A few years ago, Microsoft said that virtual reality devices would come to Xbox One in 2018. However, CNET says that it seems like the company has abandoned those plans due to current limitations with technology. When the technology is mature, an Xbox headset will probably come along, but right now the project has been shelved.

It's no surprise that in order to provide a truly groundbreaking experience, you need powerful hardware and advanced displays. However, there are also complaints like nausea and muddy picture quality. Additionally, competitors aren't really setting the market ablaze. Despite the fact that there are tens of millions of PlayStation 4 consoles out there, Sony has only managed to sell roughly three million PlayStation VR units.

Microsoft should bring virtual reality to a future Xbox, but it won't be the Xbox One, that's for sure. Current games are still experimental and there isn't a "killer app" at the moment. A lot of the experiences are gimmicky or end up being promotional spin-offs. Hopefully the virtual reality market will continue to grow so that Microsoft decides to bring it to consoles.

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