Here's a deeper look at how Cortana works on a Windows 10 PC

Microsoft officially added Cortana, its digital assistant, in the current 9926 PC preview build of Windows 10 a few weeks ago. Today, Microsoft showed how Cortana works within Windows 10 in a new and lengthy video that's hosted and narrated by Marcus Ash, the company's Group Program Manager for Cortana and Search.

Ash says that while Cortana can be used on Windows Phone devices for "snackable" interactive help, using it on a Windows 10 PC involves longer periods of productivity. Ash uses the example of working at his desk for a few hours, but then asking Cortana to send a quick reminder email to his wife while he stays on task. In addition, Cortana can learn and even anticipate a user's needs on a PC, such as a friendly note of an upcoming appointment.

Ash also wrote a blog post that includes much of what he stated in the video, along with providing some additional hints about what features might be added to Cortana in the future. He stated:

"What else is coming? We're looking forward to helping people achieve productivity in communal scenarios. For example, you may have several PCs at home, and you're all sharing and storing music with each other. We want Cortana to help you easily find the music you want and play it from any of the devices, throughout your home, across PCs, phones, tablets and speakers, in a group setting. More to come on that very soon."

Source: Microsoft

John Callaham