Microsoft Store UK says HP Elite x3 launch has been delayed until September 6th

If you're been dying to get hold of a HP Elite x3 in the UK, we've got some unfortunate news for you. Even though the original release date was set for August 22nd at the Microsoft UK Store (and indeed other UK outlets), that date has been delayed again, this time to September 6th.

September 6th is a day after the supposed launch date of the handset in the United States, meaning if you pre-ordered from Microsoft in the UK already, you won't be getting your handset for another couple of weeks.

News of the delay comes via a Microsoft Store Support representative, sending me an email directly as I was asking about the status of my order over the weekend. The public Store listing for the Elite x3 currently lists the product as "out of stock".

The HP Elite x3 has had an interesting pre-order phase in the UK, with the original launch date being August 18th. It was then pushed to August 22nd, and has now been pushed again to September 6th. HP really isn't doing a good job at getting their new handset out to customers.

Hopefully this is the last delay HP will have to make, as we're dying to get our hands on one to mess with. Let us know if you pre-ordered the HP Elite x3 in the UK down below.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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