Microsoft shows off custom Chainsmokers Xbox One S as part of new celebrity series

Microsoft is teaming up with pop duo The Chainsmokers for the first in a series of celebrity-backed one-of-a-kind custom Xbox One S consoles.

For its first effort, Microsoft has produced a console emblazoned with The Chainsmokers logo backed by neon lights on an acrylic display atop the console. Rather than remaining static, the display can react to sound to perform a miniature light show. Microsoft explains:

To create the console, the Xbox team used a thumbnail-sized, USB-powered microprocessor that works in real time to convert sound into an ever-changing and dynamic light show. Sixty miniature pixels illuminate the multi-layered acrylic display creating a 3D effect, lighting up this unique Xbox One S.

This isn't the sort of thing that Microsoft is going to mass produce, but it is giving the console away. Microsoft explains that you can enter for a chance to win through September 17 by responding to the giveaway tweet on The Chainsmokers Twitter account.

This is apparently the first in what will be a series of custom celebrity consoles. Microsoft says to expect more from music, sports, TV, and fashion personalities throughout the rest of the year. This is also the second celebrity-backed effort upon which the Xbox team has embarked in recent months, following up on a new Mixer gameplay series kicked off by DJ Khaled in August.

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  • Stupid marketing campaign that will probably work. Because us humans are weak
  • Nasty name.  If you grew up with parents that smoked, the name chainsmokers is disgusting unless you are a current smoker.
  • I have absolutely no idea who they are
  • The what smokers? Never heard of them. Kids have all the music in history one tap away and listen to this kind of crappy music because its trendy. oh well.
  • Agreed,  my 19 year old son listens to drake.....he's CRAP!   total garbage.  The funny thing is,  that Kanye and Paul McCartney did a duet on an awards show a while back and he said,  maybe Paul will become famous....I told him,  Paul ***** more talent than kanye thinks, himself has!  ha ha.   Youngsters!
  • Hahaha, it's nice to be trendy.
    These custom consoles will hopefully bring in younger generations.
    It's all good.
  • I don't want this edition for sure. First, I already own 2TB Xbox One S. It is more than enough. Second, I just don't like this duo fake DJs since they batched out Lady Gaga. Last, their songs suck. Why the hell do people listen the exact same suck drops from these fake DJs? Excepted for the Habits (Stay High) remix that was really good, but, again, exact same style drops. No. I enjoy listening better EDM music from underrated artists like Seven Lions more than these.
  • Kittananj, Thank for a new DJ Seven Lions to listen to  :D