Microsoft is sending some Skype users 20 free minutes of calls to make up for outage

Microsoft is trying to make amends for an extended outage that happened in September in its Skype service. It has been emailing some Skype users informing them they will soon receive 20 free minutes of calls.

Here's the text of the email that's being sent to at least some Skype users today:

"Our mission at Skype is to help keep you closer and do more with the people who matter to you most. It's a simple commitment, but one which we hold ourselves highly accountable for. On September 21, we experienced an issue that prevented us from delivering on our mission. We're sorry for the technical issue we suffered that day. We know how important our service is to you and how frustrating outages like this can be. We also know that sometimes saying sorry just isn't enough.""To make it up to you, over the next few days we will add 20 minutes of free calls to over 60 landline and 8 mobile destinations around the world. Make sure you look out for your free calls as they will be available to use for 7 days.""Once again, we're extremely sorry for any inconvenience caused."

It's not currently clear how many Skype users will get this free offer. It may only be available for users who have subscribed to the paid Skype Premium service.

John Callaham