly. As for them having a chance selling android devices, its too late now that google is putting out custom Moto x devices. It ws too late when the let Apple take their crown.........end of story
  • Let them have it! The truth hurts! @OMG55
  • Exactly, it was simply Apple. It still baffles me why people seem to blame MS for Nokia's problems. Why and how did Elop get into Nokia in the first place? Did he put a gun to their heads??? The truth is Nokia was already badly strained before WP7 even came on the scene, thanks to their underestimation of the iPhone and their failure to accurately measure the threat it posed. They chose the MS partnership simply for the cash support they would get in the meantime. This is simple business logic. They had the freedom to choose Android, but they did not. That was NOT the fault of MS, but a consequence of Nokia's bad position. It's a free world, they took the best deal they could get at the time. Success on Android was not guaranteed to be an instant hit, but the MS cash support was certain. This is reality. Or is WP also to blame for Blackberry's struggle too?
  • Oddly enough I left my iPhone 4S for the VZ Nokia Lumia 928, because of the camera :-)
  • Are you joking? The camera is the #1 feature on my phone, and probably gets used almost daily, while texting & calls typically revolves around the weekend only. I definitely want a 1020 and know of others who do too. The 1020 only just launched or is still launching in many places. I'm waiting for the price to drop and accessory bundles (only chumps buy at launch). The size is surely an issue to many people though. I'm still put off by the paltry 32 GB, with no microSD, on a device made for chewing up storage with lots of photos!
  • I was talking about Nokia features not Microsoft. I was leaning more towards the camera & all the Nokia lenses.
    Btw my girlfriend studies & updates some of her work on one note and office when ever her surface is out of reach. Only because you don't find any use for it doesn't mean others won't.
  • Remember what happened when Microsoft purchased Rare? RIP.
  • Nintendo + Rare !!! now that was a partnership :)
  • What do you possibly care for?
  • Nokia.
    (and my girlfriend, family and a ton of other stuff non-tech related, obviously)
  • I'd rather see iNokia instead of it being bought by someone
  • They can do both, like Microsoft is supposedly asking HTC to do. And maybe having the deal fall through will actually get Microsoft as a company to stand 100% behind WP instead of the half hearted support we see today
  • Or maybe the 30,000 + employees whom are set to transfer from Nokia to Microsoft will continue to innovate under a different leader...... Same employees, same ideas, same talent just might lead to seamless integration as opposed to apps. "Where are the optimistic enthusiasts?"
  • Integration is Microsoft innovation, its the whole concept behind windows phone......a more integrated experience as opposed to bring solely app dependent. I love Nokia, but the fact is that they recycled the N8 & N9 designs for Lumia as well as their already existing pureview technology. The only thing their brings to WP that is really new is apps the developers have been hesitant to bring to WP; their playing the role of the negotiator.......stated by a Nokia fan who is realistic about the company I support
  • The one resource Microsoft has in abundance is talented people, the problem is an executive management structure that does not give a damn about WP. All the engineers wont make a difference when situations exist like with Xbox Live on WP where someone somewhere has decided that WP isn't worth the effort. Or some other division releasing remote desktop apps for competing platforms then when it comes to WP we hear the excuse "its a rare use case scenario" then proceeds to trumpet the number of downloads on WP's competitor platforms. Microsoft has always had the talent to make WP the best OS out there, they just don't seem to have the will and how is that going to change by buying Nokia when the same fiefdom mentality exists that regards WP as less than a bug squashed underfoot?
  • As per your response, I propose a change in executive management  within Microsoft. As for the acquisition of Nokia, I remain optimistic :-D
  • What is wrong with Android?
    It is probaly the best OS now in market(having 80% market share)
    I would love to see Nokia Android phone.
  • Its cheap. Not best.
  • You along with about 200 others. News flash, even 7m Android Nokia phone would impact Samsung in the android race. The fact is, Samsung has google locked down!!!!!
  • -920
  • well, as a European - so do I...
  • Well, as a European, I hope it goes through and we see Microsoft branded Windows Phones.
  • why?
  • There sure are a lot of Nokia and MS board members on this forum with "inside" scoop. Or maybe they are just repeating what they "heard" on the net.
  • + (Lost and not found) 928
  • I also hope so, 
    I want to see Nokia as free not in MS cage.
  • So let me get this straight, "Microsoft is the reason Nokia let Apple steal its thunder"? Oh wait, Elop did that right? I love Nokia, but their decline in the cellular business is they're own doing long before now along with BlackBerry who was the undisputed king. I'm starting to hope the deal falls through so all you nay Sayers will see Nokia crumble the blackberry way. As for blackberry leaving the consumer line for enterprise, breaking news, they're done on all fronts except patents.
  • +1520
  • Yeah, and Nokia will simply shutdown the devices division rendering many people in your community out of work! Way to support your community....dumb dee dumb dumb dumb!!!
  • Why?
  • Microsoft +Nokia = sunshine, lollipops and rainbows
  • Hahaha
  • So Very soon Indian market will say bye bye to Windows phone. Once the deal is done, the only market where windows phone sales will increase will be US. It will go down drastically without the Nokia brand in rest of the world. I really hope the deal doesn't get cleard.When iPhone came into the picture, It was only successful in the US. Nokia was still the king in the rest of the world. By the time the Android came into picture, Symbian was morethan capable of offering what android had to offer in any period of time. When symbian was droped it, had more features than any of the Android phone's at that time. Only google advertisement money helped Adroid grow. DJCBS i am with you mate.
  • Pls EU government say no and quit the deal, refuse the deal pls for heaven sake...
  • Just get your iphone or sony like you said above, as apparently Nokia isn't as innovative as you've claimed. If they were, you wouldn't be considering leaving as Microsoft will keep all of those talented people employed and build new facilities.
  • 1. Well I already have a Sony Phone and Experience is way better than WP OS... :P
    2. I never claimed Nokia is not innovative instead you're putting fake allegations on me. I'm a Nokia fan & for its legacy I dont want my favourite Company to be SOLD to a waste company like: Microsoft, Whose XBox is failiure to PS4, SkyDrive is waste in contrast to Google Drive & iCloud, Office suite is way worse than Apple's iWork which is free now and WP OS is a half baked OS much less baked than Symbian until a few months back.
    3. Nokia is one of the most Innovaative companies who have shone across the globe with their legendary sucess in SmartPhone market which even Apple or Android can't beat and sustain as king of smartphone for that long.
    4. Nokia is one of the first companies to make the Wireless Phone now smartphone and Nokia is a legend and has a goodwill, brand trust & innovation are mind boggling with that durable phones. But Stephen Elop comes and fucks up everything..
    5. Nokia shouldn't be sold as its one the biggies in EU like a bright hier diamond in the Crown. And dont let Americans take that away.
    6. Like: Microsoft was funding Nokia to help them sustain same EU government can do like: USA did for "GM" during recession. And if Nokia goes away then a cold country like Finland would be in a much colder future.
    7. Its not a merger!! This deal is being SOLD to the other company which means you're now some else's slave. Its not even sure that Microsoft will use the name Nokia even though they might* have leased the patents of branding the Asha phones as "Nokia Asha Phones".
    8. As for the Nokia's team & talanted ppl well most of them have already signed their RESIGNATIONS and leaving the company behind specially all the hotshots like: Nokia's Senior Vice President for Design, Marko Ahtisaari, has announced he will be leaving the company following its takeover by Microsoft, Many already left Nokia when Elop disbanded Meego and all of the employees who made Meego left Nokia as Jolla. And If deal goes through many Nokia fans whould leave Nokia behind to other phone brands and ofcourse no WP as thats what screwed up their fav Company. Many of us may go to Android or iPhone but never a Microsoft product.
    9. Microsoft Canniblized its own sales of WP OS. Now HTC also making only 1 WP a year and Samsung concentraing more on Android & Tizen OS. Microsoft WP is long gone already :D

  • I hope too
  • +nokia for your views
  • I hope they say a big no to microsoft, oh god please dont let that nokia angel fall in to the hands of microsoft daemon, after deal its sure we will get pissed
  • Maybe Microsoft will be able to keep AT&T from pushing them around.
  • The FTP or the NTP daemon ? I'll get pissed Saturday night, either way.
  • Yes, god forbid that we have a seamless handset and software experience that the other ecosystems have. That would be horrible. Nokia is gone regardless, at least this way it is better for those of us invested in the ms ecosystem.
  • I guess if it passes, I'll get a Nokia/MS smartphone next year because I really need to replace my Lumia 900.
    Afterwards, I won't be getting a smartphone for a LONG time. I had my N95 for four years and this new phone will likely break that record.
    Seriously, fuck Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG and all those other American and Asian fuckers.
    I want my Siemens. And I can't have Siemens, so I go for Nokia.
    And without Nokia, there are no more ways for me to get a good smartphone.