Microsoft Store now sells the AT&T Lumia 950 for $299 without a contract

The Microsoft Store is now selling the AT&T version of the Lumia 950 smartphone for just $298.99 (opens in new tab) without a contract. That matches the price that AT&T itself set for the Windows 10 Mobile smartphone a month ago.

AT&T's version of the Lumia 950 now has a price that is $100 lower than that of the unlocked version of the smartphone that's also sold on the Microsoft Store for $399 (opens in new tab). However, buying the unlocked version also gets the buyer a free Display Dock accessory for its Continuum features that is normally priced at $99.

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John Callaham
  • Should have been priced like this from the beginning. Perhaps things would be different now.
  • Maybe. W10M was in pretty rough shape at the launch of these devices. MS might not have been ready to sell and support that many back then. 
  • Shouldn't have released them then.
  • I think that they had to do something, as they needed something that could run W10, and they had waited an eternity to launch a new flagship. The 1520 and 930 were the last premium Lumias before the 950, and neither of those were selected to showcase continuum. MS really fumbled Mobile. 4 OS reboots and several years of feeble hardware launches put too much pressure on 950. Last Lumias, indeed.
  • The last Lumia handsets were
    - Lumia 550
    - Lumia 650
    - Lumia 950
    - Lumia 950XL
  • What Microsoft SHOULD have done is release the 950 series 6 months earlier with Windows Phone 8.1, and then made a huge deal about what Windows 10 did to improve the experience (well, if it had. It didn't, not in any meaningful way) when it was finally ready.
  • Lol, if it had. That's not a bad idea. I just got a 950XL and it's great, but it's like 8 to 8.1 - a little more and much less. In all honesty, this 950XL is similar to the Icon, but crap in comparison. If anything, MSFT released the 950/W10 and retired the Icon too early.
  • I agree. They did need hardware that was more to date especially if they are asking developers to port their work over from IOS and Android. The 950 and XL fit the bill. Point though, I really believe Microsoft should have kept the Nokia team and build WinMobile around them as a new division. They did a great job in my opinion with the Lumia but Microsoft seemed to always have a bucket of cold water standing by.
  • I think W10 has been rough on the 950, I have a better experience on the 650. I currently own them both and do prefer the 650 over the 950. I also only paid 200.00 10/10 used for AT&T 950 and only 50.00 brand new for cricket 650. Lately I decided to sell my 950, even with the specs it has it just doesn't seem like MS placed there best in the 950, I don't own the 950xl so I can't speak on that model. But in comparison to the 650 I honestly believe MS placed a lil extra into this phone.
  • "pretty rough shape" is putting it generously. If we're honest with ourselves, Windows 10 Mobile was *fukking AWFUL* at launch.
  • From what I recall the, OS had a barely functioning music player and a very very basic browser.   I'm not sure it would have changed things.
  • Things would definitely not be any different.
  • I disagree with that buddy. A Lumia 950XL for $299 at launch would have been a killer back then.
  • Yeah it would have done the same that Huawei, Xiaomi, and OnePlus have done to Android phones - providing high end parts for lower price and attracting new users to the platform.
  • Not with Windows 10 Mobile. If they'd launched it at $299 6 months sooner, and with Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2 (or maybe even an update 3 to enable Windows Hello or something), then maybe. But then again, probably not. And not because it wouldn't be a compelling device with 8.1, but because by then they'd already neglected the Lumia line to damn near oblivion anyway.
  • Definitely. Price is not what is keeping buyers away. People drop more money for lesser hardware all day long. Its the apps.
  • They could have rolled out this phone at $100 unlocked and sold a few million additional units, but things would be no different for WP/WM. The game was over long before this was released. 
  • I'll thank you not to tell the truth in your posts, jerk.
  • That should have been the case for the 920, 925, and 928 when they were released. Perhaps then things could have been different. The 950 is a cheap-looking and feeling device with an OS in a constant beta state, which was horrendous at the time of launch. It is exactly what nadella said it would be - a phone for the "fans", who would beta test the OS as "insiders".
  • As I recall, I paid just $399 for my AT&T Lumia 920 shortly after launch, and that included a Qi charger. Pretty aggressive pricing back then.
  • 920 is also the best selling Windows phone to date.
  • Loved me some 920. Most exciting phone I had the pleasure of running around San Francisco trying to purchase.
  • And which OEM would want to make high end WP if MS would offer high spec phones for low prices?
    The 950 in Ukraine is 330€ incl taxes in the more expensive shops.
  • How much is Lumia 640 in Ukraine?
  • I agree, but I don't think a low price would have been enough. Until they come up with a killer feature nobody else has but everyone wants when they see what it can do, and until they can meaningfully close the stupid ass "app gap" on the consumer facing side, Windows 10 Mobile phones will never have a chance in hell.
  • I still owe more than that for my launch day ATT 950 :-/ Damn I should have waited!
  • Sorry to hear that, next time don't rush!
  • I think prices dropping nearly a year after the phone comes out should be normal. Are you saying nonowerx should have waited 9-12 months for a price drop that may never come? Doesn't sound reasonable. But you know what, stuff happens.
  • It's a stupid thing to do in general no matter what company is making the product, after all it's just a product...humans should be more intelligent about it...
  • More intelligent? so you are saying you wait 9-12 months after a new product comes out "in the hopes that one day" the price will drop 2-300 bucks? I doubt it. Remember, you're human too.
  • Yeah of course I'm human and maybe I'm dumb too lol, I'm just trying to say people can love their phones but they don't have to be too much obsessed about them, you know, they're just phones!
  • I agree. But I also obsess about technology. I guess you could call me an "enthusiast" and I'll probably be first in line to buy the alleged "Surface Phone." For now, I'm quite happy with my 950 XL and my iPhone 6S Plus, I use both (swap sims when I feel like I want to have a Windows or a Mac week) and so far, it's been great keeping a toe in both ponds, so to speak.I was an early adopter of the SB and I know how nanowerx feels, seeing the promo offers and price cuts after spending full price myself as an early adopter. IMHO, it's the price you pay to be on the cutting edge of technology. If it's too much for some, they shouldn't be early adopters.  ;)
  • I see what you mean, I think it's more of a personal choice so objectivity isn't the best way to approach this....anyways what do SB & nanowerx mean?
  • Haha no prob.. Nanowerx was the poster you replied to, and a SB is the Microsoft Surface Book.
  • Yeah, if you want to be at the edge of technology, you can't complain too much if it occasionally bites you. Seems like with any device, the prudent thing to do for an everyday buyer is to wait at least three months for major defects to surface. The LG G5 has been riddled with issues, and we all know about the GN7. As much as I want to like the Lumia 950 series, they have never been a lock to spend flagship money on. 
  • Exactly. When the alleged Surface Phone debuts, who is going to be first in line, despite the early adopter trauma some of us have been through? We are. lol ;) And I'll happilly fork over my cash for it, too. Because I love cutting edge technology, and I'm primarily a Microsoft products user.
  • Mohamed fadel el abadila
    You should put this post in the apple forums for those people waiting for 2 days for a iPhone every year
  • @nyjets12 I shall consider your words as a compliment for which I thank you
  • I almost always wait, in fact, I just bought a XB1. =P
  • "next time don't rush"
    Well buddE some of us believe if people buy at launch sales show up and help the OS SUCCEED
  • Well I'm a fan of W10M and even WP8.x myself, I think at this point i should show respect lol I'm not a great fighter :)
  • Me too. But I got mine like 3 months after launch
  • No matter how bad you want it, always try to wait a year with tech. So many good deals out there after 12 months.
  • It only took about 5 months for the price of the 950 to drop in Finland, first to 399€ and a couple months later to 289€ (both prices include tax).
  • In India It costs more than $500.
    May be price cut is only for western countries.
  • Show them the news of windows central
  • 400$ Dual Sim in Ukraine. 
  • Haha in south Africa the price for these phones is halved , these are very good phone, but we nver see any ad's only samsung, apple and Huawei
  • Yeah no adds because Microsoft only pays NFL billions to push Surface everywhere tied into XBOX 1 NFL commercials ZERO dollars for windows phone advertising budget
  • Because no matter how hard they advertise it, people still won't buy Windows phones. They have already tried advertising, it didn't work. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That wasn't real advertisements, it was like about the camera, no battery saver, wireless charging. They were all about little taking pictures on vacation and pictures at a wedding during a fight.
  • Please pray that to Satya, Terry, Joe, and Bill's twitter accounts. Check out some of my posts to the and follow me if you like @OMG55
  • Use BAB then :)
    I got it last year and I got remembered recently.
  • You mean B2B? How much is Limia 950 on B2B?
  • And unlike ATT you can get the firmware update with this phone.
  • You mean the AT&T 950 sold from Microsoft is somehow different than the AT&T 950 sold from AT&T?
  • Yes! The one from MS is dual sim and factory unlocked. You get the updates as soon as MS blesses them.
  • I'm pretty sure the AT&T 950 is the same from AT&T store or Microsoft store. What you are saying doesn't make sense. There is an AT&T 950 and an unlocked 950. The AT&T 950 is not dual sim or unlocked.
  • Yeah, I misunderstood his question. I thought he was asking if the MS store model was different than the ATT model. ATT sells the RM-1085, while MS sells the RM-1116/1118 as the unlocked versions. My mistake! 
  • So thrilled to hear that. I paid $680 at launch. Glad to hear mine is now worth... Nothing. Can't even read a text message out loud in any of my cars from under the lock screen. I have some advice for those thinking about getting a Lumia 950: Don't
  • I had the same issue. I did a hard reset and did not restore any backups and bluetooth in my car started working.
  • Sounds like a terrible workaround.
  • I'm glad I got a 950 XL. But I waited a few months and saw it new on eBay for $400 a few months back. It was a EU model, but works just great with a power adapter for US. I love it, especially at half the price ;) Using a Windows Phone is awesome, but I also have an iPhone 6S Plus for when I want to be in the Apple ecosystem, i play for both teams ;)
  • Got a 950 when it came out with a nice trade in deal.Was an ok phone with the later updates,...but it didn't move me..if you know what I mean, rather blah looking. Just an average phone to me....and whenever I had a case on it and took it off I always managed to pull the back off with it. Cheap creaky plastic with a fantastic camera.lolol. My 650 feels and looks way better than the 950/XL Imo
  • Maybe it's you're car because I have no issue in my 2015 GMC sierra Texas edition. Let me guess, you drive a ford or dodge.
  • Yes, in 10 months a phone will be worth less. Is this a surprise? I bounght mine at launch. Pretty sure it was $599. Not bad for the what it is.
  • Darn that's tempting. If only we knew the Surface Phone was for real. My 1020 is laggy now and the power button is almost worn out. Very tempting.
  • I'm on a 1020 as well. Yes, it feels dated and yes, the $300 price is tempting. I tried one out at a microsoft store a month ago. Cheap feeling device, especially the buttons, but it was snappier by far than my 1020.
  • It fels cheap with stock back. Put a Mozo on it and it will feel much more premium. 
  • I like that so many people enjoy the Mozo cases, and I like that they were among a few manufacturers that bothered making covers for the 950. Leather just isn't my thing for a phone cover. Neither is wood.
  • I've ordered shells from amazon and dhgate that make it feel more solid for sure
  • When I bought the 950 for my girl, I was considering a 950 XL for myself. The thing that stuck out to me the most about it was the buttons. The layout was bad enough but man, they sure felt and are cheap. I decided to Han on to my 1520 and see how things play out.
  • You remind me that I also tried the XL and the button layout was really bothersome on that model. I wasn't expecting them to be out of normal order for a Lumia. Hopefully we don't have to hold out much longer and the next generation of Win10M devices gets announced/released in the next several months. And hopefully the button layouts are normal!
  • My 1520 runs very on W10. I tried the 950 but found it hard to move down to a smaller screen. I use a 830 as backup, it looks so shrunken now. Haha
  • If Microsoft had gotten together with Verizon, along with a reasonable price, they would have sold a lot more phones! AT&T does not have service in much of the country...
  • They would not sell enough phones to make Verizon interested. AT&T doesn't quite have the rural coverage that Verizon does, but they are #2 in the US and do not have a limited device selection. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • They snubbed everyone else. Legere even took some time to throw them under the bus for not offering it to T-Mobile. MS claimed they went with ATT because they supported the platform, yet ATT still pulls the same update shenanigans as the others when it comes to updates for Windows Mobile. It's as though MS knew they couldn't push these devices.
  • MS wanna sell off their remaining flagship phones before the release surface phone next year. Hurrah!!!
  • This deal is at least two weeks old.
  • Nearing fire sale numbers.
  • I like my 950 I got on Next but I have been using my iPhone lately because iOS 10. 
  • How are you liking it? This price is nice.
  • I really like my 950. I think its a great price for a great device. I have enjoyed iOS 10 on my iPhone tho...  
  • I want a refund... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Glad I got it for $62 from Asurion. Great phone but still wish I had the XL. And seriously where is the AT&T OTA firmware update??
  • Too bad I got mine exchanged for a LG g5. Loved the 950 but it was crashing too much. Two days with android for the first time and I'm loving it Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Who cares.
  • Apparently you do. Because you took the time to comment on myself post.... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • MS needs to sell its phones as loss leaders. If you want developers, you need market share. Take the losses now, and hope the profits come later. Even at $299, I'd rather get a Nexus 5x. Sell for $249 or even $199, and then it's a more interesting proposition.
  • The interesting thing is that they are going to sell out of stock sometime before the end of the year. If the Surface Phone is real, and if it's not coming out until spring at the earliest, there will be no phones for the average consumer to buy for at minimum 4 months, probably longer.
  • It works out fine because the average consumer isn't buying Windows Phones.
  • OEM phones
  • That's about $298 too much for a phone running a moribund operating system.
  • Windows 10 isn't moribund at all and as far as win10mobile I'd say its ultramodern.
    They are succeeding with UWP and update the OS regularly. If you look at a 950 from launch to the current update the differences are night and day.
  • OK, it's moribund in the mobile space. I should have been more specific. Hopefully you don't think Windows Phone has a future.... 
  • No Don I don't think windows phone has a future, we all know it's windows 10 mobile that has a future
  • Holy cow, i thought you were Dolph Zeigler, the WWE guy, lmao!
  • AT&T version LOL......No Thanks ...
  • Fire sale! Fire sale! Fire sale! (In my chanting voice) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I agree. Way too many people are obsessed with their phones. At the end of the day it's only a device made of electronic components, glass, plastic and metal.
  • Yep, and in a year or two they all want a new one because the old one somehow doesn't satisfy anymore. Even though it still makes calls and runds apps.
  • So bleached tell us about the advertisements in the US?
    When? Where? Smoked by windows phone demos by ben the pc guy?
    What add company? You know not what of you speak. I've been here since winmo6.5 they've never had any type of solid windows phone add campaign, please don't say the 1 commercial with the lit up scooters.
  • Lumia 1020 campaign.
  • The youth is on Youtube, and there are inofficial iPhone hands-ons, ads and church-of-the-holy-iCrap style religious fan fiction. This amateur stuff is widely regarded as "honest", while TV ads are not. Btw, you won't find anyone praising Microsoft for anything.
  • Sticking with my 920 is looking better everyday #lemmings
  • Third party unlocking to put this on TMOUS?
  • Hey, any news on Xiaomi teaming up with Microsoft? Dreaming of Redmi Note 3 (Snapdragon) powered by W10 like Mi4...
  • Interesting. 950 is AU$399 unlocked from the Microsoft Store Australia - convert that to USD on todays exchange rate = $299 :) 
  • I got mine last month, I love it but there's some gripes I don't like about it so far. Qi charging not working properly like it should compared to my old Lumia 920 and no double tap to wake feature is missing. Other than that I love the phone.
  • I upgraded from L920 and don't regret it for $300. Qi charging works for me and I've had really good performance with W10 so far. For instance, with W10 I can use Cortana voice nav through my car via Bluetooth. Could never do that in WP8.x. I thought battery was going to be a disaster when I first got the phone, but within two days things got better and now its as good as I had it on 920 almost. I guess the worst thing is that people get such varying experiences.
  • Why would anyone buy a carrier branded unlocked phone? Is the cellular network in the US so ridiculously locked down?
  • Yes
  • Better Lumia prices coming around the holidays.
  • Bought my 950 on launch day. No regrets. In fact I have bought the 920, 1020 and 950 all on day 1. I'm amazed some are still rocking their 920s. I found my 920/1020 to be too slow in comparison to the newer phones. The processors are outdated. I wish the 1020 had the 1520's cpu. I'd probably still be using the 1020 phone today. Biggest mistake of that phone unfortunately.
  • I am sooooo ready for Surface Phone!!! Moved to AT&T recently and I'm sure they'll have it and ill be ready to scoop it up!! Even tho my 950XL gets me by
  • I thought Lumia was retired from the Ms store. Was it just non 50 series as that makes more sense.
  • Eh. Wait another month or two until November and you'll be able find aftermarket deals for the 950 in the $150-200 range.  You'll be able to pick one up for the approximate cost of an iPod nano.
  • Why buy Nokia to just kill it?
  • You are VERY miss informed.. Microsoft went all guns in on Windows Phone... Nokia was part of it, for years they made a bunch of models and after many millions in ads and promoton, Windows Phone only topped out around 5% marketshare on a global level. Microsoft really seems to given up about 2 years ago...No promotion or anything else. Nokia was a purchace with a lot of hope by Microsoft... and it was a failue.
  • And you can buy a 950XL on ebay new for around $325-400.  Really held up their value,,, Huh ?
  • When I bought 950 from Bangladesh expend more then $800.