Microsoft and Apple Store employees hug it out in NYC in new holiday TV ad

Microsoft Store workers from the recently opened location on Fifth Avenue in New York City are shown making a peace offering to their neighbors down the street at the Apple Store. It's all a part of a new holiday-themed ad from Microsoft that was posted on YouTube today.

The ad shows Microsoft Store employees leaving the location on the evening of November 16 and walking down several blocks to the iconic glass Apple Store. They proceed to sing a holiday carol outside the storefront with the help of a local NYC children's youth choir. Apple Store employees are shown outside enjoying the gesture and after the singing the Microsoft and Apple Store workers are shown hugging each other.

It's an emotional ad and it shows that even rival companies can get together to have some peace and harmony during this holiday period.

Update: Microsoft has also released a longer two-minute version of the ad:

Source: Microsoft(YouTube)

John Callaham