Microsoft says 669,000 phone, tablet and desktop apps are in the Windows Store

Microsoft is revamping itself in a lot of ways, and its By The Numbers site is no exception. The site, which previously had a Start menu-like user interface, has recently gotten a makeover that includes cute cartoon-like icons and pictures.

The website shows a number of selected stats for various divisions of the company. Perhaps the one that is most interesting says there are currently a total of 669,000 phone, tablet and desktop apps currently in the Windows Store. This stat does not indicate which apps are just for Windows Phone device, which are just for PCs and which one are "universal" apps that work on both platforms.

Windows Store By The Number

Another stat shown on the By The Numbers page is that 16 million apps have been downloaded that were created by well-known Windows Phone developer Rudy Huyn. Huyn has a number of popular unofficial third-party apps for popular services, including the Instagram-based 6tag and the unofficial Tinder app 6tin.

Source: Microsoft

John Callaham