Microsoft sells 2 million Xbox Ones, announces new support patch

Xbox One is Microsoft's next-generation video console, which launched just shy of three weeks ago. The company has today announced that more than 2 million consoles have been sold to consumers worldwide, reportedly averaging over 111,111 (see what they did there?) units per day. 

Microsoft previously unveiled some humorous, albeit rather pointless figures that included how many zombies have been slain in Dead Rising 3, as well as how many miles have been driven in Forza 5. We now have official numbers to play with when talking about the Xbox One launch and it's looking rather positive.

Alongside the 2 million units sold, Microsoft also boasts that over 83 million hours have been spent in games, watching TV and running apps on the console since launch. The Xbox One is certainly difficult to get hold of currently, with retailers erecting "sold out" signage to greet disgruntled consumers who wish to pick one up before the year is out.

Here's what John Love, director of video games at Amazon, had to say on the popularity of the Xbox One:

"Demand for next generation gaming continues to be very strong. At peak demand, customers were ordering the Xbox One console at over 1000 units per minute on"

Gamestop also noted the Xbox One as one of the hottest selling products this holiday season. We previously looked at the Xbox One taking the crown as the top seller on Black Friday and Microsoft states that the Xbox team is working hard to meet consumer demand, delivering units to retailers with haste. 

Xbox One Achievements

Achievements are an interesting addition to the games you enjoy, providing goals and missions to unlock the sense of achievement while continuing through addictive gameplay. It's always good to have more bragging rights with a score card too. In any case, be sure to pat yourselves on the back as over 39 million Xbox One achievements have been unlocked, totally 595 million Gamerscore. 

New system patches began rolling out

Not only have we got official figures and the like, but the Xbox team has released a support patch for Xbox One.

Xbox One

The updating process is slightly different on Xbox One, compared to what we're used to back on the Xbox 360. Should you have your console configured for "Instant On," it will download the update in the background when turned off (note that the console powers down after downloading the update, so "Xbox On" command won't work).

The next time you boot the console, it will automatically start patching. You'll sit at the Xbox One logo screen for a few minutes before being launched into the Home screen. If you're not using the "Instant On" feature, you will be required to download the update this Thursday.

Here's what this patch addresses:

  • Addresses SmartGlass issues for some users when coming in and out of connected standby
  • Addresses multiplayer issues for some users when re-joining games
  • Addresses issues with inconsistent notifications for some users
  • Addresses dashboard performance for some users
  • Offers improvements for Xbox One’s TV, system update, and content update services for scaling over time
  • Updated wireless networking driver to improve connectivity issues for some users

If you have any suggestions or ideas as to how the Xbox One could be improved, be sure to head on over to the Xbox feedback website and let Microsoft know. How are you enjoying your new console?

Source: Major Nelson, Xbox News (opens in new tab)

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  • uh, no?? its a freaking ecosystem. I buy what I like.  
  • Ok Joe, I HATE these stupid console wars, but your "severe" reasons for preferring one console over another are certainly not "severe." Your first the only objective argument you make and a very valid one. Price conscious consumers may very well prefer the PS4 if that is their only decision point. Your second reason is purely subjective. The PS4 may be more attractive TO YOU, but I think it looks like some type of 90's throwback. The XB1 is certainly no visual stunner, but it was designed purposely to look like a piece of equipment that belongs in an entertainment center. And your third argument is also highly subjective. Perhaps the PS4 is more "powerful" in how it renders games but the case could easily be made the XB1 is far more powerful because of how it controls live TV, responds to input from a controller, a tablet, voice, and gesture and was purpose built to do more than just play video games. In short, love your PS4. That's totally cool. Hate the XB1. That's fine too. But don't try to rationalize your position by claiming your opinions are facts.
  • Stop hating. XBONE all day
  • I'm glad both the Playstation 4 and Xbox One have been selling well. Over time, these numbers will probably be like 7 million each.
  • Let's hope that over time, the numbers will be more than 7 million each, lol.
  • Nicee. Anyone know how many ps4 were sold?
  • I think it's 2.1 million last I saw. So they've pretty much sold the same amount.
  • 2.1 in 33 countries to be precise.
  • They announced that a week or so ago. So PS is still ahead of Xbox. Of coarse Xbox came out a week later and in less countries.
  • The PS4 has been selling for a week longer.  They both sold 2 million in the first 18 days of availability.
  • xbox one sold 2 million in 18 days in 13 countries, and ps4 sold 2.1 million in 15 days in 33 countries
  • You are mixed up on your numbers Ps4 was released before xbox one in the US
  • For those of us who have one hidden away for the kids for Christmas...I'm assuming we'll be prompted for all the updates when we use it the first time...and then are we talking about hours of patch downloads before they can play it?   (I'm wondering if I shouldn't do an early opening in secret to get it all patched up before Christmas day...)
  • Well, the Day One patch took about 15 minutes, so I don't think it'll be hours, of course that depends on your internet connection, but I would suggest opening it early because the set up can take a while and they might be so excited that they could set up the Kinect wrong or something. I know I would be.
  • Opened it early. I had the same thought. The first update took only 20 minutes to download and update. Now it is hidden away waiting for Xmas (and the next update).
  • Not a bad idea if you have the time to do so. The "Day One" update did take a while to install, though it wasn't "hours". This latest patch is required to go online with the XBox One too, so it wouldn't hurt to get it taken care of beforehand.  Just don't worry about setting up the Kinect or anything else yet, as that should be done when actually in its final position amongst your media centre. :) (You might also want to consider pre-installing any game-discs you've purchased, as that can take a while too.  Some games will let you play relatively shortly after starting the install, but not all).  
  • Have to agree with those that said you might want to open it early, not only do the updates take a bit, but you also want to be sure the console doesn't need to be sent back... We opened one we got as a gift to make sure it was good to go, and sure enough it needed to be returned, luckily we found at quickly, its all setup and ready to go now :)
  • How about a lesson in patience?
  • Yep, you know what...I should get the thing powered up and verify that its functional.  
  • Well, not like your kids are going to suffer much from learning a little patience and patching the console up.
  • Screw lessons in patience and let the kids enjoy their Christmas. Pre-installing the games is a must as even the games you have discs for take a while and you can only install one after the other.
  • I'm ignoring the free intenet parenting advice...I have 2 senior high school honors students who are great kids and 2 sport athlete letter winners.     We're doing just fine without the advice about teaching my kids patience...we're doing just fine thanks.  If I want to get the xbox one up and ready to go so its plug & play for them on Christmas morning...that's what I'll do.
  • Just saying it's not something you should stress yourself about. :)
  • Yep, copy that.  The updates aren't that big of deal...gettting a bum dvd drive would be though.  So I did go through the updates and tested the machine with a movie...all is well thankfully.  Its now tucked back in its box and hidden away for 2 weeks.   Have a good one!
  • I still think the X1 will outsell the PS4 in the near term.
  • I kind of think PS4 will win in the near term given all the negative reaction to MS at E3. But over the long term I think Xbox will win out by requiring Kinect. A lot of people dismiss Kinect as a gimmick, but in a year or two I think it will grow on people and developers will figure out how to make it useful in games.
  • I agree that the Xbox One will probably win in the long term (although it really doesn't matter because by the looks of it both consoles will do well), but imo it will not be because of the Kinect. I highly doubt many third-party developers will utilize the Kinect to much of any extant in multiplatform games after a year or so. When they're developing a game for three to four platforms, why would the need to? Look at how developers utilize the Wii U's second screen. They don't.
  • Oh, and I'm glad they are putting out an update!
  • 2 million in 13 countries vs 33 countries for the PS4. Not bad at all.
  • If those are the correct numbers I would say the Xbox One is selling far better than the PS4 considering it's available in 20 less countries.
  • Yeah, but I wonder if MS includes the one million returns they received back for bricked systems. Also, you can't find PS4s anywhere. So, I'm sure if they had more, they would sell more. I check almost on a daily basis for PS4s and no luck. XBOX ONES on the other hand, if you want one, it's not hard to get ONE at their retail price.
  • Lol. What the hell are you talking about?
  • What color are the clouds in your world? The only bricked units I read about were PS4s. The only problem that MS has had were some failed BluRay drives. Get your facts correct before posting nonsense.
  • Bought my xbox one yesterday and got a dead power supply so I had to go change it .. All good now
  • el-ojo meet Hit the Lights (Hey Jealousy). Now why don't you two find a quiet corner and hate on each other and leave the internets for the rest of us.
  • Dorelse, the initial update took about 10-15 mins, the second update takes about 5 mins
  • Dashboard performance, thats my biggest problem. One application is all it takes for my dashboard to get really laggy and sometimes inoperable.
  • Bf4 multiplayer is not working after update
  • BF4 multiplayer never works anyways. Haha. I usually love Battlefield online, but BF4 seemed rushed and poorly made. At least that's what I thought.
  • My copy of BF4 wouldn't even launch until the update.
  • So far I am really enjoying it.
  • Sony ponies will be screaming on ign right now lol
  • Still no Dolby Digital fix.
  • no DD 5.1 support, yet? boo.
  • Anyone have an idea as to when these will ship with the day one update already installed? Its just a general question.
  • I don't think MS is worried about putting updates on their systems yet. They're more interested in getting them in consumers hands. So, probably when stock is readily available on the shelf would be a good guess.
  • Didn't you just post that due to Xbox Ones price they're easy enough to find in any store? Now you're advising someone wait until they become readily available...interesting...
  • I meant when they start rotting on the shelfs with spiderwebs and all that. Yes, they are readily available, but they're not like on the shelf waiting. I just meant you can literally get ONE on Amazon or right now without issue. But they come and go within 2-3 days. I said nothing in regards to their price besides the fact that if you want one, you shouldn't be paying a 1000 dollars when most retailers will have them in stock rapidly.
  • They need to show its patching. My system seamed to hang on the Xbox logo last night while launching. I nearly forced it to power down. Not sure if this was the patch. It should install the patch on its own and reboot not wait for me to turn it on.
  • I like that it doesn't reboot itself then you know there was an update
  • I've had a very nice experience with the Xbox One to date minus the "Xbox On", the rest of the speech works pretty good as long as other people are not talking at the same time. One thing I find they really should address is the wait time on the green screen when you do an update. It's like the darn thing is frozen, at least that's the feeling you get. They should write a "Updating, xx% completed" message on the screen or a progress bar or something. The the first update I did, I almost reset the thing because I thought It hung. Alternatively, a "Please wait" message would be nice.
  • Needs streaming support and play from USB. Basic functions.