Microsoft and Apple Store employees hug it out in NYC in new holiday TV ad

Microsoft Store workers from the recently opened location on Fifth Avenue in New York City are shown making a peace offering to their neighbors down the street at the Apple Store. It's all a part of a new holiday-themed ad from Microsoft that was posted on YouTube today.

The ad shows Microsoft Store employees leaving the location on the evening of November 16 and walking down several blocks to the iconic glass Apple Store. They proceed to sing a holiday carol outside the storefront with the help of a local NYC children's youth choir. Apple Store employees are shown outside enjoying the gesture and after the singing the Microsoft and Apple Store workers are shown hugging each other.

It's an emotional ad and it shows that even rival companies can get together to have some peace and harmony during this holiday period.

Update: Microsoft has also released a longer two-minute version of the ad:

Source: Microsoft(YouTube)

John Callaham
  • Lol
  • Yuk
  • Holiday spirit.
  • Yea that's not regular store employees singing. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It really is regular retail store employees singing.
  • As one of the Microsoft Store employees in the commercial, I can assure you that yes, we really all were regular store employees. About 80 employees auditioned from stores around the country and about 30 of us were selected.
  • Ok hmmm Microsoft is having a strategy on something
  • @Something... at least.
    It's just sad that the same couldn't be said about the phone business...
  • Well, maybe you can't but it doesn't make it so
  • @Kirsutin:
    Spill the beans.
    But please spare me of Jason Ward's wishful thinking...
  • As they hugged they planted Continuum devices on the Apple dronepeople's fleeces.
  • Yeah.... Spread peace and harmony. That's the strategy
  • Those fucking bastards.
  • Aww, that's awesome! :)
  • Why not Apple walk to Microsoft's place? Afterall, Microsoft is the new one there in New York.
    Why is Microsoft always have to be the one to lay down? Apple is so bitter...
  • Someone has to make the first move.. Lol, every time..
  • It was Microsoft's ad
  • Apple invented walking. Microsoft is just copying them. /s
  • Made my day lol Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Rofl!!
  • Hahaha rofl! xD
  • That is not"laying down" that is taking the high road. You missed the message - let it begin with me(you)
  • Since Microsoft made the first moved here,Microsoft is the man here,and apple is the woman :D
  • No harm in getting some positive image. That's an intelligent way of advertising the Microsoft brand. There are some companies which solely run on faking good attitude and hiding their evil faces.. (Cough.. Google!)
  • Both Google and Apple are pure evil.
  • In Mexico we say "be the man"
  • Microsoft simply has more class than Apple. That is why they did it.
  • Keep downvoting, Apple lovers. I treat each one as validation that what I wrote is true.
  • Microsoft Store employees had the time because there were no customers in the store.
  • The Apple employee accepted the hug because there was no intelligent people in the Apple store
  • Have been to MS couple times...staff, although friendly, is not inspiring and doesn't exactly present a high tech face for MS.
  • Lol 1st thought came to mind were those lame att/apple ads
  • try... not.... to cry....
  • Awesome ad. Very good message.
  • Sounds good. I like peace.
  • When in India?
  • LMAO!!!
  • You LOL'd my day! XD
  • +1
  • 3016
  • LOL. Man, I'm getting so tired of "When in India" posts, but this one.... hahaha
  • Meh, peace is overrated
  • Anyone else spotted the hidden blades..?
  • Bwahahahahaha
  • It's in their hug!!! Beware!!!
  • Next stop Google headquarters!
  • Nah it won't happen
  • Google would probably set their self driving cars to run them over!
  • Sorry, mate. Cortana has interrupt their driving system. Now she 'drives' the car to its HQ and self-destruct the car.
  • Next stop "Verizon" stores or HQ
  • Uh, this is weird.
  • I like the whole inclusive attitude nadella has brought.
  • Hope, this makes Apple and Google support Microsoft and eventually bring their apps to Windows.
  • are there any useful apple apps 
  • Some people would appreciate Apple Music. If not then they shouldn't at least snub each other. And I meant that Microsoft should also show such behaviour towards Google.
  • Even the biggest of Apple fanboys think Apple Music is absolutely horrible.
  • Oh no. I didn't say that Apple is the bestest ever, there are no flaws with their products, I didn't downplay all the people on the Apple sites that have problems with Apple Music and going back to competition, I didn't call those people haters and need to be ignored. So let the downvotes flow for not giving Apple the praise they deserve.
  • What happened?
  • The Internet is flooded with Apple fans who scour sites like this one to try to protect Apple's name against anything that is not the most glowing of comments. If you go to Apple specific sites, they will talk about how bad Apple Music is because they are among themselves and it is OK to discuss how bad Apple products are in that setting (and even there, there are battles about how they should not discuss problems), but go to other sites like this one and they need to make sure nobody criticizes Apple. At one point I had -5 for my comment. I wrote above that Microsoft has more class than Apple and it is currently sitting at a -2 rating. Don't forget that Steve Jobs once said that Microsoft has no class, and that is perfectly fine, the Apple fans all nod in unison when that is said. But use Jobs' own words but against Apple, and the fans have a fit.
  • Then there are those of us who happily use both platforms and are just annoyed by you paranoid fanboys. Contrary to what you appear to believe, this is not a team sport that needs fans. It's just technology.
  • This, a place for your logic, is not.
  • Volemose bbeneeeee! (trans. "Let's love each other!" - Italy, Roman dialect)
  • Call me Scrooge but I find this ad so very annoying.
  • Grow up. 
  • They should have exchanged gifts... Surface pro 4 for iPad pro.
  • Naa that's not a fair exchange. I think you mean surface pro 4 for a mackbook air...
  • Or surface 3 for iPad pro
  • No. Microsoft Band 1 for the iPad Pro.
  • No, surface pro 1 for the the iPad pro
  • No, Nokia Asha for iPad pro
  • Actually it is if you can sell the apple product on eBay for 10x its value
  • They exchanged hugs and good will. That's better than any tech
  • All those apple employees are now without a job
  • Well, they are already without Jobs.
  • Lol clever
  • If you think Microsoft did not clear this ad with Apple before it was shot you should take a minute and do some reading. Actually, read Steve Jobs, the book, and you will see that nothing happens between Apple and Microsoft without months of negotiating at the highest level. 
  • All right Negative Nancy
  • And their respective fans would love to bash easy others heads in.
  • Of course this was a move by MS, not from Apple. The distinction has to be made.
  • Apple used to do this every year in their old "I'm a Mac guy, I'm a Windows guy" commercials. That was like a decade ago.
  • All actors....
  • The singers are all Microsoft retail store employees. The Apple folks in red shirts are all Apple employees from that store
  • Except for the youth choir. That's why they sounded so good.   I think it was a very good commercial. Too bad it wasn't snowing.
  • Hahaha this is infidelity
  • Microsoft and Apple aren't really the rival companies that many make them out to be.  Yeah, they both poke little jabs at one another here and there, but in reality they don't really compete against each other that much.  Apple is primarily a hardware company and Microsoft is primarily a software company.  There is a little overlap, but the two work together more than 'competitors' normally would.  Take the iPad Pro announcement event for example... MS was the primary company demonstrating software for the iPad Pro. The one company they both compete against is Google.  Google is out for blood from both (but most Microsoft).
  • Except the TV version clips out the part where it's clear they are caroling to the Apple Store -- not to mention editing out the "with God as our father". This version is excellent -- it should be the only version.
  • "Holiday Carol"??? Seriously. We can't say Christmas Carol even in a little article like this? Political Correctness RUN AMUCK!!!!
  • Words hurts their ears!!!
  • Lol, chill. I couldn't care less whichever one they used
  • The other holidays felt slighted they don't have carols.
  • A few weeks ago the local Fred Meyer were calling it something like the "November Holiday" - they can't even call it Thanksgiving.
  • That's just the stupidity that is America. Disrespectful atheists wanting to change everything. From merry Christmas to happy holidays. What a crock! I will always say Merry Christmas! Same applies to Thanksgiving!
  • I find it's the atheists that don't give a crap what it's called, but rather the other religions (muslims, jewish etc) that get upset it's called by a Christian name.
  • As an anti-theist I celebrate "American Christmas", a secular holiday. It involves Santa, Frosty, and has nothing to do with Jesus of Nazareth.  I don't care if you call it Christmas, but don't get bent out of shape when stores try to be more inclusive to diversity of religions. More people than ever don't prescribe to a specific religion, and America has more diversity in religion, race, and ethnicity than it ever has. To ignore that because some people want nothing to ever change doesn't make good business sense.  America means freedom of religion, and should one choose, freedom from religion. You're free to choose stores that say "Christmas" as if that means something in the day of "American Christmas" which is more about shopping and consumerism than celebrating a virgin birth that actually happened in the summer in the winter because the church wanted to co-opt a pagan holiday and stole most of it's symbolism.  So enjoy your maybe "White Christmas" even though it snows roughly 3 days a year in Bethlehem and understand that just because you're standing still doesn't mean the rest of the world isn't moving forward.
  • Yeah, pisses me off when Christians co-opt my pagan fir tree...
  • Seems faster
  • Tears....
  • @Kirsutin:
    Spill the beans.
    But please don't rattle off Jason Ward's wishful thinking...
  • Imagine if Microsoft Rick-rolled Apple at the end!
  • I remember it better this way...
  • This is awesome
  • Bah, humbug!
  • And then Apple docked the pay of their employees for the few minutes that they were not on the floor making more money for Apple...
  • Would prefer a Thunderdome-esque display.
  • Somehow, the Christmas truce during the first world war had a little more impact...but still a nice story. Haha.
  • The ad is very nice. It shows that rival companies do have a soft side and hug it out.
  • All Apple employees at that store were later fired.
  • Pretty cool ad.
  • Nice but where's our stable, battery life improved, bug free Mail app, carrier approved OTA RTM W10 Mobile build and Me Tile????? Bah Humbug!!!!!!!!
  • Trojan Horse?
  • Haha
  • I love Christmas
  • Aww...the feels.
  • MS needs to spread the love to Tele carriers to get them to at least place windows phones in stores.
  • While the Apple employees were outside listening to the carol, Microsoft Spies snuck into the store and replaced all iPad Pro displays with Surface Pro 4 displays. Customers were amazed at how easy it was to be productive like a boss. 
  • The shoplifting starts at 0:08
  • MS and Apple are always friends comparing MS vs Google. No patent issues, no scroogle etc....
  • A nice gesture from Microsoft's part.
  • That was a really touching ad.  Great job Microsoft! :-)
  • Where do all the Indians come from ? 
  • If people aren't noticing MS and Apple seemed to have found a mutual ground. Which seems to be the dislike of google. Eg OneDrive is now a "paid" service with pricing similar to iCloud. Astoria has been put on hold while islandwood continues to develop. MS was able to go on an apple presentation.....and there are many more examples that I can't think of while writing ,but there are more...seems apple and MS have found a common enemy in google.
  •     Maybe it's just me but I was expecting a fight to break out... like the Lumia 1020 commercial from a few years ago.