Microsoft set to lay off large amounts of staff in upcoming organizational changes

Microsoft is planning to implement a large round of cuts, the largest of its kind in five years for the company, according to a report over on Bloomberg. The goal is to slim down Nokia's handset division, which was purchased earlier this year. The affected areas are said to include positions at Nokia's old division that overlap with Microsoft's own business, as well as some marketing and engineering posts.

Microsoft had 127,104 employees as of June 5, after absorbing 30,000 with its acquisition of Nokia's mobile device division. It is reported roles including the Xbox marketing teams may also be affected.

It was only last week when Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella issued a mission statement, hinting at possible reshuffling and organizational changes. Nadella noted he would be implementing said changes later this month. "Over the course of July, the Senior Leadership Team and I will share more on the engineering and organization changes we believe are needed." Some of those changes will be revealed on July 22 when Microsoft announces its latest quarterly financial report.

Source: Bloomberg

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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