Microsoft shows how to repair a Surface Laptop SE yourself

Surface Laptop Se Render
Surface Laptop Se Render (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft has released a tutorial video showcasing how you can repair your own Surface Laptop SE.
  • The video's reception has been positive.
  • The 'right to repair' movement and Surface line have crossed paths in the past, so this video's existence could be seen as a positive for those who've been petitioning for Microsoft to make its devices more readily DIY-fixable.

Microsoft has released a Surface Laptop SE repair video showcasing how one can deconstruct the machine in order to swap out its keyboard, screen, and battery.

With that said, Microsoft still isn't 100% encouraging the do-it-yourself (DIY) approach. Both at the beginning of the video as well as in the video's description section, the company leaves this disclaimer: "Microsoft recommends that you seek professional assistance for device repairs and that you use caution if undertaking 'do it yourself' repairs."

This all hearkens back to Microsoft's storied history with Surface products and the "right to repair" movement. The latter's constituents have been petitioning for many years that they should be able to repair their own devices without impediment, with Microsoft's Surface line and other products being cited as some of the harder items out there to repair firsthand. The new Surface Laptop SE repair tutorial video, however, indicates that at least some of Microsoft's newer machines will make home repairs easier to do than they've previously been.

It's worth noting that this video being bound to the Surface Laptop SE does restrict its applicability, given that the SE is targeted mainly at those in grade school. Still, if one chooses to view the video as an indicator of what could come for the other best Microsoft Surface PCs or Microsoft tech in general, then perhaps the right to repair is gaining ground in Redmond.

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