Microsoft Sticky Notes gets new menu design and more

If you make use of Microsoft's Sticky Notes app for Windows 10, you're in for some slight design changes with the app's latest update. While the update doesn't drastically change the way your notes look (these are simple sticky notes, after all), it does include a new look for the menu, along with a refreshed icon and more.

The new menu, accessible by clicking or tapping the ellipses next to the "Delete Notes" button, arguably looks more elegant than it did in previous versions of the app. Whereas the previous menu included circular icons for selecting each color, the new menu now places the palette of available colors against a dark backdrop. The settings cog has also been moved from the bottom left corner of the app to the ellipses menu.

Other tidbits from this update are smaller, but the app is now part of Microsoft's App Preview program. Here's a look at all of what's new in Sticky Notes version 2.1:

  • New App Icon. Isn't it pretty?
  • New Note Menu design. We may be biased, but it looks great!
  • Performance Improvements. We've heard that Sticky Notes is taking a while to open, so we fixed that.
  • Support for Enterprise MDM policies.
  • Support for the App Preview Program.
  • Loads of other small bug fixes!

If you're a Sticky Notes fan, you can check out all of what's new by grabbing version 2.1 from the Microsoft Store now.

See at Microsoft Store (opens in new tab)

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  • So what does the new icon look like?
  • I'm on Insider Fast Ring and didn't get the update 😰
  • Great, now I feel like these small details and changes are preparing W10 (Core OS) for Andromeda.
  • lol you are not alone.
  • I've always wanted Sticky Notes to automatically sync across my devices. Maybe Timeline will be able to facilitate that.
  • What it does sync for some reason (or did at some point) was the setting to never ask again if you want to delete a note, which can be quite annoying.
  • That would be great
  • It already syncs between my Alienware laptop, Surface Pro, and OnePlus phone.
    Oh wait, that's OneNote 😈🐱‍💻
  • He he, I would actually love to be able to put sticky notes inside of OneNote or other apps - and of course sync across devices.
  • Sticky Note sync would be a hard one to implement. Think about it... All different sizes of screens, how would the sync engine know where to place what note on the desktop between different devices... What if one of your synced devices had more than one screen? Seems like it would just cause more annoyance than everything.
  • Is that not what Cshell is (trying to) solving, to adapt different screen sizes without a huge hassle?
  • Perfection for Andromeda type devices of all kinds.
  • Sticky note will end up bloated and unusable as MS add to it. Sticky note in Windows 8 was useful, just to stick a not e ont he screen to remind me to do something when I next turned the computer on, the Versions on Windows 10 even want m,e to use something called insights. 
    Time to find something to take it's place.  
  • Then don't use insights? It's basically the same otherwise, other than me customization like colors and whatnot
  • Strange I'm not getting the update on one workstation but do get it on another. Even tried to install and re-install. Is this being geographically deployed.
  • What I meant was removed and re-installed the app from the store but it just gives me the old version on my workstation