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Microsoft rolling out Preview for Developers 14176 update for Windows Phone 8.1.1

It is 1 PM Eastern Time, which means it is time for Microsoft to begin pushing out an OS update. Indeed, for those enrolled in the Preview for Developers program and who want an early look at the latest version of Windows Phone, a new update is now live. Version 14176 of Windows Phone 8.1.1 is the new update.

We have just started the download it ourselves and we will update this article shortly. Microsoft's Joe Belfiore mentioned earlier this week that this update should address lingering issues with those not getting the Lumia Cyan firmware, errors in installing, and even a fix for HTC users. We will try to verify all of that soon.

Update 1 - Confirmed that HTC devices are now eligible for the Preview updates, including the HTC 8X and HTC 8XT. Thanks, Steve O.

Update 2 - The Windows Blog has posted details about the update:

"Build 8.10.14176 starts rolling today to developer preview participants, and provides a bunch of performance improvements and general fixes. One of the important fixes addresses an issue some folks were seeing during the update process – the 80188308 error – which resulted from running out of storage space in the system partition during update. We expect this fix to solve the update issue for most users."

Regarding the Lumia Cyan update Microsoft is now "targeting a whole lot more (devices) starting today" with the updates. However, this means not all phones are yet eligible for Cyan, so we will have to wait and find out which are the lucky phones.

Update 3 - We can confirm that the HTC One for Windows is also getting the Preview update

Update 4 - The AT&T Lumia 920 and Lumia 925 are two of the phones that can now receive Lumia Cyan if already on 8.1.1

Update 5 - Users in India with Lumia 720 and Lumia 920s are reporting Cyan updates are unblocked. Some other Lumia 920 and 1520 users are also saying the same, though region and carrier details vary.


Thanks for the tips, everyone!

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • My device is ready.
  • Good one.
  • My HTC 8S updates!!!
  • Well hope so soon the mark where microsoft is expecting lumia cyan share in WP market reaches dat target and they finally let twitter and instagram truly of wp8.1 version hit the stores which they are holding back ..!!!
  • I think the real question to ask would be: Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
  • LMAO! That made me spit my coffee onto my keyboard! You sir owe me a new keyboard! 
  • His command of the English Language is Impeccable!
  • LMAO!!!
  • Um, what are you asking?
  • Mine excellently!
  • Best comment ever!
  • Look mom, I can typing.
  • Let me reply shortly. Yes, a lot of us have "decided to use even go want to do look more like". On the other hand you know, there are always some warmongers who don't like these complex solutions and therefore protested about it. So i guess some users will definitely "not even want to do look more like". But you know, that's the market. Not however worry. I sure am WP will survive if it doesn't die. I hope it helps you to better understand how things work.
  • what the hell are you saying dude
  • What dressing goes best with that word salad?
  • Rakia!
  • Moonshine with a dash of hot sauce.
  • I don't understand. If I want to do look more like, I'd go to Facebook.
  • Please, break that thought down for us simpletons.
  • Lmaooo I threw my 1520 thanks
  • What so mine no she? No comprende? :)
  • Ummm... just wondering if you have any evidence of this or just a hunch? Considering 8.1 DP came out in what April, I don't they're holding back. I think what we have is what we're getting. WP9 will be here in about three or four months, so they might as well with wait for that
  • CORTANA????????
  • Is Cortana working for you now? and what about the folders ..?? Still cant see the update on my 8x.
  • Cortana... No
    Folders... Yes!
  • is possible download HereDrive+ on htc??
  • That is someting that I want to know! Is the HTC 8X receiving the update 1? because I what the folder opcion :/
  • Cortana: Yes Live Folders: Yes UK SIM Free HTC 8X (The first thing I asked Cortana to do was tell me a joke and she told me my favourite joke! Hilarious and freeky!)
  • In my HTC 8X Cortana: YES. (Since April)
    Folders: YES In addition: Apps Corner and Accessory Apps in Settings From Manila, Philippines
  • Great men, glad for you. I just switched to 8x cuz I thought 8s was abandoned.
  • I need to stay loyal to my vent phone, just because I can't afford another phone... :( :)
  • The 8S HAS been abandoned
  • Not true: I can make folders on the start screen with my 8S! This means I've got the newest version!!!
  • This I will have to try with my wife's 8S
  • Hemm... I've a htc 8s... And now I have cortana and folders o.ò
  • I had HTC 8s with developing and it's updating right now 34 % ? And it's?
  • Mine HTC 8S too. :)
  • Oh yeah!!! mine too!
  • Are you sure is the 8.10.14...? Do you have folders or cortana?
  • Folders! Don't have Cortana because it's not available in the Netherlands at the moment
  • So MS is aware of the next big thing in actionable notifications, they even baked it into Skype for iOS8 - why not flip the switch and roll it out to WP? At some point we need to be ahead of the curve with the software - right MicroSOFT? On the hardware side - I guess I should be happy my 920 hasn't bent yet from all the abuse it has taken...
  • LOL. Given the alternative meaning in the UK. I wonder what all the reports of the iPhone 6+ being "bent" are doing to sales there?
  • I'm sure the "bent" iPhones are doing Fabulous!
  • My HTC 8S too :D
  • What does this update brings exactly
  • Me to mate but can't update because to low in space needs 600mb free!!
  • mine too, folders, app corner, etc., im from Macedonia, and i got Cortana too.....only in UK region :)
  • I don't want anymore updates if it breaks my internet sharing or mms. Had to go through lots of trouble getting it working using an unlocked Rogers 1020 on T-Mobile.
  • How did you get it working? I can't figure out out?
  • Using these instructions
  • Do you see the update? I have a Rogers L920 and I have the latest DP update and Cyan is available and I don't have the update...Do you know anything that I'm not understanding or have done wrong?
  • Another faceoff with those spinning gears....
  • They are spinning right now on my 520.
  • It's nearly 190 MB for my 8x.
  • Mine was about 80 mb for 520
  • His update is larger because HTC devices didn't have GDR1 available. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • What device you have ?
  • Mine to: Lumia 920
  • Wow! That was nice, my 1520  was on lumia Black with  8.1 DP this morning, I left it on my desk to get a coffee and when I came back it was on Cyan with 8.1.1!  Thank you MS! (from Manila)
  • Did you update using mobile data or WiFi?
  • Wifi papi! ;) 
  • Cyan:(
  • Cool.. First thing to do next morning at office..
  • Tell Cortana to remind u to update your phone in the morning
  • Cool thing
  • With his office location
  • I did tell her to do so @11 o'clock. I'm not sure if she can remind you based on your location. Haven't tried that yet.
  • WP8.1.1.2
  • Lets us know that if it is worth to update it because I will do it via my 3G connection
  • Its not going to change anything, just bug fixes really. You can wait.
  • just some bug fixes and additional availability i believe, doesnt look like anything amaznig at first glance. I wouldn't make a big fuss about it. its pretty small though i think.
  • Its value depends on what bug fixes come, I guess...
  • Update doesn't download unless connected to Wi-Fi.
  • I wish I knew that before restarting my phone ...
  • I am downloading over Cell, it is 73 MB.
  • I'd do, 43mb
  • I downloaded over cell also, LTE....... Seems faster!
  • I know that. By 3 G I meant that I will use mobile hotspot from other device to update my device.
  • it's not a big update  you can wait unitll you get home 
  • Anmol, update wont get via 3g plan. Needs to be connected with wifi. Sad, but MS phone, MS rule.
  • Another big thing we are missing is option to set '3G only'
  • Downloading. YEAH!!!!
  • Size?? Anyone??
  • approx. 70MB on my 925  
  • 53 Mb for me
  • 8 inches here, not that it matters. ;-)
  • Hahaha
  • Your comment scares me but shout out to Pertwee.
  • @dhack21,
    It was originally 12" but it became to much for aunt Sally. So the Crow Master cut it down a bit. :D
  • installation is at 58%....
  • Hmm, 930 user here. Do I wait for the update mentioned yesterday, and then re-enable the dev preview, or go ahead and do it now?
  • Do it man! Live on the edge! The Bleeding Edge!!
  • Hah, same question here for my 930. Disabled the DP hoping the official 8.1.1 would come through......mmmm what to do? And as I posted this I got the new official update UK EE.
  • If you're waiting for the 8.1.1 update to be official I hope you're patient. It took a while for everyone to get the 8.1 update after it's been made available to developer preview so it'll probably be the same for this one. I'm no expert, but I don't really expect it before end of November or December before it's made available to carriers and they do their '"testing" and push it to customers. Personally, now that I've used live folders for a couple of weeks I would never go back to 8.1. But I can't wait for Cyan to be available because the battery is really bad on my 1020 with 8.1.1 and people have told me the Cyan update fixes it.
  • The 930 comes with 8.1 and Cyan preloaded. And just got official 8.1.1 today ❤
  • The official 8.1.1 is already on our devices, so this one is new, go ahead and download
  • I'm assuming it should be safe as yesterday's update for the 930 was a firmware update. I haven't got it yet either in Australia and I'm thinking we can apply this OS update with DP, then get off DP again and hopefully get the firmware update as well eventually. Hopefully...
  • Downloadingggg....
  • updating :)
  • Seems faster   though still checking for updates.... 1520
  • Download complete on my 1520.
  • Completed an hour ago
  • Hope they sorted the notifications centre lag when there are to many notifications.
  • Hope they fix the lag in some animations...
  • Hope they give options for 3G only
  • If you are running the Dev preview with NO official firmware installed for it (like Cyan) you will always find the little lags in between animations. I have the 925 and my dad just got the 635 from Tmobile and his phone runs completely smooth as you'd expect it. Just as smooth as WP 8 ran back in the days.
  • Now if only TMo would get off their collective rump and release Cyan for the 925 already. Although if they are testing Denim now, I might give them a small break. A very small break.
  • Oh no that would be the american dream lol if Tmobile goes straight to Denim, though it would be amazing if all carriers did it just like the recently Canadian carrier announced
  • Would downloading this update affect schedule to get T-Mo Cyan firmware? 
  • @Reebs Reebs No Sir, this update will not interfere with any schedule from T Mobile for their updates.
  • Did it fix it?? I mean the notification lag you were talking about?
  • Nope, not fixed :(
  • I don't expect any big.
    But maybe anything for live lockscreen
  • You posted your comment at 19:19:19 LOL XD btw still didn't fix artist on lockscreen.
  • It's 20:19:19 here lol
  • The downloading word seams faster. :P
  • Putting a ":P" doesn't make people hate you any less.
  • Hahahhaha
  • Nyc1 prank jystin07*** whatever (y)
  • Lololol
  • Didn't get here in India....
  • Dev preview users only and if your on dev preview mode go to that app and re login
  • Strange. I'm able to get the update... I do have a developer account but my "Preview for Developers" app ain't on my phone since last phone reset...
    While I had to sign in again into the app when I got the Update 3... Anyone else?
  • Download 'Preview for Developers' again and make sure it's enabled on the phone then check for updates.
  • No dude, it is available if u e enrolled for preview for developres pgm, im downloading the update now :D  
  • Yeah got it forgot to log in to my dp app after my last reset
  • Done on my L625.. Update 2..
  • Cant download apparently it is showing a server error
  • Do another check for updates. I got the server error message the first time I tried.
  • so, is this the cyan update or what? im getting tired of this crap! im so going to downgrade to 8.0, so i can dowload  8.1 on my 920 att!!!
  • You should already gotten cyan with developer preview...
  • not really, been waiting for it for the actual cyan update., so it can replace the PD
  • You don't need to downgrade. When you plug your phone running the Nokia recovery tool it will automatically suggest installing the LATEST software/firmware available for your device. That's how I got Cyan. Just make sure you back up everything on your hard drive because doing it through the computer wipes everything.
  • ok, i finally got cyan with Preview for it shows Cyan!!
    i unistalled the PD of my phone(920 att), now it downloading it again!!
    WTH!! i dont want no more PD update!!!
  • That's exactly what this announcement is for. It's for bug fixes and updates to WP 8.1 Update 1. Now that you have Cyan, if you install this update, you'll be on the very latest update.
  • DP has nothing to do with hardware firmware (Lumia Black, Cyan, Denim) and only updates the Windows OS updates.
  • No kidding dude... I'm saying I have the cyan update already, while running DP... They locked us out for a while, but then they fixed the enterprise issue effecting less than 1% of users. I'm saying that he should have already been able to get cyan while running DP before this update.
  • This is not the case. AT&T users with a 920 running the preview for developers can not update their phones to Cyan. All we get is "Your phone is up to date" I'm waiting to see if this  fixes the problem.
  • Lumia 920 on AT&T. After the final restart my screen said "Welcome to Lumia Cyan".
  • happend to me to on 1520. after installation finished it did another restart and told me welcome to CYAN very nice
  • Still waiting for Cyan update for 920 on EE UK running preview for developers.
  • Same here, I just updated to the latest DP a moment ago, and then checked for the Cyan update, still I get "your phone is already up to date". :P
  • First off, your comment above was extremely vague.  Second, it's not 100% available to all people yet as MS clearly stated only a small number of devices can get Cyan on DP right now, and that further expansion of that rollout is coming "soon" over time.
  • No only a few phones have Cyan. Cyan is a available for my phone but DP has prevented it.
  • soo, i should able to download cyan after this update, with either the PD on or off? once i get cyan update and running, i can disablw pd app, right. i dont want no more pd.
  • Read the "Update 2" in this article. Microsoft is doing a rolling update for DP users to make sure phones aren't getting bricked. It also says Microsoft is making it available for more users. If you don't have it yet, you should get it soon.
  • If you don't want the DP anymore, you can reset using the Nokia Tool back to 8.0 then get the official AT&T 8.1 w/Cyan and you will be as up to date as you can be without using the DP.  Just don't reinstall the DP app and you will only get "official" releases from then on.
  • i got my cyan, but then i get  a message that i have update for PD??
    i thought it was removed!!  
  • Do you still have DP installed as an app?  Open it and uncheck the option that says you want to enable it, then uninstall it and you shouldn't get new updates.
  • yeah, i removed uncheck and deleted it already.....
  • Using NSU for retail doesn't need downgrade.
  • Do it!!! You wont regret. 
  • Hopefully it MIGHT be a fix for those like you who are on Preview and whose carrier has released Cyan officially, so you won't have to downgrade. Install and give it a try?
  • well, i will try.....
    should i do this update, then removed the preview for developer update to cyan?
  • I'm on AT&T with a 920 and did the reset to 8.0 via Nokia Tool then updated 8.1/Cyan and then put the DP back on.  Works great.  Just backup before then it will restore on login after reset.  Helps minimize the extra work, but you still have to do some.
  • He's asking about NOT having to do the restore to 8.0 after he gets this latest update though.
  • This article and the comments are saying you don't have to roll back anymore.Its not in this one but Cyan will come to all/most DP soon.
  • Thanks. Am same up to putting DP back on. Glad to know your actions work.
  • I don't remember if it matters, but you can definitely do that without harming anything.
  • I just got Cyan on my ATT 920 with developer preview!
  • I had an error 8007000d, hope its fixed now, with this latest update...
  • Did you manage to install the update? I only got the 800