Microsoft to release Special Edition Arctic Camouflage Xbox 360 controller

Xbox 360 owners will soon be able to add a Special Edition Arctic Camouflage controller to their collection. Microsoft has showed continued support for its popular Xbox 360 video game console. Not only has the company pushed out new content in the forms of updates, media and games, but the console will also be receiving a shiny new controller.

The controller sports a lightly colored camoflage design with multiple shades of white and light grey. Since this is an official controller from Microsoft, the Xbox 360 logo is present, alongside the standard control layout. It's also perfect for gaming outside in the snow, wearing full camo gear. The D-pad is also stated to be able to transform into a disc "for greater precision in directional and sweeping movements".

While there's no firm release date, the controller is listed on the Xbox Store for $54.99 and will be "coming soon". Would you be interested in one?

Source: Xbox, via: WinBeta

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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