Microsoft rolls out November Slow ring update for Office Insiders on Windows 10

Office desktop
Office desktop (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft has started rolling out a fresh Insider Slow ring update for the Office Mobile apps on Windows 10. Coming along in this update are a number of small tweaks to test out for every app in the Office Mobile suite across PC, tablets and Mobile.

The update was originally released on November 11 for Office Insiders, but Microsoft has only recently listed what's new in the latest build. Here's a look at what's in build 17.7571:

  • Accessibility built right in to Office Mobile: We have improved support for using Narrator and other assistive technologies as well as your keyboard to edit documents with others, sort data in worksheets, read and edit presentations, and more.
  • Sharing Notifications in Word Mobile, Excel Mobile and PowerPoint Mobile*: No need to keep checking your shared documents, workbooks, or presentations. We'll send you a notification when there's activity. *This feature is available with an Office 365 subscription only.
  • Open more file types with Excel Mobile: You can now open more file types than you before, such as files that contain snapshots from your Camera tool.
  • Page background colors now in OneNote: Does your OneNote page need a change? Switch it up by adding a background color in just one click and change the mood of your page.
  • Lasso Select now at your fingertips with PowerPoint Mobile: The Surface pen button allows you to use lasso select on ink without visiting the ribbon.
  • Use your Pen to select and change objects in PowerPoint Mobile*: Grab object handles with the Surface pen to resize, rotate, move, and more. *This feature is available with an Office 365 subscription only.

If you're a part of the Office Inside Slow ring, you should be able to pull the update down now. If you are in the program, feel free to chime in with your experience in the comments, particularly where these new features are concerned.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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